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Jul 26 2018

The Unrequited Love of Swedish Women for Refugees

Among moonbats, the love of Swedish women for refugees is a marvel to behold:

As passengers know, a plane cannot take off until all on board have taken their seats and buckled their seat belts. On Monday, a young Swedish activist named Elin Ersson used that rule to keep a flight carrying a 52-year-old Afghan man being deported to Kabul from taking off in Gothenburg.

The flight was scheduled to travel to Istanbul where the man was to be transferred to another plane to Afghanistan. With everyone else on the plane seated, the young Swede took out her cellphone and began livestreaming video on Facebook. She then proceeded to film herself speaking in English as she walked through the plane, explaining that the man was being deported to Afghanistan, “where he will most likely get killed.”

Why would he be killed in Afghanistan? Probably because Afghanistan is a savage land. Why is it a savage land? Because it is full of Afghans. This is also increasingly true of Europe, thanks to fools like Elin.

This being moonbattery-addled Sweden, authorities knuckled under to the brat instead of promptly arresting her. Disgustingly, they took the Afghan off the plane.

The refugees repay this devotion as you would expect, if you’ve been paying attention to the ongoing hijrah:

A girl will receive around 2,000 euros in damages after being exposed to gross harassment by other students at the Johannes school in Malmö, Swedish news outlet Fria Tider reports.

Malmö has been largely but not yet entirely absorbed into the world of Islam by immigrants and their multitudinous offspring. It illustrates Sweden’s short-term future.

The €2,000 in damages will be paid by the same taxpayers who finance the importation and explosive propagation of Islamic welfare colonists.

Other incidents included having her trousers pulled down and threatened with rape because she was not “Muslim enough”, the girl’s father said.

An article in Sydsvenskan documents similar treatment that other Swedish girls have received at the school:

One dad spoke of how his daughter was mistreated for years, being called a “slut” and threatened with rape. Boys threatening to rape her and saying their dads are also going to “f*ck” her and call her a slut. Also asking her what her religious affiliation is.

If a girl gives the right answer on religious affiliation, she had better be wearing a burka. If she gives the wrong answer, she gets treatment that liberal #MeToo militants would rather not hear about because it would racist to know.

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