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Aug 01 2016

The Vicious Hatred Toward #NeverTrumpers Explained

Hell hath no fury like a sellout faced with someone who stood their ground. I don’t mean shallow hacks like Sean Hannity who actually want to live in a country run by the likes of Donald Trump. I mean intelligent people who can distinguish between right and wrong, free and unfree, fit and unfit, who threw in with a mentally unstable progressive populist running as a fascist out of sheer moral weakness. Jonah Goldberg has some insight into why they get so angry:

I’m convinced I’m being entirely fair to at least a few when I say that some of the anger aimed at #NeverTrumpers isn’t purely motivated by rage against those insufficiently dedicated to stopping Hillary — it’s also derived from a sense of shame on the part of those willing to sell their souls to this creamsicle colored kakistocrat. The thinking seems to be, “If I’m willing to sell out to this guy, who are you not to?” And among the politicians, the calculation seems to be that if everyone makes a deal with the devil, no one can be singled out for blame when this ends in tears.

One of the reasons corruption is so hard to eliminate, particularly in the developing world, is that honesty is seen as a kind of betrayal. Bribe-takers like bribes, to be sure, but they also hate those who won’t take them — not just because the refusers threaten their livelihoods, but because such refusals remind the corrupted […] that they had a choice.

One day this grotesque nightmare will end. Maybe there will be enough left of the GOP to rebuild it, maybe there won’t. But in either case, there will still be conservatives true to America’s founding principles. This year is teaching us who the real ones are, and who to take with a grain of salt.

Not a persuasive argument for selling your soul.

On a tip from Varla. Graphic via DLW.

194 Responses to “The Vicious Hatred Toward #NeverTrumpers Explained”

  1. bobdog19006 says:

    However bad Trump may turn out to be, and I have to admit some misgivings about him, I guarantee you that Hillary Clinton will be worse. What she will do to politicize the Supreme Court alone is enough to send her packing.

    Not to vote is to vote. This is no time for wishful thinking, Dave.

  2. Tchhht!!! says:

    Well, I don’t come here as often as I used to but it seems to me that only “fury” being displayed around here is from that Trump hater who thinks he is a bullet.

  3. mouth2taco says:

    I’m going to block this site on my computers. Here’s one tutorial, but there are several others if you search.

  4. TrojanMan says:


  5. Eastwood Ravine says:

    Dave, you’re assuming a lot. I have no reason to hate a fellow conservative and patriot, much less than hating a stranger. I just thing you’re in error. I’m hoping and praying you will see past your Pride by the time you cast your vote. Please don’t be prideful Dave.

  6. MicahStone says:

    It’s OBOZO’s fault

  7. MicahStone says:

    I gotta admit, a Trump administration would be a laugh a minute !

  8. Angel says:

    Almost all of the hate and name-calling is coming from the NeverTrump crowd. It’s almost like talking to leftists. They project all of their negative traits on those that disagree with them. When you take a close look at NeverTrumper “feelings” and high moral “principles”, it comes down to losing influence and/or power in a Trump presidency.

  9. Bram says:

    The GOP that nominated Romney and McCain? Why would you want to rebuild that party?

  10. TrojanMan says:

    “It’s almost like talking to leftists.” I feel the same way talking to Trumpsters

  11. TrojanMan says:

    “The GOP that nominated Romney, McCain, and Trump? Why would you want to rebuild that party?”

    There I fixed it…..

  12. Notafanboy says:

    The lack of self-awareness necessary to insinuate it’s the “never trump” crowd that is victimized is laughable. I supported Cruz in the primary and I watched other Cruz supporters say some of the most awful things about Trump and his supporters I’ve heard in my 4 decades on this Earth. That doesn’t even address the fact that #nevertrump is a democrat operation and you guys are falling for it.

    Seriously, it’s old. Your choice is Hillary or Trump. Don’t like it? Too bad. Don’t give me crap about your “principles.” If your principles force you to let the one person that can completely destroy any political capital conservatives may have left, then it may be time to re-examine them. And I don’t want to hear the nonsense about “Trump will destroy conservatism too…” because that’s bullshit. The media will be all over his ass 24/7. Trump and Hillary could do the exact same things and the media will blast Trump, but cover Hillary, and the last thing Trump”s ego will let him do is go out a failure.

    Get down off your cross, Dave.

  13. Summerwarmth says:

    Your are not selling your soul but instead screwing America and the world by enabling Hillary. Am I voting for Trump – the magic 8 ball says unsure. I am #neverhillary. I do not enable her in any way. When it comes down to November, I will vote for whoever can realistically defeat her.

    Why do I get ticked at #nevertrump – let me count the ways. First off I voted for Cruz and I am voting never Hillary however that ends up turning out so calling me names like Trumpster and other BS when I post Hillary fraud items is not appreciated.

    Then when I say – fine what is your plan – they have no plan but whining and basically enabling Hillary. They don’t want Trump and they don’t want Hillary. At least if we get in Trump he can be impeached and we have Pence. Impeached for what you ask – if Trump messes up or breaks his promises I am sure the GOP will think of something. If Hillary gets in and leaves for any reason we still have Kaine.

    Next after name calling for no reason as I don’t post pro Trump just Never Hillary, and then whining with thumbs up rear with no plan, the #neverTrump try to take the high ground. Excuse me – high ground when you are enabling Hillary by your rheroric but then claim oh but I am not voting for her.

    My comment summed up – if you are not part of a solution but are just a no viable option complainer then you are part of the problem.

  14. Occam's Stubble says:

    What gets me about the Trumpkins’ viciousness is that they’re happy to kick people when they’re down. It wasn’t good enough to defeat Cruz in the primary, they had to boo him at the convention even though they knew he would not endorse Trump. There’s a pro-Trump site I also visit and they’re over there today yukking it up over the Democrats’ plan to try and unseat Cruz in 2018.

  15. NotKennedy says:

    Jonah’s a great writer, comes up with refreshing ways of looking at situations and has a solid reference in conservatism from which to stay focused longer than the trending trends and opinions of pollsters. I feel no compulsion to vote for Trump and about the only the person in the world who could have made Hillary appealing was Jeb.

    If you want to hunt for villains on the American side, look at the RNC and that hideous SOB, Son of Bush. Not just no but hell no, never, ever. Within the range of Jeb vs Trump, I could have supported Trump.

    The substance and redux of the matter is that it is never going to get better. The RNC has become the enemy. Parsing among enemies, in a lesser of evils logic, when there will not be substantial change in the democratic process is a fool’s errand.

    This isn’t really about Trump vs Clinton, this is about who gets to control the federal strong arm against America. In that context, anything that would defer a known, certain enemy of America, Hillary, from having dominion, is a useful stalling maneuver.

    Both “candidates” are too old for a second term. Which of the two would be more damaging in the near term?

    Hillary needs to experience that vast right wing conspiracy and be evicted from public life NOW.

  16. Tchhht!!! says:

    Got a link?

