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Mar 13 2019

The Only True Safe Space

San Diego State University will host a Racial Healing Workshop led by one Cheryl E. Matias, who holds a PhD in Social Science and Comparative Education with a specialization in Race & Ethnic Studies. The College Fix reports:

“She will provide a safe space for students and faculty of color to discuss issues that impact persons of color in higher academia,” the event’s online description states.

A “safe space for students and faculty of color” means no whites allowed. Discrimination and exclusion are the ultimate crime, but not when applied to whites, because whites are racists.

If only I could get the word out to the Third World, I know how I could provide a safe space from white people for the tens of millions of moochers of color inundating Europe, North America, and Australia to partake of the opportunities, favoritism, and handouts that liberal ideology demands we call “oppression.” All they have to do is stay home.

Those who are already in white countries can return to their ancestral homelands. Only then can they be truly safe from the wicked white man and his racist ways.

On a tip from Sean C.

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