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Aug 19 2011

$Thousands Wasted So That Bitter Half Could Have a Couple Hours More Vacation

Even as the USA lurches toward bankruptcy as a result of excessive government spending, those who have destroyed our future continue to waste our money with astonishing insolence:

Michelle Obama and President Obama traveled to Martha’s Vineyard just hours apart, costing taxpayers thousands in additional expenses so she could have just a bit of extra vacation time.

Maybe the Bitter Half thinks she’s not getting enough vacation time from her self-appointed job of heckling Americans about our dietary habits. She has taken 42 days over the past year.

Mrs. Obama and her daughters arrived just before 2 pm Thursday on a U.S. government jet, according to the Martha’s Vineyard Times, which got its information from the local airport. The first lady’s office has been silent on her travel. President Obama arrived in the evening along with the family dog Bo.

The extra costs related to Mrs. Obama’s solo trip mainly include the flight on a specially designed military aircraft she took instead of Air Force One, as well as any extra staff and Secret Service that had to be enlisted to go with her. She would also have had her own motorcade from the airport to her vacation residence.

It isn’t an isolated incident:

Last December, she racked up what was likely more than $100,000 in expenses leaving early for their Hawaii vacation.

Meanwhile, B. Hussein relentlessly demonizes private citizens who fly by jet as part of the corrosive class warfare rhetoric he uses to tear the country apart.

Considering that Obama’s election was a clot of saliva hawked up from deep in the phlegmy throat of the liberal establishment and spat squarely in America’s face, he and Michelle Antoinette are behaving exactly as you would expect.

Too bad she can’t buy any class with all the tax loot she’s spending.

On tips from the MaryHunter and Matt S.

57 Responses to “$Thousands Wasted So That Bitter Half Could Have a Couple Hours More Vacation”

  1. AC says:

    Notice the real class standing at attention on either side of her, despite her disrespectful and undignified attitude.

    Some people have what it takes to do their duty with dignity and honor in a world gone mad. Too bad that excludes most of our politicians.

    She’s so classless that I doubt she noticed the contrast.

  2. Proud Kuffar says:

    Moobama is the most embarrassing first lady to inhabit the White House. She is ugly inside and out.

  3. whotothewhat says:

    Destroying a country that has been around for 229 years is not easy. The Obumers need to take a break now and then. Remember Rome was not destroyed in a Day.

  4. Joe says:


  5. Wyatt's Torch says:

    OK, first of all…just for the record…in the grand scheme of things, this kind of money makes no difference.

    That said…

    Scenario 1: They know Barack’s chances are nil, so they’re milking this for all it’s worth. Watch the WH silverware like a hawk.

    Scenario 2: They really don’t get it that appearances matter or that people see this and start getting angry.

    Scenario 3: Her Highness doesn’t give a shit, figures most tax money comes from the much-hated whitey, so “Screw you, baby…I’monna have me a GOOD time!”

    Scenario 4: They’re planning a coup, so why worry what the peasants think.

    They’ve muzzled her ever since the middle of the ’08 campaign, but she still shows her true colors. (Wanna bet for the 2012 campaign, you’ll hear less from her than you wouldv’e from Marcel Marceau?)

    No matter. Stuff like this is now getting traction.

  6. The MaryHunter says:

    Wyatt, very well stated. Re your Scenario 2: “They really don’t get it that appearances matter or that people see this and start getting angry”

    Hah, you see, they actually DO think that appearances matter, viz., their own APPEARANCE as the first black presidential family. They still probably believe that they’ll gain the white guilt vote in 2012. Plus, those in the ‘hood who love ripping off the powerful see what they’re doing to the US Gov’t and are probably cheering them on.

  7. blue says:

    everyone knows that M’Chel exceeds the weight limit of Air Force 1 ……

  8. your ant problem says:

    You just know that The One and The First Cow are walking around in the WH with their fingers in their ears, going on very much like this:

    “La, la, la, America, we’re not listening to you, la, la, la, we have too much progressiveness to inflict on American’t, la, la, la….”

