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Mar 05 2012

Theatergoer Sues Because He Doesn’t Like Snack Prices

The nice thing about living in a country run by lawyers is that if anything whatsoever is not to your liking, you can sue:

Joshua Thompson loves the movies.

But he hates the prices theaters charge for concessions like pop and candy.

This week, the 20-something security technician from Livonia decided to do something about it: He filed a class action in Wayne County Circuit Court against his local AMC theater in hopes of forcing theaters statewide to dial down snack prices. …

The suit accused AMC theaters of violating the Michigan Consumer Protection Act by charging grossly excessive prices for snacks.

The suit seeks refunds for customers who were overcharged, a civil penalty against the theater chain and any other relief Judge Kathleen Macdonald might grant.

In an era where people in a position to pay $50,000 per year for law school tuition demand free contraceptives, the idea that anyone should go without concession snacks that they don’t feel like paying for would be laughed out of court. However, experts say the suit won’t go anywhere because the theater industry is already micromanaged by government bureaucrats.

Joshua Thompson may not come up a winner at jackpot justice roulette, but he needn’t worry about those greedy theaters; the noose of regulation will keep getting tighter. Popcorn and soda will inevitably be banned, but there will surely be price controls on approved snacks like asparagus tips and broccoli, provided the theaters can get ahold of any after the agricultural sector is nationalized.

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20 Responses to “Theatergoer Sues Because He Doesn’t Like Snack Prices”

  1. Sam Adams says:

    Hollywood is solving the problem at hand. Year after year, there are fewer movies worth spending your hard earned money on.

    If theater prices are too high, you can always wait six months and pop your own popcorn (as long as that is still allowed).

  2. big-pete says:

    Have you SEEN what they are charging for a box of Goobers? They should be brought up on criminal changes.

  3. big-pete says:

    *correction: charges

  4. A Veugle says:

    They have to charge that price for the box of Goobers because of the percentage that the studios take from the tickets. Snacks are virtually the only way the theatres can make money.

  5. JamesJ says:

    Too many people take the slogan “Land of the free” a bit too litteral.

  6. Sam Adams says:

    For most first run movies, the entire ticket price (and sometimes more) goes to the studio. The only profit that the theater will see is from the concession stand.

    Big Pete….if you don’t like the prices they are charging, then take your business elsewhere.

  7. big-pete says:

    Sam Adams says: Big Pete….if you don’t like the prices they are charging, then take your business elsewhere.

    Sam A, my comment was meant to be tongue and cheek which is sometimes lost in this medium. Anyway, I rarely go to the movies and I agree, if you don’t like something then don’t patronize it.

  8. I’d complain about the ticket prices. Everyone should know that a movie theater vastly overcharges for food and that is where they make all their money. That’s why I used to sneak all my food in 🙂 I’ve been to the movie theater 2-3 times in the last 5 years . . . I see no reason to pay that much money to watch something!!!

  9. TED says:

    In Florida, a man was arrested after he dropped his gun during an attempted robbery and returned to the scene to try buying it back from the victims. Now THERE’S an “Obama 2012” metaphor.

  10. RKae says:

    As so many people have posted here, the cinema is now a candy shop that just happens to show movies on the side.

    Amazing how the movie biz is so greedy when – gosh!- it’s run entirely by liberals.

  11. MWR says:

    Clearly this man has not stumbled on the solution picked by thousands of moviegoers nationwide for years:
    go to Wal-Mart before you go to the theater, stock up on your snack of choice, and wear a coat with big pockets. Or, if you’re a woman, stuff it in your purse.

    Or do what most people have started doing in the last five years or so: don’t go to the movies.

  12. Sam Adams says:

    Amazing how the movie biz is so greedy when – gosh!- it’s run entirely by liberals.

    Michael Moore comes to mind….making money through free market capitalism while throwing rocks at the free market. He is detestable, like most in Hollywood.

  13. Jeff says:

    -MWR, There is also a third option. DON’T BUY! Again the entitlement mentality is showing its self again. Where is is written that you have to snack while watching a movie? On those rare times when I do go to the movie theater, I eat first or wait till later to eat. I see no reason to waste my money on the overpriced items they serve.
    -Sam Adams. Sir you are correct in your observations about the quality of movies. The same can be said for TV as well. 95% of what is on TV (especially network) is NOT worth wasting my time and life watching. I miss the bad old days, when it was safe for children to watch. No swearing, sex or gore and the good guys came out on top in the end.

  14. Joe says:

    I think theaters in his area should all post his picture, and not let him buy a ticket. You want to see a movie, kid? Do it somewhere else.

  15. octa bright says:

    The price of movie snacks have been insane for decades. However, since they are hardly a necessity I tend to believe that the market should set the price. If you don’t like the price just wait a few months and get a copy of it on dvd which will almost certainly be less than two adult tickets and MUCH less than the overpriced swill which they serve at the refreshment counter. Remember, YOU are in control if you wish to be. You pick what you buy if anything. If the customers refuse to buy they will change or go bankrupt. Thei belief of a captive market is an illusion.

  16. FrankW says:

    If he don’t like the cost of snacks, don’t buy em. If he wants to vote with his wallet, wait until the movie is out on DVD and OnDemand or Netflix it or buy it and he can serve whatever tofu-toe cheese sandwiches he wants.
    There is no constitutional right to see a movie (I think the founders wanted to put that in right after the right to free rubbers).

  17. HeftyJo says:

    I think for the price of the popcorn it should be hand feed to you by nubiles in tiny corsets while strumming on harps. Well….quietly strumming on harps, “SHHH!! I CAN’T HEAR THE MOVIE!”

  18. Lazlo says:

    I’m torn. I despise lawyers, but at the same time the thought of Hollyweird going under brings me great joy. Just imagine no talent hacks such as Richard Geer being forced to pick melons and dig ditches to pay for their weekend gerbilings.

  19. Grunt says:

    Shoot…if he thinks the Movie Theatres are spendy, he should try paying the prices truckers have to pay. Five bucks for n eight ounce jar of peanut butter, two and three ninety nine for a quart of milk, half-dozen eggs for two bucks, minimum. Two fifty and three bucks for a loaf of cheap white bread.

    I understand convenience, but that’s ridiculous. Most truckers (Guys who aren’t leasing their rigs) don’t have a fridge, have no electricity, little room, no running water, and heck, even a shower costs money if you don’t get gas (and you have to get a certain amount)–plus you’re very likely to wind up with athlete’s foot even if you wear shower shoes because eighty percent of the time they don’t actually wash the bathrooms down like they should every day.

  20. She should sue the Hollywood actors and actresses for demanding such large paychecks for making movies that drive up the cost of concessions. You’d think these uber liberals would share the wealth with the movie going public.

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