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Mar 13 2018

The Truth About Broken Britain

Don’t take the authoritarian treatment of countermoonbats Lauren Southern, Martin Sellner, and Brittany Pettibone — all of whom were temporarily detained and denied entrance to the country because of their political views — as evidence that Britain discriminates against extremists. The problem with Southern and the others is that they are not extremists. If they go over the top and convert to Islam, they will be welcomed with open arms:

Just because they still have elections in Britain (for now) does not mean it is still a free country. The New Britons must be delighted that they do not have to wait until they have achieved a demographic majority to see sharia law imposed. Criticizing Islam and Islamization is already effectively against the law.

On tips from Lyle, StephaneDumas, and Physicsnut.

One Response to “The Truth About Broken Britain”

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