  9. Kevin says:

    What a classless, self-centered (slang term for female dog). And no, I don’t say that lightly; she truly fits the description.

    And it looks to be a chilly day on the island…

  10. Kevin says:

    Actually, it’s NOT a slang term. Just remembered female dogs are called “bitches.” Oopsie!

  11. Wyatt's Torch says:

    Thanks Mary.

    I truly don’t get them. No, I don’t think Obama is stupid or “out of his depth”. I think he’s determined to crash the system and replace it with socialism.

    What I don’t get is THIS stuff. They’re so devious and careful otherwise, vis a vis Obama’s almost PAINFUL speaking style where he attempts (when scripted) to say yes/no/black/white/up/down all at the same time. Offend no one!

    Then, in the middle of telling everybody how much we must sacrifice and how “jobs are priority #1”, he does a vacation like this.

    I guess no matter how much you live a lie, the truth will out.

    2012. Time to start planning that Presidential Library a little earlier than expected.

  12. ThatDorkEricDraven says:

    2012. Time to start planning that Presidential Library a little earlier than expected.

    Planning’s done!

    It will contain only one book.

  13. AC says:

    It will contain only one book.

    He wrote three, and then there’s everything by Marx, Lenin, and Alinsky.

    Perhaps they could save money by locating the Obama presidential library in Detroit, where only one ceremonial copy of each book would be needed.

  14. angryK9 says:

    The first Wookie strikes again

  15. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    Well at least the first wookie hasn’t killed anyone like Laura Bush did.

  16. Jodie says:

    Of course the Obama library will need many copies of the Koran.

  17. FrankW says:

    I think Moochelle and the kids should be flown to their vacation the same way the 101st Airborne get to their job site. Static line drop. Think of the bennies here. Kids get the thrill of parachuting, no money spent protecting plane while on ground in the Vinyaaaard, and Moo gets a snow cone for jumps. At the rate the Bammys vacate Moo could have jump-master status in about 2 years. For overseas trips with out the kids she could HALO (not the videogame Earache) from 40k feet.

  18. chuck in st paul says:

    Dookiestain Laflair says: – August 19, 2011 at 11:38 am

    How do you know??

  19. jtm371 says:

    that Hildabeast Negro is going to get her’s and then makes my stomach turn all i can hope for is that karma will kick her double ax handle ass when it comes did it so it could have a double cheeseburger before the halfbreed shows up.

  20. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    How do I know Laura Bush killed someone? Because it is a known fact.

  21. Hey hypocrite says:

    How about the Clinton body count?

    “Here is the latest body count that we have. All of these people have been connected with the Clintons in some form or another. We have not included any deaths that could not be verified or connected to the Clinton scandals. All deaths are listed chronologically by date. This list is current and accurate to the best of our knowledge as of January 13, 1999 August 1, 2000.

    Susan Coleman: Rumors were circulating in Arkansas of an affair with Bill Clinton. She was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head at 7 1/2 months pregnant. Death was an apparent suicide.

    Larry Guerrin: Was killed in February 1987 while investigating the INSLAW case.

    Kevin Ives & Don Henry: Initial cause of death was reported to be the result of falling asleep on a railroad track in Arkansas on August 23, 1987. This ruling was reported by the State medical examiner Fahmy Malak. Later it was determined that Kevin died from a crushed skull prior to being placed on the tracks. Don had been stabbed in the back. Rumors indicate that they might have stumbled upon a Mena drug operation.

    Keith Coney: Keith had information on the Ives/Henry deaths. Died in a motorcycle accident in July 1988 with unconfirmed reports of a high speed car chase.

    Keith McKaskle: McKaskle has information on the Ives/Henry deaths. He was stabbed to death in November 1988.

    Gregory Collins: Greg had information on the Ives/Henry deaths. He died from a gunshot wound to the face in January 1989.

    Jeff Rhodes: He had information on the deaths of Ives, Henry & McKaskle. His burned body was found in a trash dump in April 1989. He died of a gunshot wound to the head and there was some body mutilation, leading to the probably speculation that he was tortured prior to being killed.

