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May 04 2018

Third World Invasion Out of Control: African Mob Overwhelms German Police

It reads like a hyperbolic prediction of the future, or maybe a sequel to The Camp of the Saints. But this is already the situation in Ellwangen, Germany as the Third World invasion spirals out of control:

Police apprehended a 23-year-old man from Togo who was set to be sent back to Italy, his point of arrival in the EU. They were forced to retreat after coming under attack from 150-200 African migrants who eventually managed to free the deportee.

Police returned to the Ellwangen centre with hundreds of officers on Thursday and managed to apprehend the 23-year-old.

That is, German authorities were temporarily defeated on their own soil by a mob of Africans. What German could possibly find this acceptable?

No worries, bureauweenies will fix the problem:

In a bid to speed up the often drawn-out process, the government of Angela Merkel is planning to set up so-called anchor refugee centres that will house new arrivals. If their asylum bid fails, they would be deported directly from the anchor centre.

Here’s a vastly better idea: Don’t let them into the country in the first place.

More than 1.3 million migrants – mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and sub-Saharan Africa – have arrived in Germany since 2015, sparking significant social and political upheaval.

Isn’t that enough yet? Like the rest of Europe, Germany needs to hang out a giant NO VACANCY sign. Then it can begin to address the massive problem of the welfare colonists who are already there — as well as the explosively numerous offspring they are likely to produce.

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