  17. Rick Caird says:

    This is exactly the problem with the #nevertrumpers. They are so in love with their own “:moral principles”, they seek to elevate themselves above all others. But, instead, they just show themselves as a self proclaimed elite who never tire of telling the rest of us how much better than the rest of the world they are. But, in the end, the rest of us see them as people unwilling to admit reality. Hence, all they do is invite well deserved criticism.

  18. ALL HAIL HER LIARY! says:


    Ya voted for Dubya, McLame and Mittens.

    Case closed.


  19. TrojanMan says:

    Trump would have never endorsed Cruz had he won, and even if he did I would not have accepted it if i were Cruz.

    As a Texan, Cruz will continue to get my vote.

    BTW i do not think Trump defeated Cruz, i think democrats voted in the GOP primary for the weaker candidate which is Trump. If you knew that Hillary had already purchased the democrat election why not vote in the GOP primary to affect the outcome in your favor?

  20. All Hail Her Liary says:




  21. NotKennedy says:

    ” Don’t give me crap about your “principles.”

    Fuck off.

  22. TrojanMan says:

    Yea and look what that got us? No more, Case closed.

  23. Tom says:

    So an ambulance-chasing personal-injury attorney is your pick for the right person to lead America?

  24. NotKennedy says:

    At least he shows up with his own golf courses, his own jet, and doesn’t give a flying damn about that tacky-ass Martha’s Vineyard crowd. And, he has a lot better taste in women!

  25. shpongl3 says:

    You seem to have no understanding of what moral principles are. Either you have them and stick to them, or you don’t have them. Its not about being perfect, but sticking to them as best as possible. Sure, some NeverTrump are a bit over the top in how vocal they are in their protestations. But your critique sounds exactly like the prideful judgement described in this post. Sticking to ones principles only seems elitist to the unprincipled.

  26. NotKennedy says:


  27. NotKennedy says:

    In North Carolina it is not even possible to not vote, let alone abstain.

  28. shpongl3 says:

    I could cherry-pick all kinds of idiocy from Trump supporters to support a cutting narrative. But we know all Trump people aren’t alt-right and all NeverTrump aren’t MSM narrative slinging buffoons.

  29. Grumpy Cat says:

    Newsflash: the “hatred” is actually…the other way around. The comments here will prove that.

  30. Tom says:

    So you abandoned your precious principles in 2008 and 2012 to vote for RINOs but now you’re all pious and “No More!’, when there is a chance to actually shake up the status quo?

  31. Grumpy Cat says:

    What job did you have with Jeb!’s campaign…official boot polisher?

  32. NotKennedy says:

    You do grasp that Islam understands their own reading of moral principles? Even the Pope has a new interpretation of moral principles.

  33. Grumpy Cat says:

    That’s his IQ: 7.62

  34. CruisingTroll says:

    Impeached for what you ask – if Trump messes up or breaks his promises I am sure the GOP will think of something.

    You’re kidding, right? Seriously, you think counting on Congress as a whole to stand up and defend the Constitution is a plan? Understand, I’m not saying whether one should or shouldn’t vote for Trump. I’m simply pointing out the glaring foolishness of this particular argument. The impeachable offenses of the current White House occupant as well as some of his appointees are legion, yet they’ve accomplished nada as far as impeachment goes.

  35. Dan Northrup says:

    Once you accept that you have no choice, the answer becomes apparent.

  36. Lee Scuppers says:

    What an effeminate, passive-aggressive pile of shit.

    Maybe it’s projection. Goldberg sold out years ago. He’s a cuck. His occupation is attacking the right.

    I don’t know what your own problem is; misplaced loyalty to the Beltway cucks, maybe? As if they ever did anything for anybody outside the Democratic party and Wall Street. Or maybe it’s not misplaced. Maybe you’re hoping to graduate to a paid gig cucking for Conservatism, Inc. I really don’t care, either way.

  37. Muhammed's pink swastika says:

    Hillbillery = 30 years of a leftist Supreme Court.
    Trump = ???

    In this case I’m going to with better the devil you don’t know…

  38. NotKennedy says:

    You really seem to think about that cuck meme, a LOT.

  39. Angel says:

    And thus you are projecting like a leftist.

  40. NotKennedy says:

    “In this case I’m going to with better the devil you don’t know…”

    Don’t forget your pink stuff with whatever you’re planning to do!

  41. NotKennedy says:

    Now there’s a cogent indictment! Jackass.

  42. Rick Caird says:

    You seem to think that touting your own “moral principles” is the same as actually having them. I find when someone talks about their strong moral principles, they are likely neither principles nor strong.

    Now, go back and read the article and then my response again. You will see that the article is long on moral preening. That is what I was complaining about. Sticking to one’s principles is not the same thing as shouting about one’s “moral principles” and then complaining about criticism. You might want to take that to heart, too.

  43. Summerwarmth says:

    That is because as you may have noticed the RINOs are hand and pocket in with Obama. There is not a stupid idea Obama can come up with that Paul Ryan will not try to push through. Also all mention of impeachment/sanctions falls on deaf RINO ears. So obviously protecting the US is not a RINO priority.

    Also, did you notice how Romney who in 2012 rolled over for Obama on the stupidest things while we all screamed “fight” to no avail all of a sudden found his balls and has been after Trump repeatedly in this election. It is almost like the fix is in among the elites with globalism, trade, and RNC and they are pretty much the same party Jeb/Hillary. In fact Koch/Ryan/and etc are enabling Hillary and attacking Trump.

    So yes I do believe the sniveling cowards who have let Obama run wild to destroy this country would jump all over Trump even if he sneezed wrong on some pretext or another. That is what they have been doing this election once it looked like he might win. The only thing Trump has protecting him is the American people and if he doesn’t follow through and loses them the GOP and Dems will be all over him worse than now when they are semi-worried about their re-elections and trying not to start a people’s revolt.

    Trump has no loyalty to the RINOs and it makes me wonder what they are afraid of him finding out and shouting to the world. It isn’t because I think they will defend the constitution but because of their own selfish interests.

  44. MicahStone says:

    Melania is getting way too much publicity from her nude photos – so narcissist Donald just HAD to one-up her !!!!

  45. Torcer says:

    This explains why there are certain blokes around here who cannot sell Trump’s candidacy but insist on attacking Conservatives:

    CBS Poll: Trump’s Alienation of Conservatives is the Reason He’s Behind
    In Presidential elections where the Republican candidate wins or comes close, you tend to see the same dynamic unfold in terms of the ideological breakdown of the electorate. The Republican wins between 80 and 85% of conservatives, the Democrat wins between 80 and 85% of liberals, and the Democrat wins moderates by some relatively small percentage. The Republican either wins or comes close based on the strength of the fact that self-identified conservatives usually outnumber self-identified liberals by around 35%-25%. This is the dynamic you saw in both 2004 and 2012, which were both very close elections.

    Hidden in today’s CBS’s poll (not included in the crosstabs) is an indication that Trump’s alienation of conservatives is the reason he is behind in this poll.

    Steven Portnoy@stevenportnoy
    Perhaps the most startling finding in @CBSNewsPoll:
    Among self-described conservatives, 21% now say they’ll vote for Clinton over Trump.

