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May 10 2018

The Truth About Virtue Signaling

Whereas some have the good sense to grieve what the Third World invasion is doing to Europe, others shed woeful tears for the self-induced plight of the invaders. Yet it turns out that despite having spent her life in the entertainment industry, the blubbering Lilly Allen is not enough of a ditz to follow up on her promise to take refugees into her own home. However, she is enough of a sanctimonious virtue signaling fraud to trigger the gag reflex. As Paul Joseph Watson notes, she is hardly alone among moonbats:

Now we know why narcissistic self-loathing losers are drawn to moonbattery. The pose not only allows them to stay at the center of the herd where it feels safe; it provides a cheaply obtained substitute for virtue.

On a tip from Lyle.

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