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Aug 12 2018

The Pathological Altruism of Elin Ersson

Remember Elin Ersson, the infuriatingly self-pleased Swedish moonbat who held up an airline flight with her absurd demand that a miscreant from Afghanistan not be deported? Remember the disgust you felt when instead of dragging her off the plane by the ear so that other passengers could make their connections, authorities actually submitted to her will?

Paul Joseph Watson has more on the lowlife she postured on behalf of. Only a bleeding-heart liberal could be surprised that he is a violent criminal who has assaulted women and children. He wasn’t even going back to Afghanistan against his will:

However, moonbats couldn’t care less about the caliber of the people they sacrifice or of the people they sacrifice them to. The effects of their behavior are irrelevant. All that matters is that they convince themselves of their supreme moral righteousness in accordance with the grotesque tenets of cultural Marxism.

On a tip from Lyle.

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