    Steven Portnoy@stevenportnoy
    Trump’s support among self-ID’d conservatives in our @CBSNewsPoll is at 64%.
    Bush in ’04 exits – 84%
    McCain in ’08 – 78%
    Romney in ’12 -82%

  46. Torcer says:

    Meanwhile Trump is STILL going after Ted Cruz:

    While Polls Show Clinton In The Lead, Trump Would Rather Go After Ted Cruz | RedState

  47. csm says:

    He didn’t, that’s a Salem Media lie, and readers are calling them out on it. He was just saying that as with the GOP primaries he needs to win big to compensate for vote fraud. He’s just telling the crowd to get out and vote, in other words.

  48. Eastwood Ravine says:

    I totally understand where you’re coming from. But this election is literally going to decide the fate of Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court. If that can’t motivate you to vote for Trump, the guy with the most realistic chance of defeating Hillary, then nothing will. Because that is what this comes down to.

  49. KirklesWorth says:

    Talk about bass ackwards. Look at the unhinged anti-Trumpers and tell me again where the “vicious hatred” stems from. The anti-Trumpers are the first to hate without reservation, the Trump supporters try to be pragmatic, and the anti-Trumpers start hating on the Trump supporters. No anti-Trumpers should be lecturing Trump supporters on hatred (or civility).

  50. Summerwarmth says:

    I think this election was set by the overarching both party elites to be Jeb against Hillary with Hillary winning in the end to an acclaim of first woman president.

    Unfortunately Bernie and Trump stepped in to their plans (and both were allowed in as the elite thought they were novelties with no chance).

    So Hillary had to fight for her spot and cheat which was revealed to all of the surprised Democrat non elites (they thought the Republicans had been lying all these years about Democrat cheating). So then the DNC instead of making a show of trying to see who really won (as it would be Bernie most likely) just said oops that was too bad and look O.O Russians.

    Trump on the other hand managed to fight his way through the gauntlet until the GOP had no choice besides their boy Jeb was out anyway.

    So now IMHO both party elites are trying to figure out how to get a Hillary win without exposing themselves as allied and corrupt to the people who are frankly ticked off due to the last grand elite plan of Obama. Plus the elites have not gotten everything in place to pull full socialist (refugees, common core, illegals, no 2A, UN soldiers/police) without starting a revolt they can’t yet win.

    Therefore I am #neverhillary and I am checking out Jill as she is gathering quite a few Bernie supporters. In the end I will vote the best option to keep Hillary out of the WH so there is at least a chance to fix things (work against full socialist items listed above) while making plans for 2020.

  51. Notafanboy says:

    Just the dismissive, arrogant, foot-stomping tantrum I’ve come to expect.

  52. NotKennedy says:

    It’s what you brought to the conversation. Consider yourself dismissed.

  53. Summerwarmth says:

    Oh, if you have a better plan that is viable in the time between now and November that does not result in Hillary (or her VP, or Obama third term, …) getting elected, I am all ears.

  54. landru says:

    Very sad to see Dave morph into a moonbat before our eyes. Both the totalitarian left AND the groveling shoe-polishers of same, the establishment GOP, hate Trump. What friggin more do you need to know? And seeing you get all worked up like a Pajama Boy about Trumps’s alleged notions about ‘torturing’ jihadists is embarrassing! Geez, just get it over with and twirl your hair into a girlish bun, put on some dorky glasses, and carry a man purse with you from now on.

  55. seaoh says:

    just saying…..

  56. 762x51 says:

    They came in here and pushed everyone around with their “vote tRump, or else”, bullshit. Now, a year later, they just can’t understand the push back. Somebody call the waaaahhhmbulance.

    The stench of Progressive ideology is all over them.

  57. 762x51 says:

    In the Republican Primaries, tRump got more Democrat votes than he got Republican votes. That is who chose your leader.

  58. Spiny Norman says:

    How about just not visiting? Or is “virtue signalling” too important?

  59. 762x51 says:

    but, . . . . but, . . . . Congress has done such a great job standing up to emperor Obama. . . .


    The only sliver of hope might be that tRmp, being an orangish-white guy, wouldn’t have the race card to protect him.

  60. 762x51 says:

    You forgot the “and die” part. It is crucial to disposing of these Progressive vermin.

  61. Torcer says:

    Hey someone Left the Irony on!


    Talk about bass ackwards. Look at the unhinged anti-Trumpers and tell me again where the “vicious hatred” stems from. The anti-Trumpers are the first to hate without reservation, the Trump supporters try to be pragmatic, and the anti-Trumpers start hating on the Trump supporters. So we have to listen to you hate on Trump, try and offer some perspective, then get hated on ourselves – and some of you anti-Trumpers make liberal debaters look polite in comparison. No anti-Trumpers should be lecturing Trump supporters on hatred (or civility).


    This from someone whose Idea of civility is to attack back with irrelevant, off topic questions to derail the conversation or issue vague non-answer or simply refuse to answer a question. With these attacks against Conservatives being on long dead threads in a pointless waste of time.

    Not to mention it’s use of false narratives and childish vitriol..

  62. 762x51 says:

    That’s because they are both Progressives.

    tRump is a Progressive judging by the causes he has supported all his life and the Trumpanzees support him, therefore they are Progressives as well. The Democrats are all Progressives by definition. So see, you actually ARE talking to a Progressive regardless of which group you are speaking to or about. They are the enemy.

  63. Spiny Norman says:

    Have you bothered to read them?

  64. 762x51 says:

    Alinsky tactic, they have started trying to put their behavior back on us. I have had a couple of them try it with me lately. They are getting desperate which means full authoritarian mode cannot be far behind, suits me fine, let’s get the shooting started so we can get it over with and get on with America.

  65. 762x51 says:

    You have earned all of it, be proud.

  66. 762x51 says:

    Your father is running for President?

    tsk tsk, how will your cult leader oppose him, I wonder?

    Better the NY Progresive win than the NY Progressive. I mean, we need to replace the totalitarian fascist with narcissistic personalty disorder in the White House with a totalitarian fascist with narcissistic personalty disorder.


  67. 762x51 says:

    They all say that, but they keep coming back because spreading their Progressive agenda is more important to them.

  68. 762x51 says:

    He is a legend in his own mind. Now watch, he will counter with accusing you of using Alinsky tactics on him, though he doesn’t know how to spell Alinsky correctly. I tried to teach him how earlier but alas, Ron White was right, you can’t fix stupid.

  69. Torcer says:

    Yes, she’s already done that – making accusations that directly coincide with what it’s doing at the time.

    It is becoming clear that her intent is to not really try to sell everyone here on Trump but do the exact opposite.

    Consider two factors in this:
    1. Despite repeated attempts to try and elicit answers as to why one should Trump – aside from the old standby involving Comrade Clinton.

    2. It spends an inordinate amount of time launching pointless attacks against Conservatives..

    There was polling today which showed:

    CBS Poll: Trump’s Alienation of Conservatives is the Reason He’s Behind | RedState

    This only confirms these are deliberate actions against Trump as part of the plan to elect Comrade Clinton.

  70. KirklesWorth says:

    Case and point.

