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Jan 30 2014

The Oncoming Amnesty Debacle

The good news is that ObamaCare, NSA spying, and the authoritarian overreach of Obama’s imperial presidency have left such a bad taste in people’s mouths that the only way Republicans can fail to hold the House and take the Senate in 2014, thereby putting themselves in a position to at least prevent Obama from inflicting more major damage, is if they do something staggeringly stupid. The bad news is that they plan to do just that.

The GOP’s amnesty plans will not only distort America’s demographics so as to give Democrats a lock on future national elections, but will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in this year’s congressional races by enraging the conservative base.

But Johnny Boehner et al. just can’t help themselves. Amnesty is a win–win for both Democrats and unprincipled, irresponsible Republicans. Today, Republicans’ Chamber of Crony Capitalist Commerce friends get unskilled but dirt cheap labor. Tomorrow, Democrats get a massive welfare-dependent voting bloc.

Politicians tell us amnesty will help the economy. Actually, as Daniel Greenfield explains, it will have the opposite effect:

The states with the highest illegal alien populations also tend to have the highest unemployment rates and the highest poverty rates. That welfare triangle is dragging down formerly booming states into the economic gutter. Legalizing illegal aliens won’t change that. Instead it will push those states even closer to the drain as legalized illegal aliens lose their illegal jobs and are replaced with new illegal aliens.

Here’s why it would work out that way:

[I]mmigrant minorities are more likely to hold jobs than domestic minorities.

Pro-amnesty politicians use that to prove that immigrants are more likely to “contribute” to the economy than the native population.

The dirty little secret however is in the details.

To quote the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, “The unemployment rates for foreign-born blacks, Asians, and Hispanics were lower than for their native-born counterparts, while the rates for foreign-born and native-born whites were little different.”

Talk to anyone who employs illegal aliens and that discrepancy between foreign-born minorities and native-born minorities stops being a mystery. They prefer first generation minority immigrants to second generation immigrants because they consider them more obedient, docile and responsible.

Like a man who keeps divorcing and remarrying every few years, they constantly want fresh immigrants, but they don’t want to hire their American-born children. And so the social welfare system becomes a dumping ground for the children of cheap labor immigrants and the businesses head somewhere else to escape the taxes voted in by that second generation leaving behind bankruptcy, crime and despair.

Not to mention fertile soil in which our public schools can sow the evil seeds of multiculturalism, racial grievance, socialism, entitlement mentality, et cetera.

American immigration has been ingeniously designed to bring in immigrants who are less likely to be employed than the white native population in either the first generation or the second generation so that the first generation provides cheap labor while the second generation provides cheap votes.

Pro-amnesty politicians and business lobbies talk about investing in our future with an illegal alien amnesty, but what they really want is a first generation of cheap labor for disposable service and manufacturing industries whose employees will be so poorly paid that they will contribute little if anything in taxes and whose children will be more likely to be unemployed than their parents.

Obviously this problem will be greatly exacerbated when amnesty makes it official that our borders and our immigration laws are no longer to be taken seriously.

To deliberately inflict this on the country would be treason. That isn’t a liability to Democrats, whose base couldn’t care less. But it will make Republicans toxic to their own base.

We don’t have to wait until the children of the hordes of Third Worlders amnesty would cause to flood the country are old enough to vote. We can start enjoying our single-party Democrat future after this fall’s elections, courtesy of every checkered-pants–wearing RINO who favors amnesty. It will be like Detroit, except in Spanish.


On tips from R F and Sam Adams.

12 Responses to “The Oncoming Amnesty Debacle”

  1. Jodie says:

    I am sure Obama found some kind of dirt on John Boehner long ago. Boehner started out seemingly principled and that he was going to fight for our side, but he became weak and flaky and began bowing to Obama’s agenda right after a closed door meetings with Obama.

    I was livid when Obama called Boehner the “son of a barkeep” during the SOTU speech. That was a low blow and of course Obama intended it to be.

    If fair was fair, then we should hear Obama introduced as the “son of a Muslim loving, communist whore”.

  2. dan says:

    the type of people that would say :’Come on in and loot my country’ are the same sort who would tell a mob to,”come on in my house and have your way with my wife
    and daughters”

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  4. ThisObamaNation says:

    News Flash… It Is Too Late For Our Corrupt And Complicit Congress To Do An About Face And Save Us From This Defacto Dictator Obama.

    If Our Nation Is To Be Saved, The American People Are Going To Have To Rise Up And Demand That Obama And His Regime Are Removed From Office.

    We Are Going To Have To Flood The Streets Of Our Nation’s Capital And Shut The Entire Government Down Until They Capitulate.

    There Really Is No Other Way.

    At The Behest Of Col. Riley (Ret.)

    We Are Calling For An AMERICAN SPRING, A Non-Violent “Velvet
    Revolution”, Starting On May 16th 2014 In Washington DC.

