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Jun 18 2013

The Tea Party Rises Again

Reinvigorated by the amnesty push and the many scandals involving federal abuse of power, the Tea Party is coming to the District of Corruption tomorrow:

On Wednesday, at two rallies bracketing the Capitol, Tea Party and conservative activists will again take center-stage on two issues dominating the national political dialogue. Reps. Steve King, Louie Gohmert and other members of the Tea Party Caucus will host a nearly day-long dialogue and discussion on immigration reform. On the other side of the Capitol, Tea Party grass roots organizations will hold a rally to “Audit the IRS,” in response to the agency’s efforts to intimidate conservative organizations.

The immigration event hosted by Rep. King begins at 9am on the East side of the Capitol. The morning event will run until Noon and feature several members of Congress and national conservative leaders. Glenn Beck, who was an early supporter of the Tea Party movement will speak at the event.

At Noon, on the West side of the Capitol, Tea Party Patriots are hosting a rally to “Audit the IRS.” Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and many member of Congress are scheduled to speak. Glenn Beck and other conservative leaders will also speak.

The event, attended by activists from around the country will draw new attention to the IRS scandal, where the agency targeted groups and individuals based on their political activity. The IRS scandal is simply the most egregious example of an Obama Administration singling out conservative organizations and individuals for differential treatment. The EPA, Labor Department and other federal agencies have exhibited similar behavior.

Now that everything it warned against is coming to pass, the Tea Party is needed more than ever. Obviously we cannot trust politicians to act in America’s interest. Public pressure must be applied aggressively to prevent the situation from deteriorating any further.

Back in action, thoroughly vindicated.

On a tip from Laurie.

10 Responses to “The Tea Party Rises Again”

  1. Clingtomyguns says:


    Lil’ Wayne, aka Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr trampled all over the U.S. flag while shooting a video over the weekend for his song “God Bless Amerika.”

    In the song, he raps:

    “My country ’tis of thee
    Sweet land of kill ‘em all and let ‘em die
    God bless Amerika
    This ole’ godless Amerika.”

    In the video the flag falls to the ground and Wayne not only doesn’t stop to pick it up, he walks all over it. It’s considered a desecration for a U.S. Flag to touch the ground.

    .. Obama said during his re-election campaign that he had some Lil’ Wayne songs on his iPod.

    If only he would have tried this stunt at Iwo Jima, he would have been hanging from a tree, but these days trash like this has friends and admirers in high places.

  2. Flu-Bird says:

    Lil wayne can gp suck on stupid weed he is a compemtible little reptile as bad as that CHRIS ROCK lowlife reptile and their all just come frp, the same big manure pile

  3. whosebone says:

    I’m not understanding why these groups pressure to audit the IRS.
    Why are we not rallying to ABOLISH the IRS?
    And why is not Neal Boortz asked to be on any of these radio talk shows and Cable News shows to explain the Fair Tax plan as he has outlined in 2 books?
    Tweaking this corrupt and tyrannical government agency has not worked since its inception, and “auditing” will not change anything.

    We are blindly walking into tyranny and thinking anything can be changed without obama, holder, reid and pelosi are in handcuffs charged with treason.

  4. Wyatt's Torch says:

    Torches. Pitch forks. It’s time.

  5. cris says:

    Operation: VVetback2

  6. Dr. 9 says:

    IMO, this will be the Tea Party’s last chance to show they have the strength and the will to fight the Left. They sat by and said nothing while the Muslim-in-Chief was reelected. If their effort now is only half-hearted, they’ll be as dead as the republican party, and we will have lost the culture war.

  7. Eleanor in Hell says:

    Here’s a ‘toon that goes with “It’s Time”…

  8. True Blue says:

    It is time for a third party to arise in America since both Demorats and Rhino-publicans are bending over themselves to see which can sell us out the fastest.

    An off year Congressional election is the perfect time to do it, then build off that momentum two years later with a third party presidential run. -As if we have that much time before the two parties collude to finish this nation off.

    “this will be the Tea Party’s last chance to show they have the strength and the will to fight the Left. They sat by and said nothing while the Muslim-in-Chief was reelected”
    -Well, that is what happens when the GOP somehow manages to co-opt or hijack the TEA Party and claim us as their own -from arm’s length of course. We cannot allow that to happen again.

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  10. Flu-Bird says:

    The Tea party Phoenix will rise again and the liberal demons will run away

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