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Jun 10 2019

The Secret Life of Pets 2 as Thoughtcrime

Parents be forewarned. Children must be kept from viewing The Secret Life of Pets 2. It is thoughtcrime posing as children’s entertainment. We know this because it was revealed not by a biased left-wing website, but by the ostensibly neutral entertainment site The Wrap:

“The Secret Life of Pets 2,” … effectively acts as an animated ode to heteronormativity, toxic masculinity and patriarchal worldviews…

“Pets 2’s” descent into the bowels of what reads as conservative messaging begins as Katie (voiced by Ellie Kemper), Max’s owner, randomly meets a young man, quickly marries and has a child. In this fictional universe, that’s clearly the only natural progression of events in a woman’s life.

A normal family entailing a man, a woman, and children is the keystone of human civilization. That is why it must be destroyed, wiping the slate clean for Change. Any movie that fails to undermine the family is guilty of thoughtcrime. Yet Pets 2 does not include a single homosexual couple. This enrages the reviewer.

Equally problematic, Pets 2 reinforces the politically incorrect concept of masculinity:

Harrison Ford is cast as Rooster, a hyper-masculine shepherd dog brazenly teaching Max how to toughen up. Rooster shames Max for going to therapy and wearing a medical collar to prevent him from scratching himself out of stress. Ford’s character essentially stigmatizes mental illness and dismisses treatment as a made-up sign of weakness.

The proper attitude toward neurosis and mental illness is fawning indulgence if not adulation.

Rooster is the embodiment of phrases like “Men don’t cry,” and “Rub some dirt on it.” This alpha dog rejects vulnerability by preaching about how sissified city dogs are. The character is disturbing in his unapologetic validation of behavior society as a whole is trying to eradicate.

That last part should read, “behavior progressives are trying to eradicate.” Utopia is to be populated by whimpering soy boys.

Toward the end, the movie cruelly tricks the reviewer into thinking it is politically orthodox after all — only to plunge back into thoughtcrime:

Snowball’s owner dresses him in a pink princess attire, lipstick included, but just when we might think this is [voice actor] Kevin Hart’s way of saying, “Look, I’m not that homophobic; my character is a tough guy but he can also embrace femininity,” the bunny rips off the outfit and dons chains, baggy clothes and a hat to rap about how macho he actually is.

So much for the ostensibly neutral entertainment site. Actually, nothing is neutral. Moonbats set out in the 1960s to politicize everything. They succeeded. Now everything either advances moonbattery or defies it.

Not woke.

On a tip from Steve T. Hat tips: Hollywood in Toto, David Thompson.

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