    So Far 1.8 MILLION Militia Members Have Committed To An
    Unarmed, Peaceful Revolt.

    The Overall Turn Out Could Be Up To 10 Million

    Be There And Let Your Voice Be Heard!!!

  5. Martin Vorbrodt says:

    Martin’s prediction #47:

    I hereby predict the following: the children of the idiot parents who did not believe in vaccinations, will start dying off from horrible diseases brought into this country by the illegals, and injected into our culture by the amnesty. Mark my words people! As the hordes of 3rd world peasants flood our borders, you’ll be glad your mama kept up with doc’s recommendations…

  6. oldguy says:

    Tell your Republican rep. you get rid of the RINO’s or we will get rid of you.

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    All those who support Amnesty are TRAITORS ALL

  8. Dennis says:

    We only need the rules from previous years to go back in to effect…

    Operation Wetback was an immigration law enforcement initiative created by Director of the Immigration and Naturalization Service Joseph Swing. The program was implemented in May of 1954 by the U.S. Attorney General Herbert Brownell, and utilized special tactics to combat the problem of illegal border crossing and residence in the United States by Mexican nationals. [1] Ultimately, the program came as a result of pressure from the Mexican government to stop illegal entry of Mexican Laborers in the United States based largely on the Bracero Program. After implementation, Operation Wetback was met with allegations of abuse and suspension of certain civil rights of Mexicans that were captured and deported by U.S. Border Patrol.

  9. DJ says:

    “I was livid when Obama called Boehner the “son of a barkeep” during the SOTU speech. That was a low blow and of course Obama intended it to be.”

    Oh don’t be so rash, Jodie. I think Barry regards Clink Boner as his ace booncoon. 😀 After all, they have much in common. We all know Barry’s is a product of a miscegenation, but how many people know Clink Boner’s grand children will be mulatos?

  10. 762x51 says:

    Amnesty is the final piece of the totalitarians plan to rule Amerika. Anyone who has read my posts knows that I have warned of an approaching civil war in this country for several years now. I did that in order to alert as many people as possible to try and stop this conflict before I am forced into the position of potentially having to fire on other Americans in such a conflict by this rogue, illegal government, including the Republican leadership.

    This government no longer represents the voters who elected them. They say one thing to get elected and then do the opposite once in office. Instead they do the biding of a very small power base with its own private agenda. Once this enemy government has legalized all the criminal aliens, criminal is the term for those who break the law, America will be gone forever and civil war WILL ensue.

    This is it folks, the final line in the sand. There is no middle ground, you cannot weasel out of this by playing neutral or claiming you just want to get along with everyone, or what ever other sniveling excuse you may come up with. You either oppose what is happening or you support the actions of enemies of the United States like John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Barack Obama, et al. None of those scum care about the illegals, you or their constituents, they only care about their own power. Government, bought and paid for.

    Time grows short and civil war is now unavoidable. You only need to decide which side you will be on in that conflict and then prepare to defend yourselves.

    “ThisObamaNation says:
    January 30, 2014 at 7:59 am

    News Flash… It Is Too Late For Our Corrupt And Complicit Congress To Do An About Face And Save Us From This Defacto Dictator Obama.

    If Our Nation Is To Be Saved, The American People Are Going To Have To Rise Up And Demand That Obama And His Regime Are Removed From Office.

    We Are Calling For An AMERICAN SPRING, A Non-Violent “Velvet
    Revolution”, Starting On May 16th 2014 In Washington DC.”

    No totalitarian government from the Roman Caesars to Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc., have ever been removed from office and their subjugated masses freed from enslavement without violence. It has never happened in all of human history. Totalitarians will resort to violence at any threat to their power and that violence must be meet with greater violence in order to be overcome.

    Neville Chamberlain could not negotiate Hitler out of violence. Instead Adolf did what totalitarians do and had to be stopped by even greater violence visited upon him by the Allies. Pick any period of history and you will find the same story repeated over and over again. Peace cannot be had unilaterally and tyrants will never willingly give up power.

    Any such demonstration such as that proposed by Col. Riley will inevitably be met by violence. If 10 million people just stand in the streets of D.C. and stop everything from happening, i.e. commerce, government sessions, etc. the enemy government will use force to clear the streets. Those present will be forced to give up or use force to defend themselves and so it begins. That is why the police have been militarized, as a deterrent to civil unrest and forcible removal from power of a ruling class.

    I have no idea where or how this starts, I just know it is inevitable and many thousands will die. All to satisfy the insane lust for power of a small group of progressives who must control everything and everyone around them in order to justify their massive egos and pathetic, meaningless lives.

  11. DJ says:


    Two websites that explore the themes and scenarios you’ve hit on. I get the impression you may already be aware or readers of them, but here they are anyway:


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