    James Milam: Milam had information on the Ives & Henry deaths. He was decapitated. The state Medical examiner, Fahmy Malak, initially ruled death due to natural causes.

    Richard Winters: Winters was a suspect in the deaths of Ives & Henry. He was killed in a “robbery” in July 1989 which was subsequently proven to be a setup.

    Jordan Kettleson: Kettleson had information on the Ives & Henry deaths. He was found shot to death in the front seat of his pickup in June 1990.

    Alan Standorf: An employee of the National Security Agency in electronic intelligence. Standorf was a source of information for Danny Casalaro who was investigating INSLAW, BCCI, etc. Standorf’s body was found in the backseat of a car at Washington National Airport on Jan 31, 1991.

    Dennis Eisman: An attorney with information on INSLAW. Eisman was found shot to death on April 5, 1991.

    Danny Casalaro: Danny was a free-lance reporter and writer who was investigating the “October Surprise”, INSLAW and BCCI. Danny was found dead in a bathtub in a Sheraton Hotel room in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Danny was staying at the hotel while keeping appointments in the DC area pertinent to his investigation. He was found with his wrists slashed. At least one, and possibly both of his wrists were cut 10 times. All of his research materials were missing and have never been recovered.

    Victor Raiser: The National Finance Co-Chair for “Clinton for President.” He died in a airplane crash on July 30, 1992.

    R. Montgomery Raiser: Also involved in the Clinton presidential campaign. He died in the same plane crash as Victor.

    Paul Tully: Tulley was on the Democratic National Committee. He was found dead of unknown causes in his hotel room on September 24, 1992. No autopsy was ever allowed.

    Ian Spiro: Spiro had supporting documentation for grand jury proceedings on the INSLAW case. His wife and 3 children were found murdered on November 1, 1992 in their home. They all died of gunshot wounds to the head. Ian’s body was found several days later in a parked car in the Borego Desert. Cause of death? The ingestion of cyanide. FBI report indicated that Ian had murdered his family and then committed suicide.

    Paula Gober: A Clinton speech writer. She died in a car accident on December 9, 1992 with no known witnesses.

    Jim Wilhite: Wilhite was an associate of Mack McClarty’s former firm. Wilhite died in a skiing accident on December 21, 1992. He also had extensive ties to Clinton with whom he visited by telephone just hours before his death.

    Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Todd McKeahan & Conway LeBleu: Died Feburary 28, 1993 by gunfire at Waco. All four were examined by a pathologist and died from identical wounds to the left temple. All four had been body guards for Bill Clinton, three while campaigning for President and when he was Governor of Arkansas.They also were the ONLY 4 BATF agents killed at Waco.

    Sgt. Brian Haney, Sgt. Tim Sabel, Maj. William Barkley, Capt. Scott Reynolds: Died: May 19, 1993 – All four men died when their helicopter crashed in the woods near Quantico, Va. – Reporters were barred from the site, and the head of the fire department responding to the crash described it by saying, “Security was tight,” with “lots of Marines with guns.” A videotape made by a firefighter was seized by the Marines. All four men had escorted Clinton on his flight to the carrier Roosevelt shortly before their deaths.

    John Crawford: An attorney with information on INSLAW. He died from a heart attack in Tacoma in April of 1993.

    John Wilson: Found dead from an apparent hanging suicide on May 18, 1993. He was a former Washington DC council member and claimed to have info on Whitewater.

    Paul Wilcher: A lawyer who was investigating drug running out of Mena, Arkansas and who also sought to expose the “October Surprise”, BCCI and INSLAW. He was found in his Washington DC apartment dead of unknown causes on June 22, 1993.

    Vincent Foster: A White House deputy counsel and long-time personal friend of Bill and Hillary’s. Found on July 20, 1993, dead of a gunshot wound to the mouth — a death ruled suicide. Many different theories on this case! Readers are encouraged to read our report in Strange Deaths.

    Jon Parnell Walker: An investigator for the RTC who was looking into the linkage between the Whitewater and Madison S&L bankruptcy. Walker “fell” from the top of the Lincoln Towers Building.

