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Jul 25 2013

The Real Scandal in the Weiner Household: Huma Abedin

With Huma Abedin, the scandal isn’t that this close companion of Shrillary Clinton is so eager for power that she endures the humiliation of remaining married to the creepy sex fiend Anthony Weiner, who keeps demonstrating his moral qualifications to become mayor of moonbatty New York. Andrew McCarthy lists a few of the Huma unmentionables:

Ms. Abedin worked for many years at a journal that promotes Islamic-supremacist ideology that was founded by a top al-Qaeda financier, Abdullah Omar Naseef. Naseef ran the Rabita Trust, a formally designated foreign terrorist organization under American law. Ms. Abedin and Naseef overlapped at the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (JMMA) for at least seven years. Throughout that time (1996–2003), Ms. Abedin worked for Hillary Clinton in various capacities.

Her late father ran this journal in Saudi Arabia. On his death, editorial control went to her mother Saleha Mahmood Abedin.

Saleha Abedin is closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and to supporters of violent jihad. Among other things, she directs an organization – the International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child. The IICWC, through its parent entity (the International Islamic Council for Dawa and Relief), is a component of the Union for Good (also known as the Union of Good), another formally designated terrorist organization. The Union for Good is led by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the notorious Muslim Brotherhood jurist who has issued fatwas calling for the killing of American military and support personnel in Iraq as well as suicide bombings in Israel.

Huma has carried on the family tradition of advancing radical Islam.

In the late mid to late Nineties, while she was an intern at the Clinton White House and an assistant editor at JMMA, Ms. Abedin was a member of the executive board of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) at George Washington University, heading its “Social Committee.” The MSA, which has a vast network of chapters at universities across North America, is the foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s infrastructure in the United States. … The MSA gave birth to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the largest Islamist organization in the U.S. Indeed the MSA and ISNA consider themselves the same organization. Because of its support for Hamas (a designated terrorist organization that is the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch), ISNA was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case, in which several Hamas operatives were convicted of providing the terrorist organization with lavish financing.

Anwar al-Awlaki later became the spiritual guide to this same George Washington University MSA chapter, as well as to several of the 9/11 hijackers.

While Huma Abedin was a top advisor to Shrillary Rotten at the State Department, the Obama Regime was enthusiastically if incomprehensibly embracing the Muslim Brotherhood.

The tiny handful of patriotic Americans in the federal government attempted to investigate the extremely alarming connections of Huma Abedin — who has top secret security clearance — to America’s most aggressive external enemies. They were shot down, in part by the same treasonous RINOs who have been attempting to obliterate the border by shoving through amnesty (including all four Gang of Eight Republicans John McCain, Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, and Lindsey Graham).

Naturally, what did get Washington chattering was a scandal far more typical in Clinton circles — the lucrative arrangement Ms. Abedin struck with Mrs. Clinton’s State Department that allowed her, after returning from maternity leave, to draw a $135,000 State Department salary while remaining in New York, not actually working at Foggy Bottom, and moonlighting as a “strategic consultant” for an outfit called Teneo – founded by Bill Clinton’s chum Doug Band.

What a racket. The marriage to Huma Abedin, a Clinton insider, enables Anthony Weiner to resurrect a debased career and deflect attention from his psychotic antics even as he continues them. The marriage to Anthony Weiner, a prominent Jewish progressive, enables Huma Abedin to deflect attention from her associations with various Islamic supremacists even as, during her tenure as a top State Department official, American policy embraces Islamic supremacists.

Anyone still wondering why she stays married to the creepazoid?

A match made in moonbat hell.

On a tip from G. Fox. Hat tip: Walid Shoebat.

34 Responses to “The Real Scandal in the Weiner Household: Huma Abedin”

  1. dan says:

    Huma…taking one for the team (Muslim Brohood)

  2. Fiberal says:

    Humas is perfect voting material for the NYC Jewish community — who also supported HiLiary for senator only immediately after she sat for a photo-op with the wife of Yassir Arafat—both of them condemning Israel.

  3. Fiberal says:

    I mean c’mon.

    How would anyone be taken aback by the moral compass of Little Wiener being married to a muslim activist working for HiLiary?


    Jews, Blacks, Latinos and Muslims vote for liberals, while whites vote name recognition.

    This makes Wiener and Humas a perfect political team.

    They only way to separate these two would be with a fire hose.

  4. captain*arizona says:

    uma saw this bumper sticker “don’t despair jesus wasn’t a christian fundimentalist either!” ask yourself who would jesus bomb with a drone? by the way why is their a southern babtiste and southern methodist churches? why did they break away from their parent churches?

  5. Tax Slave says:

    Under sharia, Weiner should beat the whore with a stick for showing so much skin in public during that press conference. Look at that neckline! And nearly her entire forearms are visible!

    If Huma had undergone traditional vaginal mutilation, it’s no wonder Weiner’s looking for sex elsewhere. If her clitoris was gouged out and her labia stitched shut, Weiner could never bring her to orgasm. I know Arab men like them that way, but Western men usually don’t.

  6. Tax Slave says:

    Captain Arizona,

    Southern Baptists say that every New Testament reference to wine really means non-alcoholic grape juice.

    To answer your question, they originally broke away from their Northern Baptist brethren over the issue of slavery, before the Civil War.

