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Aug 29 2018

Theresa May Endorses Race-Based Land Redistribution in South Africa

In Africa, history continues to repeat itself in all of its pointless horror. Britain betrayed Rhodesia; it does the same to Afrikaners. Theresa May has placed the UK stamp of approval on race-based land redistribution in South Africa:

The UK supports President Cyril Ramaphosa’s approach to land reform and believes it could potentially unlock further investment opportunities in Africa.

What passes for “land reform” in South Africa has already been described. It entails seizing land productively farmed by whites so that it can lay fallow or be used for subsistence farming by blacks.

Theresa May pledged to become the G7’s biggest investor in Africa by 2022, using the UK’s development budget to not only relieve poverty, but to create a sustainable investment environment for British businesses.

By promising to “invest,” she is giving a green light to Ramaphosa to continue with his plans to seize white property without compensation. No need to worry about the starvation that will inevitably result, just as it did when the Breadbasket of Africa was forced to become the starving basket case Zimbabwe. British taxpayers will back up the ANC goons with “investment” — a.k.a. handouts.

May squawks that land reform is wonderful so long as it is “legal” and “generated through a democratic process.” If two people cook a third person and eat him, that is fine with May so long as they vote on it first.

South Africa serves as a reminder that democracy is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end, namely ordered liberty. It only serves that end in certain countries, and South Africa is not one of them.

May pledged investments of £4bn in African economies, particularly to create jobs for young people.

Get to work, Britons. You are going to have some massive taxes to pay. The financial sinkhole of Caucasian-free South Africa is only just beginning to open. Don’t worry, American taxpayers will help out too.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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