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Jul 05 2020

The Liberal Purge Hits Science

No corner of culture is safe from the repressive tolerance of liberal purges — not even science.

The great geneticist Clarence Cook Little is getting erased for having held views that have since become politically unfashionable. His name was removed from a science building and a transit hub at University of Michigan in 2018.

This week, the University of Maine, Orono, followed UM’s lead, announcing on 29 June it would strip Little’s name from a building. “Little made an enduring positive contribution to science,” a university task force wrote. However, it added, “Major areas of his professional life violate the ideals that are central to the educational mission of the University of Maine and its commitment to the public good.”

By “ideals” and “public good,” they mean moonbattery.

Drivers of the decision included Little’s high-profile support of eugenics and his work for the U.S. tobacco industry to dispute evidence linking smoking to cancer.

Absolute political purity is retroactively required of all past figures if they want to escape the memory hole. Let’s hope Albert Einstein never smoked a cigarette; we might have to cancel his theory of relativity.

The purge is also raging in Britain:

On 24 June, the University of Cambridge decided to remove a stained-glass window named after biostatistician Ronald Fisher, who has been celebrated as “the single most important figure in 20th century statistics” but was also a prominent supporter of eugenics. The university acknowledged Fisher’s “remarkable scientific discoveries,” including his application of mathematical theory to the process of natural selection, but decided to strip the name to “broaden and strengthen our community for all its members.”

“For all its members” means “for politically preferred members, at the expense of others.”

Greatness is irrelevant in a totalitarian society. All that matters is adherence to left-wing dogma. The message is clear: conform obediently to this orthodoxy or whatever your accomplishments, you will be forgotten.

Not even household names are safe. Most have heard of Carl Linnaeus. That won’t be true in the future.

Some members of the Entomological Society of America (ESA) are calling for renaming the society’s annual Linnaean Games, a student trivia competition named after Carl Linnaeus. The 18th century botanist invented the system for classifying species, including Homo sapiens, which he categorized based on race, assigning negative social traits to nonwhite populations.

Ever having said anything that could be interpreted from a 2020 point of view as unflattering to non-Caucasians is a sin according to Cultural Marxism. Those who have sinned are banished to the hell of oblivion.

Even the names of species must be changed to comply with political correctness:

Graduate students around the world have contributed to a spreadsheet that lists potentially problematic common and scientific names of plants and animals. It includes a scorpion, a duck, and a buttonquail that carry the name hottentota, hottentotta, or hottentottus; colonialists in the 17th century used “Hottentot” as a derogatory term for Indigenous Black people in Africa.

Virtually every aspect of reality must be oriented around liberals’ bizarre worship of Africans.

It should be kept in mind that terms that are now condemned as “derogatory” were not necessarily derogatory before the thought police arbitrarily struck them from the Newspeak Dictionary (e.g., Negro, Chinaman, Eskimo). The point is not so much to protect the fragile feelings of Crybullies of Color, as to demonstrate that liberal authoritarians can dictate our vocabulary.

This attack on scientific heritage is a form of vandalism, comparable to Black Lives Matter/Antifa scum destroying statues of great historical figures. The vandals are aware of this:

“Nomenclature is in service to hierarchies,” says Harriet Washington, an ethicist who has written about structural racism in medicine. “Toppling these statues, so to speak, is not eroding history so much as issuing a correction to it.”

That is, a political correction.

However, Margaret Sanger, who publicly regarded the people we are now required to revere as “human weeds” and who advanced abortion for explicitly racial purposes, is safe from the purges for now, because she founded the precursor to Planned Parenthood, which serves as a major denomination in the liberal religion.

On a tip from Lyle.

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