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Nov 11 2011

The Tea Party Versus OWS

Comrade Obama can’t seem to tell the difference between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. Maybe this will help:






That the “mainstream” media has done everything in its power to smear the Tea Party and apologize for Occupy Wall Street tells you just how far from mainstream the liberal establishment has become.

Passed along by The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

24 Responses to “The Tea Party Versus OWS”

  1. metryq says:

    Living people on one side, zombies on the other.

  2. StanInTexas says:

    The first set of pictures could also be used to show how the Main Stream Media reports on the demonstrations..

    For the OWS Crowd “Millions of regular Americans rally to show displeasure with the Wealthy”

    For the Tea Party “A few dozen protesters joined the Koch Brothers in displaying their hatred of America”

  3. logic Mine says:

    As “Moonbattery” puts it:

    “That the “mainstream” media has done everything in its power to smear the Tea Party and apologize for Occupy Wall Street tells you just how far from mainstream the liberal establishment has become.”

    I think that statement is the best short poignant explanation of what is really going on here with the left.

  4. StanInTexas says:

    Obama can’t seem to tell the difference between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street.

    The difference is clear. Obama supports the OWS protestors, and he consideres the Tea Party members HIS ENEMIES!

    Can’t get any clearer than that!

  5. Sinister66 says:

    You forgot to mention the OWS protestes have recieved hundreds of times more media coverage from both the left and the right then the TEA party rallys. The left media paints these people in a positive light which builds support. The right paints them in a negative light which builds more support from the left.

  6. Laurie T says:

    This illustrates why viewers/readers/subscribers to the LameStream Media are plunging, and why they’ve ramped up their screaming, accusing, and fabricating stories about conservatives. They’re trying to build their subscriber base back up.

  7. StanInTexas says:


    The Tea Party received massive amounts of NEGATIVE coverage from the Main Stream Media (also known as THE LEFT). The only time they bother to cover the OWS is when they can use it to slam the Right. If 1/100000th of the violence and lawlessness of the OWS had gone on at a SINGLE Tea Party event, these same Leftist media whores whould have covered it wall-to-wall for DAYS.

    The Right has no need to paint the OWS protest in a negative light. All they need to do is show the truth and reality of the protest. The fact that the killings and rapes and violence and the total anarachy of the OWS movement “builds more support from the left” says much about your side, little nancy-boy!

  8. Keith in Seattle says:

    Passed along by The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

    I beg to differ… The number of conservatives in Seattle is growing by the day and things like this make our numbers swell. There isn’t much support for these cretins anymore. The support that McKenna is getting as a conservative candidate for WA State Gov is growning.

  9. Patrick says:

    I think this OWS rabble is both a primer and a distraction for our foreign born, British/Kenyan/Indonesian/world citizen leader’s soft tyranny to begin going hard!

  10. Sinister66 says:


    Theres my groupie.

    First off the mainstream media is all of the major news channels and talk programs. From Hannity and Beck to Mark Thompson and whomever and is also beginning to include major internet sites.

    The point your missing is all kind of attention paid to the OWS people, either negative or positive, just causes them continue what they are doing.

    And as far as my stance on this. Everyone of these people could die tomorrow and I wouldnt lose a wink of sleep. Same goes with the tea party though also.

  11. StanInTexas says:

    Death in response to free speech? WOW, you are really doubling-down on your stupidity, aren’t you Tough-Guy!

    So now COMMENTATORS like Hannity and Beck are the main-stream media? That is interesting, as your lies used to be at least SLIGHTLY believable. Now you are just bat-shit CRAZY!

  12. Sinister66 says:


    I’m saying neither groupe means anything to me. But its surprising to see your support for the OWS crowd.

    Now for a lesson.

    Mainstream-Representing the prevalent attitudes, values, and practices of a society or group.

    Media-the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely.

    So yes Hannity and Beck are apart of the main stream media. With fox being the leading news channel and right wing talk radio being the doninant form of news talk how could they not be.

  13. StanInTexas says:

    Because they are COMMENTATORS, Internet-tough-guy. They are pundits with a dleiberate agenda.

    Not to say that does not apply to the MSM and the news anchors they have, but they claim to report the news and that it theor job. Hannity and Beck are paid to give THEIR OPINIONS!

    And i support FREE SPEECH, something you obviously have an issue with.

  14. Sinister66 says:

    Try to twist it how you like.
    Fact is they are all apart of the main stream media. Thier opinions are broadcast all over the country and have influence. Read the definitions or find someone to read them to you.

  15. StanInTexas says:

    Your definitions do not match what they do, you idiot. But you did get one thing correct BY MISTAKE. They are apart (separate) from the Main Stream Media.

    Thank you for admitting your lie. Now RUN AWAY, little nancy-boy!

  16. Sinister66 says:

    Good spin dude.
    Should have been “a part”

    So according to you:

    1.They do not represent a prevalent attitude, value, and/or practice of a society or group.

    2. are not associated with any kind of radio, television, newspaper, and/or magazine, that reach or influence people widely.

    Sounds to me like you dont know what your talking about, but please explain how hannity and beck are not a part of the main stream media.

  17. StanInTexas says:

    Internet-tough-guy… I have explained it to you. What I can’t do is UNDERSTAND it for you.

    With you being too STUPID to see the obvious in front of your face, we have nothing left to discuss.

    Run away now, nancy-boy. It’s nap-nap time for you!

  18. Sinister66 says:

    So in other words you dont know.
    I clearly explained how they were a part of the main stream media and you have nothing.
    Too easy. You let your emotions get the better of you yet again.

  19. StanInTexas says:

    You know, Internet-tough-guy, there are only so many ways you can tell a retard like you that 2+2=4 and have them argue the fact with you before I have problems with my emotions.

    But it is what we have come to expect from you. Stupidity layered on top of your own pathetic rants.

    If you want to consider a political commentator a part of the main stream media, you go right ahead. I’m sure you and all of your little sock-puppets are in complete afgreement about everything.

  20. Agnostic Conservative says:

    This is the BEST depiction of how the media covers Occupy Wall Street vs how it covered the Tea party.

  21. itfitzme says:

    One more interesting thing. I wish I could find the study, but the results are what we would expect. News media delivers what it’s readership and viewers wants. They are free market, capitalist organizations that increase circulation and viewership by offering product which sells. And, of course, they find there particular market.

    Now, if there is “left” and “right”, what is “center”? Isn’t “center”, the average? How do we get to “mostly left” or “mostly right” when mostly is the center?

    When your on the far left or on the far right, then everyone else is to the right or to the left.

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