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Feb 01 2019

The Sanctity of Cankerworms

Meanwhile, as Democrats begin to admit that there is no essential difference between a baby who has not yet been born and one who has and that therefore they have no problem killing the latter,

Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran, who submitted the horrifying legislation that would have allowed babies to be murdered even after birth, also filed legislation to ensure the sanctity of life for “fall cankerworms.”

We earlier encountered Kathy Tran when she admitted that the radical abortion bill that she proposed in Virginia would allow mothers with second thoughts to have their babies killed even as they are in labor. But Tran has no second thoughts regarding the preciousness of life when it comes to cankerworms.

Tran filed “H.B. 2495 Fall cankerworm; spraying prohibited during certain months,” a bill that would protect the lives of caterpillars and other insects during certain months, on the same day she filed “H.B. 2491 Abortion; eliminate certain requirements,” the defeated legislation that would have made it legal for a new mother to give birth, then determine that she does not want the child and have it killed.

H.B. 2495 would protect the lives of gypsy moths, cankerworms, and other insects that may carry diseases harmful to humans, by preventing pest control spraying for them between the months of March and August.

The harmfulness to humans explains liberal solicitude for cankerworms. Politically correct Democrats will always side with the other. If it is harmful to America’s core population, it is good. If it is harmful to America in general, it is good. If it is harmful to humans, it is good.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who favored Tran’s defeated legislation, has doubled down on his assertion that it would allow babies to be killed after they have been delivered. At least dimly aware that normal Americans might recoil from their flagitious party in horror, more circumspect national Democrats have adopted a policy of pretending they don’t know what he said and refusing to comment. The mainstream media has done its part by ignoring this bombshell story.

Unsurprising, Northam has been paid off by the lucrative yet lavishly taxpayer-subsidized abortion chain Planned Parenthood to the tune of $2 million.

Democrats can’t seem to relate to innocent babies. They can relate to cankerworms though.

Hat tips: Liberty Daily, Legal Insurrection.

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