    Stanley Heard & Steven Dickson: They were members of the Clinton health care advisory committee. They died in a plane crash on September 10, 1993.

    Jerry Luther Parks: Parks was the Chief of Security for Clinton’s national campaign headquarters in Little Rock. Gunned down in his car on September 26, 1993 near the intersection of Chenal Parkway and Highway 10 west of Little Rock. Parks was shot through the rear window of his car. The assailant then pulled around to the driver’s side of Park’s car and shot him three more times with a 9mm pistol. His family reported that shortly before his death, they were being followed by unknown persons, and their home had been broken into (despite a top quality alarm system). Parks had been compiling a dossier on Clinton’s illicit activities. The dossier was stolen.

    Ed Willey: A Clinton fundraiser. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on November 30, 1993. His death came the same day his wife, Kathleen, was sexually assaulted in the White House by Bill Clinton.

    Gandy Baugh: Baugh was Lasater’s attorney and committed suicide on January 8, 1994. Baugh’s partner committed suicide exactly one month later on February 8, 1994.

    Herschell Friday: A member of the presidential campaign finance committee. He died in an airplane explosion on March 1, 1994.

    Ronald Rogers: Rogers died on March 3, 1994 just prior to releasing sensitive information to a London newspaper. Cause of death? Undetermined.

    Kathy Furguson: A 38 year old hospital worker whose ex-husband is a co- defendant in the Paula Jones sexual harassment law suit. She had information supporting Paula Jone’s allegations. She died of an apparent suicide on May 11, 1994 from a gunshot wound to the head.

    Bill Shelton: Shelton was an Arkansas police officer and was found dead as an apparent suicide on kathy Ferguson’s grave (Kathy was his girl friend), on June 12, 1994. This “suicide” was the result of a gunshot wound to the back of the head.

    Stanley Huggins: Huggins, 46, was a principal in a Memphis law firm which headed a 1987 investigation into the loan practices of Madison Guaranty S&L. Stanley died in Delaware in July 1994 — reported cause of death was viral pneumonia.

    Paul Olson: A Federal witness in investigations to drug money corruption in Chicago politics, Paul had just finished 2 days of FBI interviews when his plane ride home crashed, killing Paul and 130 others on Sept 8 1994. The Sept. 15, 1994 Tempe Tribune newspaper reported that the FBI suspected that a bomb had brought down the airplane.

    Calvin Walraven: 24 year on Walraven was a key witness against Jocelyn Elder’s son’s drug case. Walraven was found dead in his apartment with a gunshot wound to the head. Tim Hover, a Little Rock police spokesman says no foul play is suspected.

    Alan G. Whicher: Oversaw Clinton’s Secret Service detail. In October 1994 Whicher was transferred to the Secret Service field office in the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Whatever warning was given to the BATF agents in that building did not reach Alan Whicher, who died in the bomb blast of April 19th 1995.

    Duane Garrett: Died July 26, 1995-A lawyer and a talk show host for KGO-AM in San Fransisco, Duane was the campaign finance chairman for Diane Fienstien’s run for the senate, and was a friend and fundraiser for Al Gore. Garrett was under investigation for defrauding investors in Garrett’s failed sports memorabilia venture. There was talk of a deal to evade prosecution. On July 26th, Garrett canceled an afternoon meeting with his lawyer because he had to meet some people at the San Fransisco airport. Three hours later he was found floating in the bay under the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Ron Brown:. The Commerce Secretary died on April 3, 1996, in an Air Force jet carrying Brown and 34 others, including 14 business executives on a trade mission to Croatia, crashed into a mountainside. The Air Force, in a 22-volume report issued in June of 1996, confirmed its initial judgment that the crash resulted from pilot errors and faulty navigation equipment At the time of Brown’s death, Independent Counsel Daniel Pearson was seeking to determine whether Brown had engaged in several sham financial transactions with longtime business partner Nolanda Hill shortly before he became secretary of commerce.

    Charles Meissner: died: UNK – Following Ron Brown’s death, John Huang was placed on a Commerce Department contract that allowed him to retain his security clearance
    by Charles Meissner. Shortly thereafter, Meissner died in the crash of a small plane. He was an Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Economic Policy.