  7. RKae says:

    OK, this guy’s been going through life with the name “Weener.” That’s gotta be hell in Junior High.

    But it’s spelled with an “E-I,” which in German makes a long “I” sound – as in “Reich” and “Nein.”

    His name should be pronounced “Vyner.”

    Could’ve saved himself a lifetime of torment if he knew the simplest thing about the language of his ancestors.

  8. Tax Slave says:

    Have *I* been labeled a troll and had my posts deleted for condemning sharia?

  9. Tax Slave says:

    Oops, sorry, it was just a glitch in my browser.

  10. Gangbusters says:

    I believe Wiener and Hummus just married one another out of opportunity … probably Hillary encouraged, yeah, Hillary liked Wiener because he reminded her of Bill Crampon her hubby, you know, all randy and playing with his dong all the time, perverted and sleazy, and Hillary had this questionable, but connected Muslim chick that she was fooling around with and she wanted to plant her in the government, so she put Wiener and Hummus together and the rest is history .. Wiener (by the I suspect his real first name is Randy) was laughed and jeered out of Congress, so now he has to run for something, even if its dog catcher (SPCA doesn’t trust him with the dogs though), or he may not be able to ever get back on the government gravy train, but he can’t keep his dong out of it because its always on his mind and right at hand, so …. uh, you know, he likes to pet it and take pictures of it and all that … kinda like Of Mice and Men .. duh! and I’m gonna hug it, and pet it, and oops I made a boo boo..

    I don’t feel sorry for either of them.

  11. Tax Slave says:

    Cue the music, Remember the commercial?

    “I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner!
    “That is what I truly want to be-ee-ee!
    “‘Cause if I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner,
    “Everyone would be in love with me!”

    “I don’t wanna be an Oscar Meye Weiner!
    “That is what I’d never want to be-ee-ee!
    “‘Cause if I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner,
    “There would soon be nothing… left… of me…”

  12. Logic_Mine says:

    Oh C’mon! She’s sticking around for the MONEY!

    Which makes her just as BAD by default!

    F’ing Liberals!

  13. Bunker, Archie says:

    What is a muslime doing with a jew anyway? Love? Ahahah! Please. Carlos Danger is about as lovable as a pile of three day old dog turds.

  14. OldmanRick says:

    Take another look at the above photo. Weiner is no Adonis and Huma is no Aphrodite. They are just two wieners who deserve each other.

  15. Steve says:

    Video: Anthony Weiner Sexting Partner Sydney Leathers Speaks Out:

  16. Lee says:

    And this supposed islamic idealogue who has Al Qaeda affiliations married a Jew? I’ve been reading this site for a number of years, recently it seems to have taken a sharp turn into conspiracy territory.

  17. JoeK says:

    LEE , you’re an idiot. It is a very well known fact that huma has deep islamic radical ties. Try to keep up with the rest of us. But if you’re into conspiracy theories then why don’t you go over and hangout at alex “the Nutjob” jones’ website!! K??

    And while we’re taking bets, how long before either huma cuts off anferny’s head, the little one and the big one!!, or that the M.B. kills them both to restore honor back to islam??!!

  18. mojo says:

    I guess we know who wears the pants in that family.

  19. Ttommy says:

    If ever there was a match made in heaven, it’s those two. He couldn’t be more of a creepy sexual pervert and she doesn’t have the self respect to leave him. Frankly, I hope he wins in a landslide. It will give us years of great entertainment, plus, New Yorkers deserve him.

  20. Ummah Gummah says:


    I’ve been writing comments on Politico questioning the Mosleema Hari’s motives for staying married to this weirdo, stating that I believe her directive is to get him into a seat of power in America so she can influence things from her position as his wife while at the same time gleaning inside information on the American power structure.

    Libs call connecting the dots racist. moslems have absolutely nothing to worry about. The American ostrich has its head firmly burrowed in the sand, neck perfectly exposed for the final blow.


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  22. Jodie says:

    What really chaps my hide is that some people in the media – even conservatives – are praising Huma for forgiving him and standing by her man. Are you kidding me? She’s a MUSLIM – SHE’S A LIAR! That’s what they do!

    Muslims are very proud of their “skills” in lying to “infidels”. She doesn’t care about her husband. She didn’t marry him for love. It’s clear that the marriage was a sham from the beginning – set up by Billery – to further the agenda of the left and Islam.

    Some people are so blind!

  23. Dr. 9 says:

    Why would a NYC “ultra-Jew” marry a Muslim, a move that would get any Jew kicked out of the family? Hmm…

  24. Jerry says:

    The Shrillary nastymess pretty much destroy’s your credibility, and mine, If I pass it on. So I won’t. Don’t do this. It hurts you.

  25. Jodie says:

    Funny, never heard from these avid readers “Lee” or “Jerry” before this thread.

  26. Ummah Gummah says:


    @ Jodie

    100% correct. You described it perfectly.


  27. Bubba says:

    I hope he beats the shit outa her right before he blows his own brains out.

  28. Scott Drummond says:

    “Doesn’t anyone want to see my weiner?”

  29. Jane says:

    Huma Taquiyya Abedin:
    A Trojan Horse of a Different Color

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  31. Jakareh says:

    The ugliest couple there ever was. And even though they are far from attractive on the outside, the real hideousness is inside.

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