  71. 762x51 says:

    Could be a coordinated attack, but more likely, just some ignorant slob who thinks they have all the answers for everyone which is why everyone must obey their wishes.

    I offered it combat but like all the other Trumpanzee cowards it refused. Do you suppose they believe they can impose authoritarian fascism against a heavily armed society without a violent response?

    Don’t forget who actually elected tRump – 12 million democrats.

  72. 762x51 says:

    You have made neither and just claiming so does not make it true.

    So how about it scum bag, you going to man up and show us how you can implement your fascist agenda? Come on, I’ll let you try and prove it on me.

  73. KirklesWorth says:

    Sorry to interrupt your Alinsky circle jerk, but only someone as intellectually stunted as you can equate Trump with fascism thereby equating Trump supporters with fascism. Guilt-by-association your next fallacy? Pathetic.

  74. KirklesWorth says:

    “offered it combat”? Steroid overdose today? You are legend in your own mind, aren’t you? “The Vicious Hatred Toward” the Trump supporters in a nutshell. I rest my case again.

  75. Trialdog says:

    Odd rant; and bass akwards.
    The #NeverTrumpers have abandoned their fellow republican voters for the Democratic Party. They’ve also placed their candidate, and version of the party they believe in, ahead of country. In that respect, the Democratic Party is a good fit for them. The sad part is that they’ve destroyed whatever home conservatives had within the Republican Party. Always welcome, as a minority within the party, republicans recognize conservatives only speak of Reagan’s “big tent” if they own the tent. Maybe they’ll all just give up politics when St. Ted loses his next presidential campaign.

  76. Pembaca Breitbart says:

    Truly delusional. There was a strong field of contenders in the GOP race this election,most of them familiar establishment figures. At this point everyone knows the pick for the powérs that be was Jeb!!.Knowing mr. weak sauce wasn’t going to knock it out of the park they crowded the field with regional well knowns.This of course would keep any 1 guy from running away with it as various regions favored there home boy.With this and $100,000,000 in his coffers Jeb!! was going to win with only 15% of the vote. But alas someone real entered the race, Donald Trump. He spoke to the concerns of the republican base who have been ignored and taken for granted,the white working middle class. The never Trumpers see their cash cow in jeopardy and they are in fact the traitors, putting their personal greed ahead of the things middle America has been demanding.All of you Trump supporters out there need to remember these people who are now calling you mean and jealous because they’ll be back groveling with a new spin to sell you.Most are just as crooked as hitlary, just not as capabe.

  77. KirklesWorth says:

    You’re darn right I’m going to call out you Alinsky-ites – especially for projecting on me what you were so fluent and experienced with Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals:

    RULE 1: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” 762×51 uses threats agaihst his/her opponents.
    RULE 2: (Not applicable) “Never go outside the expertise of your people.”
    RULE 3: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Thus the constant influx of anti-Trump feeding frenzies on anti-Trump propaganda.
    RULE 4: (Not applicable) “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” They make up the “rules” as they go.
    RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” No ambiguities there.
    RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They certainly enjoy it.
    RULE 7: (Not applicable, yet). “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”
    RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”
    RULE 9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Used by anti-Trump and anti-Hillary camps.
    RULE 10: “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Anti-Trump agenda pushing harder than ever.
    RULE 11: (Not applicable due to no constructive alternative) “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”
    RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Bingo.

  78. KirklesWorth says:

    But that’s too reasonable an explanation to fit in their “vicious hatred” agenda.

  79. cryandhowl says:

    You’re shitting me! These dick-weed #NeverTrumpers illustrate precisely who they are with each mindless, self-serving, sanctimonious article they write. The anti-#NeverTrumpers are “haters” now? Talk about taking a script from the liberal play-book! Another script is the suggestion that #NeverTrumpers are the “intelligent ones” who only can “distinguish between right and wrong.” Typical far left play-book again, the “we’re superior” to ‘those’ people.
    It’s stunning how ridiculous your argument is “Moonbattery.” You’re all for handing the presidency over to Hillary because your delicate little genteel feelings are hurt by Trump’s personality and crassness. You and your ilk Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Erick Erickson among others are nothing but Democrats and liberals in disguise and your speech (writing in this case) bewrays you. It’s absolutely ludicrous to compare Trump with Hillary as far as corruption, lying, arrogance, mental stability, care for American citizens and love for America is concerned. Trump is a saint compared to Hillary. Just her Supreme Court Justices she will appoint should be enough to stop the b.s. from the #NeverTrumpers. But, it’s not. Because maybe “there will be enough left of the GOP to rebuild it” … what? I don’t know. But for your information “Moon B” this isn’t about the GOP. It’s about the future of America. And you #NeverTrumpers want to put Hillary in charge of America’s armed forces?? Gawd, are your oars hitting the water?
    There wasn’t one reference to anything negative Trump will bring to the presidency in this lame article, just like most of the other rambling drivel about “honesty” “values” “principles” and blah blah blah. Nothing but an excuse to usher Hillery’s fat a$$ into the White House. Let her appoint two or three Supreme Court Justices and then perhaps we’ll watch them label practicing Christianity as “hate speech” and then Mooon B and all the other enlightened ones who are blinded by the light of their own self-worth will be crying and blowing snot. Stupidity personified.

  80. 762x51 says:

    Denying the reality of your cult leader and his NPD does not make it so. tRumps fascistic tendencies are on display for al but his cult followers to see. Guilt ascribed to someone not because of any evidence but because of their association with an offender. You actively support tRump, tRump is objectively a fascist, therefore by your actions you support fascism. Not guilt by association, guilt by collaboration.

    Go fuck yourself, asshole.

  81. 762x51 says:

    See Torcer, how it substitutes copy and paste for intelligent thought? It never mentioned Alinsky, but has corrected its spelling of his name since I pointed it out, until I referenced old Saul in my characterization of it. It has zero capacity for independent thought and would be laughable if not for the evil it seeks to advance.

    Fortunately, it is just a target awaiting engagement, nothing more.

  82. 762x51 says:

    Rest your loosely sagging anus, those double shifts at the bath house must be rough.

    No steroids necessary dick breath. Now when will we meeting so you can “back up” what you say?

  83. Tom says:

    Do you actually come out of mommy’s basement to vote? Or do you go the absentee route because of your, well…..issues?

  84. bobdog19006 says:

    Please define what you think the word “fascist” means. I know it’s a right popular word these days among Democrats, but it seems to me neither you nor they really understand its meaning.

  85. mackykam says:

    If Trumpsters weren’t morally corrupt this country wouldn’t have to chose between Hillary and trump. But America will get the president it deserves. Just like it got obama . Twice.

  86. Bodhisattva says:

    That one does not want to be responsible for what a President Trump might do is an argument with a precedent.

    There are many who don’t want to be responsible for what excess (they claim) carbon dioxide in the atmosphere might do, so really the arguments of the “NEVER TRUMP” crowd do make sense in this day and age.

    I don’t make it a habit to tell people who to vote for or who not to vote for. I advise that voting for Hillary would be foolish and failing to vote for a candidate that can beat Hillary is almost, but not quite, the equivalent of voting for Hillary. And yet some will no doubt vote for Hillary, or effectively fail to vote against her by failing to vote for someone who might beat her.