    William Colby: Retired CIA director was found dead on May 6,1996 after his wife reported him missing on April 27,1996. Apparently, Colby decided to go on a impromptu canoeing excursion and never returned. Colby who had just started writing for Strategic Investment newsletter, worried many in the intelligent community. Colby’s past history of divulging CIA secrets in the past were well known. Strategic Investor had covered the Vince Foster suicide and had hired handwriting experts to review Foster’s suicide note.

    Admiral Jeremy Boorda: Died on May 16,1996 after he went home for lunch and decided to shoot himself in the chest (by one report, twice) rather than be interviewed by Newsweek magazine that afternoon. Explanations for Boorda’s suicide focused on a claim that he was embarrassed over two “Valor” pins he was not authorized to wear.

    Lance Herndon: Herndon a 41 year old computer specialist and a prominent entrepreneur who received a presidential appointment in 1995 died August 10, 1996 under suspicious circumstances. He appeared to have died from a blow to the head. Police said no weapons were found at his mansion, adding that Mr. Herndon had not been shot or stabbed and there was no evidence of forced entry or theft.

    Neil Moody: Died -August 25, 1996 Following Vincent Foster’s murder, Lisa Foster married James Moody, a judge in Arkansas, on Jan 1, 1996. Near the time Susan McDougal first went to jail for contempt, Judge Moor’s son, Neil died in a car crash. There were other reports that Neil Moody had discovered something very unsettling among his stepmother’s private papers and was threatening to go public with it just prior to the beginning of the Democratic National Convention. He was alleged to have been talking to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post about a blockbuster story. Witnesses said they saw Neil Moody sitting in his car arguing with another person just prior to His car suddenly speeding off out of control and hitting a brick wall.

    Barbara Wise: Wise a 14-year Commerce Department employee found dead and partially naked in her office following a long weekend. She worked in the same section as John Huang. Officially, she is said to have died of natural causes.

    Doug Adams: Died January 7, 1997- A lawyer in Arkansas who got involved trying to help the people who were being swindled out of their life savings. Adams was found in his vehicle with a gunshot wound to his head in a Springfield Mo. hospital parking lot.

    Mary C. Mahoney: 25, murdered at the Georgetown Starbuck’s coffee bar over the 4th of July ’97 weekend. She was a former White House intern who worked with John Huang. Apparently she knew Monica Lewinsky and her sexual encounters with Bill Clinton. Although not verified, it has been said that Lewinsky told Linda Tripp that she did not want to end up like Mahoney.

    Ronald Miller: Suddenly took ill on October 3rd,1997 and steadily worsened until his death 9 days later. (This pattern fits Ricin poisoning.) Owing to the strangeness of the illness, doctors at the Integris Baptist Medical Center referred the matter to the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office. The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office promptly ran tests on samples of Ron Miller’s blood, but has refused to release the results or even to confirm that the tests were ever completed.

    Had been investigated by authorities over the sale of his company, Gage Corp. to Dynamic Energy Resources, Inc. was the man who tape recorded Gene and Nora Lum and turned those tapes (and other records) over to congressional oversight investigators. The Lums were sentenced to prison for campaign finance violations, using “straw donors” to conceal the size of their contributions to various candidates. Indeed, Dynamic Energy Resources, Inc. had hired Ron Brown’s son Michael solely for the purpose of funneling $60,000 through him to the Commerce Secretary, according to Nolanda Hill’s testimony.

    Sandy Hume: On Sunday, February 22nd, 1998, Sandy Hume, the 28 year old son of journalist Britt Hume, was reportedly found dead in his Arlington, Virginia home. Aside from the statement that this was an “apparent” suicide, there remains in place a total media blackout on this story, possibly out of concern that the actual facts will not withstand public scrutiny. Worked for Hill magazine, about Congress for Congress.

