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Apr 04 2019

Thomas Jefferson Subjected to Hate at Hofstra University

Thomas Jefferson personifies what the term liberal used to mean. Then progressives commandeered the word and twisted it to mean its opposite. Consequently, Jefferson now personifies what “liberals” want to marginalize, demonize, and eradicate:

Students at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York, demanded [last] Friday that the school remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson, arguing that it is not possible for the university to have the statue on campus while also being an institution that “prides itself on diversity and inclusion.”

“Diversity and inclusion” require a homogeneously far left environment that excludes anyone an ultraleftist would not admire — including the greatest men in history like America’s Founding Fathers.

Hofstra University students held their second annual “Jefferson Has Gotta Go!” protest of a Thomas Jefferson statue on campus…

“Jefferson Has Gotta Go” recalls the famous Stanford University “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go” associated with Jesse Jackson. The objective is the same: to eradicate Western Civilization. That is now the purpose of higher education, the entire institution having fallen under the near total dominance of the malevolent left.

For 200 years, Jefferson was known as the author of the Declaration of Independence. Now, young people have been trained to know him as a racist, a sexual predator, and worst of all, a Dead White Male. If the cultural vandals who call themselves “liberals” prevail, he will join George Washington down the Memory Hole.

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