    I cannot say that electing Trump will be good for this country. All I know is electing Hillary will be a disaster.

    I understand those who do not want to be responsible for what a President Trump MIGHT do just as I understand those who are concerned about what rising atmospheric CO2 MIGHT do.

    I’m not yet convinced any of either such arguments has enough merit for me to join them, that’s all.

  87. CruisingTroll says:

    So, does this mean that Orange won’t be the New Black anymore?

  88. Bodhisattva says:

    I’m still amazed anyone thought running a Bush or a Clinton was a good idea – as proven by the uproar when the true Democrat favorite was railroaded by the Democrats so obviously. Poor Bernie, even though he lost unfairly, his initials are still B.S. for a reason!

  89. Bodhisattva says:

    The choices we were given this election, on top of the last several elections, going back pretty much to the first time Clinton was elected, are enough to drive anyone crazy. Maybe not full moonbat crazy, but pretty close.

  90. CruisingTroll says:

    I’ve got a fine plan with regards to an Obama third term. Execute him. And anybody else who helps him in such an endeavour. As far as Hillary goes, I don’t have a plan at the moment. I simply think that those who choose Trump should do so based on reality, not some fantasy that if he turns out to be as noxious as some fear, Congress can be counted on to stop him. (Note: the same is also fantasy regarding Hillary)

  91. Bodhisattva says:

    Scalias, and others as well, perhaps as many as 4.

    Particularly if the liberals get in to the White House and replace all of the sitting liberals (and any conservatives who conveniently die) with young uber liberal activists.

  92. Bodhisattva says:

    Nobody is asking anyone to vote for Trump because he isn’t Hillary.

    That really is the sort of logic we get from moonbats.

    The argument is that we know the damage Hillary will do in pretty much every way she can at this critical time in our history, with major and minor enemies getting ready to make major moves against us.

    The best argument yet against Trump, which in fact isn’t a good one at all, is he might force them to move up their timetables and thus not be as prepared, and with us not as weak as we will be after 8 years of Hillary.

  93. FVS says:

    Sorry Dave but you bellyached about ” Bush Derangement Syndrome” for over a decade. Well here now you are infected with the same delusional virus that is directed at Trump. You’re acting exactly like the same kind of spoiled children the Democrats are. If Hillary wins and her Supreme Court nominees finish dtripping us of our rights, including your right to operate blogs like this one, YOU AND THE REST OF THE SPOILED BRATS WILL BE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE. If it was just you and your future that was at stake, perhaps cynically, I would not care. But it is all of our rights that are at stake and the continued existence of the Republic and any chance for it survival. GROW UP AND START ACTING LIKE AN ADULT AND A RESPONCIBLE CITIZEN.

  94. david says:

    Here’s a little thought-experiment, Dave Blount.

    Let’s say Jeb or Rubio won the nomination. You’d probably gripe about their shortcomings, sure, but you’d likely support and vote for them. We certainly wouldn’t see the demonstrably false, hysterical, liberal-esque posts that you’ve been doing about Trump.

    Now, let’s dig a bit further into a hypothetical Jeb or Rubio nomination. Both of them would do nothing to halt the influx of Muslim terrorists. In fact, the establishment has come out repeatedly and denounced any restriction on Muslim immigration as “racis’!”. And yet, you would still likely vote for these spineless hypocrites.

    Let’s say Conservative Superman Cruz–who would never have a chance of winning a general election–won the nomination. Even he would never dare implement a policy that might stop the flow of terrorists and criminals into the country. Principled? Maybe. (Then again, he could be a closet pervert for all we know.) What does that matter if he’s a PC coward who will toe the line on all of the existential issues.

    Trump, despite any of his shortcomings, is the ONLY candidate who is honest about the issues and strong. If he’s wrong about something, he can be corrected. He’s not going to stand on a podium and say “Islam is a religion of peace” or some other such BS. Establishment Republicans are just liberals with a slow-burn fuse. Cruz is a creepy guy who could never become president, and who will always back down if he faces backlash.

    Trump is the nominee. You’re with him or you’re with Hillary. Trump, or a liberal Supreme Court.

    Do you understand that last point? Forget EVERYTHING else. If Trump does not win, every single conservative dream you have will be dashed–probably forever–by a liberal Supreme Court. Next time you want to write some pansy post whining about anti-NeverTrumpers, explain to us how you can justify helping to destroy the 2nd Amendment. That’s not speculation. Hillary (any Democrat) WILL put a liberal on the Supreme Court, and given all of the sensitive cases on the line, our gun rights will be stripped.

    If you don’t vote for Trump, you are choosing to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Explain it to us, you virtue signalling jackass.

  95. Vote Third Party says:

    Cruzlamist, globalist, cuck faggot

  96. Angel says:

    Woah! Obviously, that was sarcasm.

  97. FrozenPatriot says:

    Your right to self defense was given to you by God, and is not up for debate. Never forget that, no matter what some governments costumed mystic or their similarly costumed enforcers say.

  98. FrozenPatriot says:

    No, the people who supported Hitlery would be responsible. No matter, the Constitution is written in plain English, and I don’t need a panel of black-robed mystics to tell me what it says.

    Castle 2016.

  99. FrozenPatriot says:

    …and they’re gonna get it good and hard…

  100. FrozenPatriot says:

    You understand there are more than two parties, yes?

  101. david says:

    Nice sentiment, but it doesn’t change the fact that NeverTrumpers are going to get us a liberal Supreme Court and destroy the nation.

  102. FrozenPatriot says:

    Meh. Not much left worth savin’ if out of three hundred-million people, the best we can muster is a felon and a reality tee-vee star.

    Nice work, America.

  103. shirleyamccranie says:

    <<v:r. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bc295a:….,…

  104. Trialdog says:

    You understand there are two viable parties, yes?

  105. KirklesWorth says:

    I’m so glad you pointed out your reverence for Alinsky, it makes it all so much clearer and easier to deal with.

    RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
    RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”
    RULE 9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”
    RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

    Too bad you fail miserably on RULE 11: “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” Alinsky pouts.

  106. NotKennedy says:

    Haha, how thoughtless of me! Thanks for catching that!

  107. KirklesWorth says:

    He/she doesn’t know nor care. Trolls don’t need an understanding of their hysterics, they just need to go around saying “Go f__k yourself, a__hole” like a middle-school bully.

  108. KirklesWorth says:

    Boo friggin’ who. It is what it is so feel free to take up citizenship of another country of your choice with a superior form of government. The founding fathers and subsequent political leaders didn’t promise “perfection”, just a system that tries to be as fair as possible considering human nature. I’d say Trump was a much needed improvement from Romney and McCain. Good job America!

    One of the best presidents we’ve had was “just an actor”.