    Jim McDougal: Bill and Hillary Clinton friend, banker, and political ally, sent to prison for eighteen felony convictions. A key whitewater witness, dies of a heart attack on March, 8 1998. As of this writing allegations that he was given an injection of the diuretic lasix has not been denied or confirmed.
    Died on March 8, 1998

    Johnny Lawhon: 29, died March 29, 1998- The Arkansas transmission specialist who discovered a pile of Whitewater documents in the trunk of an abandoned car on his property and turned them over to Starr, was killed in a car wreck two weeks after the McDougal death.. Details of the “accident” have been sketchy — even from the local Little Rock newspaper.

    Charles Wilbourne Miller: 63, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head on November 17, 1998 in a shallow pit about 300 yards from his ranch house near Little Rock. Police found a .410 gauge shotgun near Miller’s body and a Ruger .357-caliber revolver submerged in water. Investigators concluded the Ruger was the weapon used by Miller to kill himself. Yet, two rounds in the handgun’s cylinder had been spent.

    He had long served as executive vice president and member of the board of directors for a company called Alltel and was deeply involved in his own software engineering company until the day he died. Alltel is the successor to Jackson Stephens’ Systematics, the company that provided the software for the White House’s “Big Brother” data base system and that was behind the administration’s plan to develop the secret computer “Clipper” chip to bug every phone, fax and email transmission in America.

    Carlos Ghigliotti: 42, was found dead in his home just outside of Washington D.C. on April 28, 2000. There was no sign of a break-in or struggle at the firm of Infrared Technology where the badly decomposed body of Ghigliotti was found. Ghigliotti had not been seen for several weeks.

    Ghigliotti, a thermal imaging analyst hired by the House Government Reform Committee to review tape of the siege, said he determined the FBI fired shots on April 19, 1993. The FBI has explained the light bursts on infrared footage as reflections of sun rays on shards of glass or other debris that littered the scene.

    “I conclude this based on the groundview videotapes taken from several different angles simultaneously and based on the overhead thermal tape,” Ghigliotti told The Washington Post last October. “The gunfire from the ground is there, without a doubt.”

    Ghigliotti said the tapes also confirm the Davidians fired repeatedly at FBI agents during the assault, which ended when flames raced through the compound. About 80 Branch Davidians perished that day, some from the fire, others from gunshot wounds.

    Mark Corallo, a spokesman for the congressional committee chaired by Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., said that police found the business cards of a committee investigator in Ghigliotti’s office. Corallo said Ghigliotti’s work for the committee ended some time ago.

    Tony Moser: 41, was killed as he crossed a street in Pine Bluff, Ark on on June 10, 2000. Killed 10 days after being named a columnist for the Democrat-Gazette newspaper and two days after penning a stinging indictment of political corruption in Little Rock.

    Police have concluded that no charges will be filed against the unnamed driver of a 1995 Chevrolet pickup, which hit Moser as he was walking alone in the middle of unlit Rhinehart Road about 10:10 p.m

    Police say they have ruled out foul play and will file no charges against the driver because he was not intoxicated and there was no sign of excessive speed.

    “Published originally at : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact.”

  22. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    So the Clintons were able to fix a skiing accident, cause a single car collision with no witnesses, and leave a body count that would make Ice-T jealous but still leave no connection? You sound like one of those 9/11 truthers. All we know for sure is that Laura Bush was responsible for the death of a human.

  23. Wyatt's Torch says:

    Dookie is amazing. It’s still “BOOOOOSH”.

    Well, nimrod, since we know virtually nothing about Bambo and his wife, I say the jury is out.

    Then again, we know that the Bamster loved his cocain. Every time one snorts coke, one had blood on his hands…the blood of all those who are killed by drug cartels. You are funding death, so I don’t give a damn who you are, if you buy illegal drugs, you’ve directly funded murder.

    Aside from that, we’re talking about ugly, angry, classless, selfish Moo’chelle…and as they say “If looks could kill…”

  24. FrankW says:

    So was Teddy K. And there was proof (no prosecution) of that.

  25. Wyatt's Torch says:

    …by the way, Laura Bush isn’t running for President. The husband of the white-hating M’chelle is.

    (Just so everyone gets the weight of this, Dookie now holds that anyone who’s been in an accident where fatalities occurred is to be shunned as a murderer. There is progressive “compassion” spelled out about as clearly as I’ve seen it…and now you know another reason progs hate Christianity. They loath forgiveness.)

