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Nov 24 2013

The Obama Doctrine

Admiral James Lyon USN (Ret) explains the Obama Doctrine:

No one with even a vague awareness of Obama’s background could be surprised by any of this. Voting for him anyway has given quite a few people a very large task if they want to redeem themselves to the point of deserving to live in the same country as the heroes of America’s past and present.

On a tip from G Fox.

5 Responses to “The Obama Doctrine”

  1. master of sinanju says:

    Wow, did not know Admiral James “Ace” Lyons was still with us,God Bless you Sir!!

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  3. Thanksgiving Family Brawl Winner says:

    It is fun rubbing sobamabots faces in the shit of their vote.

  4. Gary Benson says:

    Yeah, I read about the fucker so I KNEW….Reverend Wright the anti-white “minister”, Obama’s marxist lunatic parents, his buddy Bill Ayers the slimy hateful murderous communist asshole…and the list goes on and on and on. Nothing this slimeball POTUS does surprises me, but the lack of blowback I find shocking. People should be rioting in the streets to take back their country.

  5. Clink says:

    And he gave that speech without a teleprompter. Last of the lions. God help us.

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