  109. FrozenPatriot says:

    …said every Whig in 1856…

  110. FrozenPatriot says:

    LOL you think Reagan was one of the best? More government, bigger budgets, unconstitutional laws and EOs, more bureaucracy, and among the worst judicial appointments of any Republican. The man gave Eric Holder his first appointment, for crying out loud…

    Reagan talked smoothly, and the great unwashed masses lapped it up. My, how history repeats…

  111. KirklesWorth says:

    Thanks for your perspective. I guess that pretty much sums up how unrealistic presidential expectations are. The only president more recent that ranked better than Reagan was Bill Clinton- and wasn’t his presidency wonderful?

  112. Carmenzoid says:

    I did not vote in 2012 because the two choices were untenable to me personally. Am I to NOT VOTE again in 2016? Will I ever get to vote again? Staying home failed me in 2012…….

  113. Occam's Stubble says:

    Cruz–who would never have a chance of winning a general election

    On what do you base that assertion?

  114. KirklesWorth says:

    And criticizing me is your example of “intelligent thought”? You can’t even answer “what should we do?”, so feel free to decry “intelligent thought” with no constructive alternative. You’ve always had nothing but your hatred. Plus you are a grammar troll too? So many talents…

  115. KirklesWorth says:

    That article suffers from selective reasoning, as Trump (1) is ahead, and (2) while losing “establishment republicans” and “conservative purists”, he’s picked up voters who support his anti-politically-correct, patriotic, anti-establishment, border-securing positions. Oops, did I just think for myself? I apologize.

    So there’s another response for your lie #1.

    Please cite a single attack I made on conservatives. Lie #2.

    What a laughable statement: “This only confirms these are deliberate actions against Trump as part of the plan to elect Comrade Clinton.” Completely baseless, ill-conceived, disingenuous, hypocritical, and a complete projection as you have no plan to prevent Hillary from being elected.

  116. KirklesWorth says:

    You are one creepy, unhinged troll. But do tell…what would this “meeting” entail and how would it “back up” what is said?

  117. insinuator says:

    If Trump didn’t take out Jeb in the beginning of the primary, Cruz would have not gotten as far as he did. IOWs if Trump hadn’t run, Jeb would be the nominee. Face it, a “constitutional conservative” such as Cruz no longer stands a chance to win a nationwide election in 2016 America. The 50 + year old culture war fought between the progs and the conservatives has all but been won. The conservatives proved time and time again to perennial losers
    The Conservative movement’s heyday was in the !980s through the 1990s. It fizzeled out during Dubya’s presidency … Blount just hasn’t read the memo yet .. or he’s unable to accept that reality.
    From hereon in, the only way to defeat the progs is via right-leaning nationalism –Trump exemplifies that.
    Face it: modern day conservatism has been corrupted, subverted, perverted, but a bunch of RINOs, cucks and Neocons thus it is being rejected by the majority of those that would vote for a Republican that touts his or her “principled conservatism.”
    We’ve allowed the phonies to fool us too many times and we are sick of it. BASTA!
    Bottom line: Cruz will be lucky to win his senate seat reelection.

  118. Occam's Stubble says:

    I voted for Hillary in the Democrat primary in 2008 since McCain was already the GOP nominee.

  119. GWBush is a liberal says:

    And let’s not forget it was Reagan that started the heavy deficit spending. Not to mention he signed Simpson-Mazzoli Act which granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.
    But hey! Reagan is god to most self described “principled conservatives.” That’s why they are called conservatards.

  120. Occam's Stubble says:

    Well, if the choice is between international socialists and national socialists, by all means, let’s vote for the national socialists. It worked out really well for Germany and Italy.

  121. FrozenPatriot says:

    Citing the Washington Post? Wow…

    The only thing worse than ‘murikans Constitutional illiteracy is our collective historical illiteracy… Look into what Coolidge did with the federal budget and headcount. Ever heard of the “Roaring Twenties”? Research the bills vetoed by James Garfield and the reasons he gave. We used to know history, human nature, and the Consitution. Looking back over the last ten presidential terms, it seems our illiteracy and ignorance is coming home to roost… Even congresscritters are complete fools about such things.

  122. insinuator says:

    Try national capitalist.

  123. KirklesWorth says:

    I know, the Washington Post and Reagan is still that high…? I’d bet he would actually be higher if they didn’t skew to the left.

    Not sure what your lesson has to do with election of our president in November, but whatever. My main point is Trump is 66% conservative and Hillary is 100% liberal.

  124. Occam's Stubble says:

    Since when do capitalists think that education and health care are two of the federal government’s top three priorities?

  125. insinuator says:

    “Since when do capitalists think that education and health care are two of the federal government’s top three priorities?”
    Sounds like you’re talking about the Bush’s … or 90% of your typical Republicans.

    Donald Trump’s top priorities are securing the border/immigration, strengthening the military/national security along with taking care of the veterans, and creating jobs/reinvigorating the middle-class.

  126. Tchhht!!! says:

    If memory serves, Hitler/Nazis came to power in 1933 with only 44% of the vote. The other 56% was devided among 11 other parties. Hmm…

  127. Occam's Stubble says:

    The last I checked, 90% of Republicans want ObamaCare repealed but here’s your boy saying that health care is government’s responsibility. Securing the border doesn’t make the list. Neither does veterans care or jobs or the middle class.

  128. insinuator says:

    Nice try stubby but Trump want’s to abolish common core and turn control of education back to the states. As far as health care goes he want’s to abolish Obamacare and let the private sector control the heath care system.
    Didn’t you even watch the vid you provided?
    Moreover, to the voters — both conservative and liberal — health care and education are, an always will be, top issues.
    Again Trump’s top issues are security, immigration and renegotiating trade deals.

  129. FVS says:

    And Castle will get less than 1% of the votes. A vote for Castle is a vote for Clinton. Clinton’s naked lust for power has been on display for over a quarter of a century. Anyone who thinks that if she gains the White House she will be anything but a tyrant that will make Obama pale by comparrison is both an idiot and a fool. Yes a Trump Presidency would be a leap into the unknown. Better that than a leap straight into hell which is what a Clinton Presidency will be.

  130. KirklesWorth says:

    Please don’t say “naked lust” when referring to the Clintons…

  131. TED says:


  132. TeutonicNight4893 says:

    “mentally unstable progressive populist running as a fascist”

    False description of Trump.
    Clearly shows you have failed to do your homework.
    Clearly shows you believe the MSM lies about him.

    This is why there is vicious hatred towards the NeverTrumpers; because you operate on false premises, solidifying lies as your foundation of opinion-forming of the man.

    There wouldn’t be such ‘hatred’ against the NeverTrumpers if they could clearly articulate a legitimate reason why they don’t like him.

    So far all I have heard is, ‘he’s mean’ and ‘he’ll go after terrorist’s families’; neither of which sway me in the least.

    Why don’t you explain why there is such “Vicious Hatred” towards Trump supporters?
    Mental instability and longing for globalization of America?
    Jealous of Trump’s massive success?
    Bet money on the wrong primary horse?
    Extreme case of sour grapes?

    Blount was recently seen amongst the crowd:
    Take a real good look at this article, and tell me who the real fascists are.
    If you point your finger at the Trump supporter, you need your head examined.

  133. TeutonicNight4893 says:
  134. Stephen says:

    Well done David but we don’t need to do a thought experiment — we have the 2000 and 2004 elections.