  26. Wyatt's Torch says:

    Right on Frank.

    Yeah, I’d say it’s a safe bet Teddy’s family hasn’t been getting many Christmas cards from the Kopechne’s lately.

  27. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    LOL. “if you buy illegal drugs, you’ve directly funded murder.” Does that include marijuana that was grown legally under California law by a licensed dispenser but is still illegal under federal law? Or does that only kinda support murder? You want to lock up people just because they want to put a substance in their body. You are against freedom! What about people who buy MDMA in England, is that supporting a Mexican drug cartel? You have no logic or reason in your claim.

  28. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    Wyatt, your paranoid racism is showing again. Do you think all black people hate whites or just the wife of the president?

  29. lao says:

    The “Clinton Body Count” is hogwash

    As the article astutely asks, “If Clinton were in the habit of succesfully bumping off so many people, how come Monica Lewinsky didn’t join the list?”

  30. Wyatt's Torch says:

    I was speaking of bigot Michelle Obama as the racist du jour…and you know it.

    As to “illegal drugs”, most marijuana comes from south of the border, as you (I’m sure from personal experience) well know. But like the good progressive you are, if something is important to YOU, then people being killed be damned.

    Buying or using coke, pot and any other drugs that are traded by the cartels are the same as taking a gun and blowing someones brains out. You are responsible.

    (Don’t try and lump this in with “we should legalize drugs. Different topic, and a very transparent dodge.)

  31. Wyatt's Torch says:

    “…how come Monica Lewinsky didn’t join the list?”

    ‘Cause Bill was hoping for another blow job.

  32. observant says:

    C’mon ya’ll know why they travel seperate and probably don’t even sleep together. It’s obvious.

  33. Anon says:

    MCO 1620.3
    29 Jan 01
    b. Deserter Status (Deserter). A Marine who:
    (1) is absent from the parent command without authority
    over 30 days; or
    (2) is believed to have gone to or is remaining in a
    foreign country, and to have applied for or accepted any type of
    asylum or residency permit from such country, or any governmental
    agency thereof; or
    (3) is an escaped prisoner; or
    (4) is a special category absentee (i.e., a person reported
    absent without leave who has had access to Top Secret information
    during the last 12 months.
    c. Deserter Under Aggravated Circumstances. Those cases of
    desertion where the individual is an officer, is wanted for
    selected offenses punishable under the UCMJ, or has access to
    classified defense information which, if disclosed, could
    jeopardize the security interests of the United States. Selected
    offenses are identified within references (a) and (b).
    d. Return to Military Control (RMC). Absentees and deserters
    are returned to military control at the time and date:
    (1) they surrender to, are delivered to, or are apprehended
    by or for military authorities; or
    (2) civil authorities holding them for some reason other
    than at the request of the military inform the military of their
    availability for return to military control; or
    (3) they otherwise come under the control of military
    3. Background. Per references (a) and (b), the Commandant of the
    Marine Corps has established MCACC to administer the Marine Corps
    absentee and deserter apprehension program. The mission of the
    A dookiestain mcflair AKA Mcdoogan
    AKA Faggot desrter
    MCACC is to investigate the whereabouts of deserters; establish and
    maintain liaison with civilian law enforcement agencies to
    encourage their active participation in absentee and deserter

  34. Fiberal says:

    Dookiestain Laflair says:
    “Wyatt, your paranoid racism is showing again. Do you think all black people hate whites or just the wife of the president?”

    Let me answer that: I think all black people just hate the wife of the president.

  35. Dr. 9 says:

    No matter what the First Ho does, she can’t hide her arrogance, her hatred of Whites, her disgust with America, or her fat ass.

  36. Henry says:

    Dave, that last paragraph is why Moonbattery is first on my browser favorite list!

    BAM! Right between the eyes.

  37. Chunkdog says:

    She is just a pig, in every sense of the word.

