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Aug 24 2017

Thomas Jefferson Targeted at University He Founded

Mr. Magoo could have seen this coming. The elimination of Confederate memorials isn’t even complete and already liberals are coming after the Founding Fathers.

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and one of the three greatest men in American history (along with two other Virginia slaveowners, George Washington and James Madison), founded the University of Virginia. Militant students at that school have issued a list of demands that include the official demonization of Jefferson.

The Minority Rights Coalition (MRC) at UVA, a coalition of minority student groups, hosted the “March to Reclaim Our Grounds” on August 21 to “send a message to the university that we demand more from them [sic] in these times.”

Taking that vow literally, the MRC members delivered a ten-point list of demands during the rally articulating the steps they believe UVA must take to “reclaim” the campus…

One demand is that plaques acknowledging University of Virginia students and alumni who died in the Civil War be removed. For leftists, it is not enough that an enemy was defeated going on 2 centuries ago. Each soldier’s personal sacrifice must be forgotten. No wonder they hate Christianity; progressives are devoid of grace.

Another item on the list, conversely, asserts that the statue of Jefferson on UVA’s campus “serves as an emblem of white supremacy, and should be re-contextualized with a plaque to include that history”…

That is, a plaque to denounce Jefferson as a white racist, which is currently regarded by the establishment as the worst thing imaginable. Before a thought criminal is erased, he must be discredited.

In addition, the MRC ultimatum asserts that “all students, regardless of area of study, should have required education on white supremacy, colonization, and slavery as they directly relate to Thomas Jefferson, the University, and the city of Charlottesville,” complaining that the existing curriculum only mandates such classes for students in the College of Arts and Sciences, and even then allows them “to focus in on aspects of difference of their choice.”

Future generations will take no pride in living in a country founded by men as great as Thomas Jefferson. Cut off from their own history and heritage, they will have no basis for pride.

Everything sacred is profane to leftists, just as everything profane is sacred.

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26 Responses to “Thomas Jefferson Targeted at University He Founded”

  1. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    MRC obviously stands for “Mostly Retarded Clowns”.
    Obviously, these clowns have never read anything about the people they now despise. All they know is that they owned slaves, so anything else they may have done is without merit and must be destroyed.

  2. ThatsWhatSheSaid says:

    A historian said that in the state of Virginia, Jefferson wasn’t even allowed to free his slaves. It was against the law to just turn them loose.

  3. Pat Gibson says:

    These aren’t your grounds, haters, but owned by someone else, and I’m guessing it’s not you. Students live/study there with the owner’s permission.

  4. Torcer says:

    Priorities! Bill de Blasio helps show how statue debate is ‘getting ridiculous’ via @twitchyteam

    Petition Unleashed To Replace Confederate Monument With “Louisiana’s Hero” Britney Spears

  5. BiffWellington says:

    If it offends you so much, how about you just enroll in another school?

  6. Jefferson says:

    Public university. Heavilly funded with both state and federal money. Much, much more than the students pay in tution. Plus, a chunk of that tuition is payed with federally funded grants and subsidized loans. If you are trying to argue that this is private matter only, you fail.

  7. Thomas Jefferson says:

    I guess they can say anything they want about me now that I have been DEAD for almost 200 years.. only if God would let me go back for 24 Hrs……

  8. James McEnanly says:

    The law had changed in 1806 and again in 1815 and 1819,between George Washington’s death on 1799 and Thomas Jefferson’s in 1826. Howard Bodenhorn, working for the National Bureau of Economic research details this in his paper,”MANUMISSION IN NINETEENTH CENTURY VIRGINIA”, Working Paper 15704. You can read it here. It is not written in the Marxist intellobabble that we have come to expect.

  9. TrojanMan says:

    They do this and will continue to do this because we allow it.

    Kyle Reese describes modern liberals….

  10. Spiny Norman says:

    Grant’s Tomb will be next. Bet on it.

    (Although I doubt most SJWs could guess who’s in Grant’s Tomb.)

  11. Spiny Norman says:

    Then no one would pay attention to them at all.

  12. JackisBack says:

    Here is an idea. Black racists go f themselves and transfer to a HBU where they can worship Robert Mugabe and other white killers.

  13. Torcer says:

    No worries, the Socialist Justice Warriors will figure out some reason to be offended by it.

  14. Pat Gibson says:

    Well then, if it (campus decor) bothers them THAT much, well, hell, tear it down. I can think of better things to do than arguing campus statuary with amyone.

  15. Spiny Norman says:

    Oh, that’s easy!

    Grant once owned a slave, a man named William Jones (he was a gift from Julia’s father). But he lived in the same (small) house as the Grants, and was treated as family. Grant worked the field alongside him, much to the horror of their Missouri neighbors. When the farm failed, Grant could have sold the man for a tidy sum, one that would have paid off his debts. Grant did not do so; he granted Jones his freedom.

  16. Jodie says:

    They’re just paving the way for a bunch of statues of the likes of Obama, Oprah, Ellen, Nancy PILLosi, and Nelson Mandela.

    Like this one of Obama as a child:

  17. Mike_W20 says:

    The real objective is your constitution.
    When they can tear down Washington and Jefferson and your founding fathers, then your constitution will lack legitimacy, and they can tear it up.

  18. Charisselcope says:

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  19. JackisBack says:

    Here in NJ, Leftist Harvey Kesselman, President of Richard Stockton University (the one who signed the Declaration of Independence) had his bust removed “temporarily” until such times as the Social Justice Department can create a place of hate to display the bust with a sign demonizing him as a slave owner.

  20. bobdog19006 says:

    Gosh, I hope we don’t get into a real shooting war any time soon.

    There won’t be anything left worth fighting for.

  21. Chi Huavara says:

    Since they don’t teach anything even remotely resembling genuine history in “higher education,” here’s your contextualization:

    The Founders, Jefferson Cheif among them, sought to abolish slavery at the Founding and viewed slavery as an abomination. However, the masses in America did not share this enlightened view, and in order to maintain a union and prevent a fracturing of the 13 colonies into separate unsustainable nation states, a passage in the Declaration of Independence authored by Jefferson which was deleted from the document, because it was seen as angering slave owners.

    Thus Jefferson was one of the early founders of the abolitionist movement, and routinely pushed legislation meant to eliminate slavery throughout his career.

    Jefferson himself owned slaves. He inherited 200 slaves when he was 14 years old. Under Virginia law, it was prohibited to free inherited slaves. Virginia also had a law, that prohibited Jefferson from freeing his slaves upon his death as Washington did; it was prohibited to free slaves when you were in debt as Jefferson was.

    Despite government regulations forcing Jefferson to own slaves, he treated them with compassion and supplied them with accomodations (clothing, food, shelter) that far exceeded what other contemprary slave owners provided, and he gave his slaves monetary incentives rather than whip lashings; which is one of the reasons that is why he remained in debt to the end of his days.

    There you go, you uneducated Antifa morons.

  22. 127guy says:

    Think of how messed up it is at William & Mary. Should they rename as William & William or Mary & Mary? I like Ze & Ze (or is if Zed & Zed?) but open to suggestions…

  23. Torcer says:

    That’s interesting – I didn’t know about that.
    But you are eminently correct – they will find that little factoid and hammer it until the cows come home [Then PETA will get upset]

    Meanwhile, you can swing a terrorist in Wast Virginia without hitting something named after Robert -KKK-Bird.

    Why doesn’t the national socialist left (they hate that label BTW) ever have to answer to that or Margret Sanger or for George Bernard Shaw:

  24. ElizabethRMitchell says:


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