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Apr 22 2019

The Truth About the Sri Lanka Attacks

Sunday’s Muslim attacks in Sri Lanka killed many times more people than the Christchurch mosque shootings. Yet they were not enough to pry out of Obama and Hillary the sympathy for Christians that they gush upon Muslims at every opportunity. They couldn’t even bring themselves to type the word “Christian,” calling them instead Easter worshipers, as if Christians were some bizarre cult that gathers once a year to adulate painted eggs. Paul Joseph Watson investigates the discrepancy:

He asks some excellent questions. All can be answered with two words: Cultural Marxism.

Christianity is associated with the core population of the West, which progressives seek to marginalize and eventually eradicate. Muslims are the quintessential “other,” having been at war with Western Civilization for 1,400 years.

That is why it is obvious to any Democrat politician or “mainstream” (i.e., liberal) journalist that the Muslim terrorists are the good guys and that the innocent Christians they kill have it coming.

On a tip from Lyle.

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