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Mar 24 2019

The Truth About Hipsters

The hyperconformity of supposedly nonconformist hipsters causes them to look so much alike that they literally cannot tell themselves apart from other hipsters:

If youth who haven’t figured out who they are and feel insecure about it want to shuffle around in idiotic uniforms consisting of overgrown beards, undersized jeans, lumberjack shirts, hideous tattoos, and horrific ear deformations, that is their own business. The problem is what Paul Joseph Watson calls their “soy-infused opinions.” These standardized opinions are as foolish and conformist as the rest of the getup, but vastly more destructive, as they lead to reflexively voting for Democrats rather than considering the best interests of civilization.

PS: More on the highly hip not to mention priapism-curing feminist fight club here.

On a tip from Lyle.

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