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Jun 08 2018

The State of Lincoln

In political terms, the state of Illinois is a vassal of the seeping carbuncle of corruption, moonbattery, and political dysfunction that launched the career of Barack Obama. No matter how the regular Americans in the rest of the state might vote, the entrenched leftists in Chicago will impose their will. This disenfranchises the millions who do not live in Cook County, depriving them of self-determination and forcing them to go down with a sinking ship. Since kicking Chicago out of the state isn’t practical, Illinoisans have settled on the next best option. They want to break off and form their own state — the State of Lincoln:

The people of the State of Lincoln are, for the most part, a different people from the people of Chicago, which dominates the General Assembly in the state capital of Springfield. We have two different cultures and two different values systems. In addition, for over half a century, Cook County (and Chicago in particular) padded government payrolls with unnecessary public employees who were given their jobs strictly as a reward for their work for one political party around election time. As a consequence, the pension plans of the state are deeply in debt, affecting not just the pensioners from Cook County, but also those of the entire state. The state itself admits that it is $130 billion in debt, but Moody’s Investors Service says it is actually $250 billion in debt. In response to this, plus other financial commitments, the General Assembly increased the state income tax by one-third, starting in July of 2017; yet the state’s budget remains unbalanced even with this tax hike. Adding insult to injury, Chicago has now foisted sanctuary state status upon Illinois, the home of Abe Lincoln, thereby setting state law in open defiance of federal authority. …

We, the people of the State of Lincoln have had enough. We believe in low taxes and limited government. We want our own government and our own laws. We want our own state constitution and our own General Assembly. And we want our own voice in the U.S. Senate and in the Electoral College, which Chicago deprives us of now. It is time for Chicago, Springfield, and Washington to recognize us for what we are: a separate people, entitled to self-determination and to our own, separate state.

Sounds reasonable. Horrifying as it is to think of the city that elects Mayor Rahm Emanuel getting two Senators, that’s the de facto state of affairs now anyway.

Some in California have a similar idea.

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