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May 26 2020

The Price of Chivalry in Dhimmified Europe

The impulse to defend women from being raped by savages still exists in European men, despite decades of liberal control of most everything. Efforts continue to eradicate this impulse by demonizing or otherwise punishing white knights.

From Sweden, which mass migration has reduced to the rape capital of Europe:

The father of a 19-year-old Swedish man who was killed by a Sudanese migrant while trying to prevent a woman being raped has been forced by the media to defend his son after suggestions the victim was a “Nazi.”

A group of immigrants crashed a party in Härnösand. Tommie Lindh got himself stabbed by trying to prevent one of them from raping a woman. Having killed him, Abubaker Mohamed of the Sudan, who had been granted Swedish citizenship, continued with the rape.

Here’s how Lindh came to be posthumously accused of being a Nazi:

Following the murder, a right-wing group staged a protest in Härnösand against the killing, but the demonstrators were immediately smeared as “Nazis” by the media.

Swedish public broadcaster SVT, which dutifully amplified the “Nazi” narrative, then paid a visit to the home of Lindh’s father, where he was forced to defend his dead son against accusations he was racist.

No culture can be truly healthy until its public media has been eradicated.

As the article makes clear, the father was grilled about why his son had a shaved head as he insisted Lindh was not a Nazi but may have had friends who sympathize with the Nordic Resistance Movement, the group that staged the protest. …

It was already known that Lindh was a supporter of Alternative For Sweden, a right-wing populist party.

The narrative is straightforward: right-wing chauvinist deserved to die for oppressing disadvantaged immigrant. That’s how heroes can expect to be treated when leftists control the media.

Leftists also control the legal system, as a story from Austria illustrates. Allah’s Willing Executioners translates from Wochenblick:

In the summer of 2018, a 37-year-old police officer sat on a park bench with his wife in the early hours of the morning after a public festival [in Eisenstadt]. Three young men who approached the couple with kissing gestures and “fucky, fucky” shouts, the elite policeman was able to turn them away.

Then the three went after a 17-year-old girl sitting nearby. The officer intervened, attempting to deescalate. The foreign hooligans turned on him and his wife.

When the man revealed himself to be a policeman, the badge was knocked out of his hand. In the ensuing scuffle, both the officer and his wife were injured, as well as an Iraqi “refugee”. They had to be taken from the ambulance to the hospital for treatment.

Now come the legal consequences:

Among other things, the police officer and his wife were convicted of assault and defamation. He received seven months on probation and a fine of 11,700 Euros, she got eight months on probation.

Europeans are running out of time to rise up against their progressive ruling class.

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