    If Donald Trump is a liberal, then George W. Bush was a liberal x 2 plus an open borders extremist. Moreover he was running against a candidate who, for all is faults, was not the prospective c*nt in chief.

    Conservatives dutifully lined up behind him, and we have to show for this globalist misadventures in the middle east, millions of muslims immigrants into the US (a policy continued by, not started by Obama), government cooperation with religious groups to fund the resettlement of refugees (invaders), medicare plan b, the national police state and having one’s balls groped as part of the price of an airlines ticket.

    Conservatives never said boo, they voted dutifully in 2000 and again in 2004. Not only did they not say boo, they were quick to bash any Bush critics as folks with “Bush Derangement Syndrome”, even if those BDS’ers weren’t full on #NeverBush.

  135. kerri says:

    Not a Trump fan here ..but if you think they needed Trump to get started you have been watching msnbc too long,
    Crowdstrike, a firm that analyzes threats to network security, revealed that the DNC had called it in to inspect the party’s servers, where it found “two separate Russian intelligence-affiliated adversaries present in the DNC network.” Crowdstrike released a comprehensive report of its findings on June 14, which accompanied a Washington Post article detailing the attacks. One of the hacking groups, Crowdstrike found, had access to the DNC servers for almost a year.

  136. KirklesWorth says:

    Maybe Castle can say “hello” to Ron Paul and Ross Perot when they take their respective seats in the vote-splitting losers club.

  137. Torcer says:

    The problem is that there a quite a few who follow the same tactics.

    They cannot all be under the impression that people can be intimidated into supporting a certain candidate and that it will have the opposite effect.

  138. Torcer says:

    The problem for you is that I can cite your actions in being contrary to your previous comment.

  139. Torcer says:

    One will note that it cannot back up it’s off-topic and irrelevant accusations.

  140. Torcer says:

    That’s also ironic since it loves to point out when someone makes a mistake.

    Also note that it’s well versed in the rules for radials realm.

  141. Torcer says:

    My response is here:
    Since I prefer to eviscerate those who cannot answer a basic question in a more public forum..

  142. KirklesWorth says:

    Yeah, citing is not your problem – your problem is answering questions, including your own posed back at you. Somehow, all of your questions are dire while mine are “irrelevant”. For instance, the simplest of my “irrelevant” question was: “What should we do?”

    Aside from that, we still have these three gems, two of which are your own questions back at you (do they become “irrelevant” when asked back at you?) that you refuse to answer:

    (1) “On a side note, curious spelling of “favour”. as it has a distinct Canadian flavour…are you a U.S. citizen?” Question unanswered.

    (2) “I was good with Trump or Cruz at the time. You?”
    Question unanswered.

    (3) “Please list out the reasons you supported them during that time period.” Question unanswered.

  143. mackykam says:

    But in small doses, what with small hands and such.

  144. KirklesWorth says:

    And I responded to your “evisceration” here:

    So what? Yesterday Trump was ahead – see that red hump on your own graph? Where’s your candidate polling? Must be the blue line because that’s the only one left on the chart. Are you celebrating Trump’s lower polling?

    Time for you to start selling us on your candidate.

  145. Torcer says:

    My response is here:
    Since I prefer to eviscerate those who cannot answer a basic question in a more public forum..

  146. Torcer says:

    My response is here:
    Since I prefer to eviscerate those who cannot answer a basic question in a more public forum..

  147. TeutonicNight4893 says:

    Blount and Obama are on the same page; surprise, surprise.
    F*ing moonbats.

  148. Dr. John Charles says:

    This is the most goofy article I’ve read on a conservative site. Moonbattery has become a Moonbat!! So let’s see, Donald Trump, a highly successful entrepreneurial CEO is, as Blount claims, isn’t a conservative and a bad choice. This “non-Conservative, Non-Republican” Donald J. Trump wants to, replace Obamacare with a free market system, strengthen the military, negotiate balanced trade deals, cut personal and corporate taxes, eliminate government regulations on business, enforce illegal immigration laws, support the veterans, appoint conservative Supreme Court and Federal judges, protect the 2nd amendment, allow religious leaders to speak from the pulpit, vet immigrants from terrorist nations, have NATO members pay their fair share for their defense, and build a wall on the Southern border to stem the flow of heroin into the country. Somehow David Blount thinks Hillary Clinton is what? More Conservative? I don’t think Ronald Reagan was this conservative! (Remember Reagan appointed Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy the swing vote for homosexual marriage as the law of the land!!)

  149. Dr. John Charles says:

    You Moonbat, The NSA hacked Clinton’s campaign. Clinton has ties to Russia through the approval of Russia’s purchase of all of America’s uranium for enormous funding to their “foundation.” (See Clinton Cash for a quick overview). Do your homework and don’t allow yourself to be a useful idiot” as Joseph Stalin liked to call you guys.

  150. Dr. John Charles says:

    We saw how vindictive and petty Cruz is. A Republican nominee for president is not endorsed because Ted is pissed over Hydie!! Are we supposed to be sympathetic of that stance? Hydie versus the national interest?

  151. Dr. John Charles says:

    You idiot. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State approved a deal that gave Russia, through Kazakhstan, control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Shortly after, the Clinton Foundation received $2.35 million in four donations from Russian surrogates and Bill Clinton got another $500 million for a Moscow speech! Look it up, do your homework. These facts make your cartoon ridiculous and only shows what a “useful idiot you are.” By the way, NSA hacked the Clinton campaign, not Russia.

  152. Dr. John Charles says:

    Did Donald Trump really say, “Russia should hack Hillary’s emails?” — NO. He said “if the Russians did hack Hillary’s emails I would like to see them.” Are you sure you’re not with the media? Actually, whoever hacked her emails I too would like to see them, wouldn’t you?

  153. Dr. John Charles says:

    Tax returns? Really, is that it? Same old Romney B.S. Trump released all his financial records and anyone knowing business realizes these are way more indicative of wealth than tax returns. When is Hillary Clinton going to release the donor’s list and financials to her “Foundation.” (which she is obligated to do under law since she was Sectary of State). How about the transcripts to her $500K speeches?

  154. Dr. John Charles says:

    Great points!

  155. Dr. John Charles says:

    Clearly off your meds now! Trump as a NAZI? The Democrats ran a Socialist (Communist lite) candidate that got 60,000,000 votes!! 67% of the Democrats say they could support Socialism!! Yet, you post a picture of Trump as a NAZI. Oh, by the way, when you take your meds, don’t forget to remove your tinfoil hat.

  156. Dr. John Charles says:

    No, staying home didn’t fail you. It only caused the Marxist Barack Obama to get elected to a second term in which he did even greater damage to the country that gave you everything you have and whose freedoms you enjoy. Staying home is “voter malpractice” and not something to tout publicly, when Americans have shed their blood to allow you to vote. In response to that sacred gift, you have some sophomoric temper tantrum and stay home. 8,000,000 Republicans stayed home too that directly allowed Obama to assume a second term. These 8m voters, including you, prove you can be young only once, but immature forever.

