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Feb 17 2013

The Little Pink Rifle That Might Have Saved a Life

Events like this happen every day. Yet they are only reported in the local media, which is not as thoroughly integrated into the governing structure as the national media:

Imagine what might have happened to Alyssa Gutierrez if her government had managed to render her defenseless.

On a tip from G. Fox.

15 Responses to “The Little Pink Rifle That Might Have Saved a Life”

  1. Maudie N Mandeville says:

    Oh but they look like sweet young boys. Six months probation ought to do it from a liberal judge.

    Or rather, how about seven to ten years of hard labor?

  2. Frank says:

    Gun Control as it should be. Unfortunately, the cretins weren’t permanently removed from the gene pool.

  3. Son of Taz says:

    I made sure my 15yo daughter watched this video. Now she’s agreed to go to the range with me, after telling me for months she didn’t want to handle a gun.

    Even the news anchor gets a little props for the mini-fist pump he showed when he read the story intro.

    Now gotta post it on Facebook and cause the heads of the lib relatives to blow up.

  4. Mr Evilwrench says:

    That’s from a while back, but very brave little girl. 22s can hurt, but she really needed a lot deeper magazine to stand off three of them. Just the kind these schmucks want to take away from us.

  5. FrankHD says:

    The liberals love to exploit children and other “victims” to push their anti-gun agenda, while not giving a sh!t about those very same people.
    I’m sick of it.
    They push these horror stories with the slobbering obedience of the media.
    It’s time for us to answer their horror stories about “victims” with stories about the thousands of people who refuse to be, who defended their lives and not to be “tread on”.
    This story had me choked up with pride. This girl, alone, knew she was in danger and with a clear head she knew what she had to do. She got the rifle, unlocked the bolt, chambered a round, did not panic and stood her ground.
    She showed restraint and gun discipline beyond her years.
    Thank God this was enough to scare off the punks, without that rifle she would be another statistic.
    I too have to give the reporter props for the intro of the story, it was nice to see that for once.

  6. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    This is something no 11 year old girl should have to go through.
    Not this little girl, I mean the ones left defenseless in these situations

  7. Flu-Bird says:

    When HANOI JANE was married to TOM HAYDEN her and Twrrible Tommy are big time GUN CONTROL ADVOCATES when asked about their own gun Hanoi jane said THATS FOR OTHER PEOPLE NOT US Just typical of a liberal leftists eletists and Traitor i havnt watched any of her movies in years. And lets not forget the guns used in her crappy movie FUN WITH DICK & JANE and i wonder how much desert was ruined for that crappy movie THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN?

  8. model_1066 says:

    It’s sad when an 11 year old girl has more balls than all the gun grabbing eunuchs in government put together.

  9. rex freeway says:

    model_1066 says:
    It’s sad when an 11 year old girl has more balls than all the gun grabbing eunuchs in government put together.

    That the truth. I would say put a skirt on Obama but he already wears one with pride. Kudo’s to her parent(s) for teaching self defense. Because our schools arent going to.

  10. Big Mouth says:

    Problem with this is liberals see it as a failure of gun grabbing and people control. What they really wanted to see happen is that little girl raped and killed rather than defending herself from the hoodlums and scum of society. Pity, isn’t it?

  11. Big Mouth says:

    And while I am at it, they couldn’t give a shit about the kids killed in Sandy Hook, they are just stage props to liberals.

  12. Clingtomyguns says:

    Way to go Alyssa, I love it that that little pink assault weapon scared off those bad ass mexicans. Imagine the money she could have saved the taxpayers with a 40 round clip. Hispanics better wise up and take note that their welfare and amnesty provider in chief, Obama, wants their little girls to be defenseless victims. Molon labe!

  13. Flu-Bird says:

    I hope MICHEAL BLOOMBERG dont have the kids parents arrested for allowing their duaghter to be able to handle a gun since Bloomberg is a big time busy body poking his big fat snout into everyones lives Bloomberg is a JERK

  14. Michael T says:

    This is nothing new here in the ‘Duke City’. Criminals run wild here. There was a home invasion not far from where I live just the other night. The gun stores here have almost no guns left, people have bought them all. Ammo is scarce too.

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