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Nov 23 2019

The Salvation Army’s Red Kettles

The smoke still hasn’t cleared completely regarding Chick-fil-A capitulating to the LGBT militants who have given the company such a hard time. Franklin Graham says it has not caved; yet the Salvation Army — hated for its decency by the Pink Mafia — remains blacklisted.

If Chick-fil-A won’t support the Salvation Army anymore, maybe the rest of us can make up the difference. We can poke a few dollars into red kettles and share this video:

A good argument in favor of giving to the Salvation Army is its local orientation. This approach usually helps people more effectively than a one-size-fits-all strategy, and is one of the many reasons the federal government should not be allowed to nationalize charity.

Meanwhile, Chick-fil-A now donates to Covenant House, which Megan Fox describes as “an LGBTQ-affirming organization that holds beliefs in direct conflict with Christianity.” Encouraging degeneracy and mental illness may appease leftist Jacobins, but it is not going to help people like the Salvation Army.

Maybe the smoke hasn’t cleared because a company that would like to have things both ways is blowing up a smokescreen. Megan Fox concludes:

If CFA were a Christian company, its leadership would apologize for taking part in smearing a brother in Christ and reverse course. Instead, Cathy seems to be relying on the goodwill people have for the Graham family while offering non-specific explanations and vague-isms. Just admit what we all know to be true. The gay mafia claimed another corporate head for their mantle.

On tips from Kate P and Eddie_Valiant.

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