  157. Mr Fantastic® says:

    Gawd you’re a whinny little pussy David.

  158. Carmenzoid says:

    So, you can tout publicly but I cannot? Sanctimonious much? I admit staying home was MY mistake in 2012, but my religion (my God given conscience) forbade me from voting for either candidate as both were/ are members of what I believe to be satanic cults. I think those soldiers you blithely mentioned shed blood to protect my freedoms, too. My freedom to not vote or to vote.

  159. 762x51 says:

    WOW! In just two short sentences you have managed to demonstrate that you have zero reading comprehension, zero ability to retain what you do read and zero understanding of what you, your candidate and your Progressive ideology seek to implement and what it would take, in real terms. I’m not certain it can be simplified enough for you to understand but I will break it out here in case others read this.

    Progressive ideology exists in both major political parties and inmost of the fringe parties, i.e., the Green Party. Progressive ideology always entails top down, centralized control, big government. The implementation of that system, whether run by an R or a D requires authoritarian, totalitarian control over the daily lives of each and every subject(look up the difference between citizen and subject), in order to maintain that control. Obedience to the state is required.

    Such a system cannot be instituted against an armed population without the use of force and in that use lies an unknown quantity of violence. Call it rebellion, revolution, civil war, whatever. It all boils down to the largest gunfight ever seen on American soil. That scenario is now inevitable, you Trumpanzee swine have ensured it by blindly following a Progressive, thereby negating ant opportunity to reverse the statism that has been instituted against us thus far.

    A “meeting” would be a microcosm of that conflict, not a fight, kill or be killed combat. See asshole, you are going to have to do this sooner or later, well sooner, so we might as well get started. You cannot implement your ideology without combat. You are either willing to “back up” your words with the necessary force to bring them to fruition, or they are simply meaningless hot air.

    So far, all Trumpanzee are cowards, you will prove to be the same. So either bring me the war you seek to wage or keep your idiotic ideas to yourself. One thing you should know, if you should choose to engage me in combat, you will never be that unhappy again. I am absolutely prepared to close with, engage and destroy the enemies of the United States of America, in close combat.

  160. 762x51 says:

    an advocate or follower of fascism.
    synonyms: authoritarian, totalitarian, autocrat.

    It means EXACTLY what the context of my use of it implies. That you don’t like does not negate that fact. Support of an authoritarian or totalitarian is support of fascism, thereby making that supporter a fascist.

  161. 762x51 says:

    Not true, I meant it sincerely, go fuck yourself, asshole.

  162. FrozenPatriot says:

    …and Trump can say “hello” to Mitt Romney and Juan McStain when he takes his seat in the in the mushy-middle progressive-RINO losers club. I’d rather go down with dignity than sell out principles and still lose.

  163. FrozenPatriot says:

    The destination is the same. More government, less adherance to the Constitution, more corruption, more payola. Only the pace might differ; that is the only unknown. Trump could easily be worse…

  164. 762x51 says:

    What you call hatred, we call target identification.

    Since you’ve never had an intelligent thought, only regurgitation of talking points and nonsensical, irrelevant questions, I don’t see a need to decry intelligent thoughts any time in the near future.

  165. 762x51 says:

    I started pounding it about it’s use of Alinsky tactics and it hasn’t let go of that yet. It just keeps trying to redirect it back on to me. It’s very much like talking to a bot.

  166. Tchhht!!! says:

    Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure. Hell, the author acknowledges that he has no proof. If he is correct, then why did the GOPe allow the Dems to choose their candidate? Could it be that the Wall Street/CoC/GOPe cartel wants Hillary to win?

  167. TED says:

    In a way, YES, I am, the conservative media is where you will find these cartoons “DOC”, WHATS UP! 😎

  168. TED says:


  169. TED says:

    SEIG HEIL ASSHOLE, I’ve answered enough of your BROWNSHIRT bullshit! 😎 F.O.

  170. TED says:

    Ya know, THAT’S what I thought when I read that cartoon also…I DIDN’T write it.

  171. TED says:


  172. TED says:


  173. TED says:


  174. KirklesWorth says:

    Who is siding with progressives here? You.
    Who is doing the threatening here? You.
    Who is the coward here? You.

    Proofs: Progressives don’t want Trump and you don’t want Trump – why would that be? You have called me a “progressive”, that progressives are the enemy, and have stated “I am absolutely prepared to close with, engage and destroy the enemies of the United States of America, in close combat”. You are too afraid to state what is our best choice in November because either (1) you have none; or (2) you know that your candidate doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

    Not a bad essay though…except for your ridiculous “all Trumpanzee [sic] are cowards” hysterics – which is exactly what a progressive-liberal-socialist troll would say.

  175. KirklesWorth says:

    So, your “intelligent thought” for the for the best conservative candidate is…?

    Spare me your childish insults.

  176. 762x51 says:

    I’ve voted in every election throughout my adult life, unlike you who has only recently discovered politics and started out by making the worst mistake in American political history. You aren’t even smart enough to move out of the 8th least free state in the country and you expect us to follow your lead? LOLOLOL.

    You don’t even know what freedom is much less how to attain it. Go play with your Brony’s little boy.

  177. Tom says:

    You ARE delusional, aren’t you?

  178. 762x51 says:

    Delusional? LOLOL, you demonstrated my point. You really AREN’T smart enough to know you live in a shit hole, hahahahaha!!

    He ya go dipshit,

    One thing I do have to correct, Connecicunt isn’t the 8th least free, it’s the 5th, least free, hahahahaha. My mistake. Only KY, WV, CA, NJ and NY are bigger sewers than the one you live in. Fucking hilarious. Enjoy wallowing in your sty, Brony Bitch.

  179. Tom says:

    So you’ve never been to CT, have you? Ever traveled overseas? Ever lived in a foreign country?
    Guess not, huh?
    Go on back to your basement now…

  180. 762x51 says:

    Never been to Conneticunt, no desire to visit that toilet.

    Ummm, overseas, yeah, a few times, lived in a foreign country, well I guess if Iraq and Afghanistan count as foreign countries, then yes, plus some places in Europe and a few others I can’t name here.

    Of course, even those places were nicer than your janitors closet, Brony Bitch. Go play with your dolls,little pussy.

  181. 762x51 says:

    You going to make me “take up citizenship of another country”, you little fascist fuck?

    See, that is the kind of totalitarian bullshit you will need a weapon to bring to fruition. You better know how to use it, because my brothers and I are a nightmare in a gun fight.

    This what you be dealing with, Adolf. Better bring your A game.

  182. KirklesWorth says:

    Progressive lecture: nice.

    Cowards: Anti-Trumpers afraid to do what’s better given the choices.

    Progressives Anti-free-speech “keep your idiotic ideas to yourself”, name-callers “Trumpanzees”, against the republican candidate…you sound way more progressive than I do.

    Your threats: (1) “KirklesWorth is a ‘progressive'”, (2) progressives are the “enemy”, and (3) “I am absolutely prepared to close with, engage and destroy the enemies of the United States of America, in close combat.”

    You talk about a “war” yet you won’t vote for the republican candidate. Spare me your faux machismo.

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