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Oct 06 2018

The Staggering Witlessness of Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters

Will Witt wades into the lunatic asylum of anti-Kavanaugh protesters in La-La Land:

No woman makes up phony allegations of sexual assault. Not Christine Blasey Ford, not Deborah Ramirez, not Tawana Brawley, not Crystal Gail Mangum, not Jackie the UVA phony rape victim among many other campus rape hoaxers, not women going all the way back to biblical times like Potiphar’s wife. No one.

An obvious takeaway is that these dupes have no idea why they oppose Kavanaugh. Herd animals go where the drovers direct them. The drovers want the Supreme Court — which exists to defend the Constitution — to be corrupted into a tool to override the Constitution by imposing policy from the bench.

On a tip from Lyle.

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