    What they don’t realize is when the title of President is long gone, they will be nothing more than ghetto pariah to the wealthy upper-crust, that they so aspire to be. Even now, I’m sure they are nothing more than a barely tolerated joke by 99% of these people.

  38. Wyatt's Torch says:

    Right Chunk…which is why it’s so ironic that they’re “vacationing” at Martha’s Vineyard, bastion of everything they seem to hate: all white, all rich, private jets, capitalists, un-green (no windmills there!)…I mean GEE WHIZ, you’d think they’d vacation in downtown Detroit or something…

  39. Oiao says:

    She’s so fat in the A^^, she needs her own airplane.

  40. Jimbo says:

    Okay, I have to ask: When Queen Misshell is not on “vacation”, but stuck in a huge white house with big pillars on the front porch and servants attending to her every whim and personal need – does she refer to that as “work”?

    Mr. & Mrs. Obama are in this for one thin; plunder. Deep down, they have no regard for anyone or anything beyond their own fantasies. Sure – they throw an occasional bone to the homosexuals and verbally prop up the communist unions; but when it gets right down to it?

    They are lazy lying thieves. They’re crap.

    Flush the toilet in 2012.

  41. metprof says:

    Geez, I thought they’d be vacationing in Camden.

    Who’d a thunk…Martha’s Vineyard.

  42. Bill T says:

    How about an instant replay of the upcoming events on Martha’s Vineyard.

    The Vacationing Obamas: No Lobster Left Behind

  43. Bill T says:

    Do you think that the barry supporters in the video that’s attached to this article will be enjoying their Lobster tonight?

    Obama Banana Republic: President Golfs 18 Holes While Thousands Wait at Jobs Fair

  44. angryK9 says:

    What a wookie.

  45. angryK9 says:

    You know she had to take her own flight. Her ass is so big and heavy it limits the number of passengers who can fly with her.

  46. AC says:

    She’s so fat the FAA granted her a personal tail number

  47. TTommy says:

    What she’s doing walking off a presidential plane dressed like a tourist is rubbing it in our faces. She’s saying “I’m black, I’m in the white house. and I can do what I damn well want”. I can think of no other reason any first “lady” would dress so inappropriately. She and her snake oil salesman of a husband are an embarrassment to our country. I’ve NEVER seen such disrespect from any first lady. God, do I miss Bush … both of them.

  48. dan says:

    I’d love to see her expression when she finds out she has to reimburse the people …or maybe pay the IRS for all of that reportable income.Doh!

  49. hawkeye says:

    Hate to say it, but we can add the names of our beloved American heros;Seal Team Six to the Obama list….do you really think it a coincadence??????????

  50. hawkeye says:

    And yes (for all you spell checking liberal elitists out there) my fat fingers mispelled coincidence

  51. WTF says:

    michelle, C U Next Tuesday

  52. Wyatt's Torch says:

    Naw, hawk…maybe in the most indirect of ways (i.e. because we’re in theater and Obama is Prez) but even I won’t get THAT conspiratorial.

    Obama is the worst Pres ever for a zillion reasons, but I don’t for a minute think he was somehow in on killing Team 6.


  53. Marci says:

    That woman hates America and hates white people more. In other words, she and Barry are a match made in government nanny state heaven.

  54. Marci says:

    Hey Hypocrite—on the Clinton Body Count….I am from Arkansas, and went to school with and had classes with Don Henry, Kevin Ives, and Kevin Coney. Was hanging out with friends in a neighborhood off of Hwy 5 when Kevin was killed. We heard the crash (didn’t see it) as he was talking with us all a few minutes before he took off on the motorcycle. Grew up with that man and his evil wife at the helm. It was devastating to see his brand of evil take over the White House.

  55. Lyn says:

    It’s called contempt. Really that’s the one vibe I get from the Obamas. Contempt. You know for things like tradition, decorum, the Presidency, America…

    I don’t remember any other first lady dressing down so much. Mrs. Obama looks like crap. Does she not have someone who can iron her clothes? Also she needs a better bra. And she and the child need to wear socks – well that’s my personal preference but really socks wouldn’t hurt.

    I miss Laura Bush.

  56. Susie says:

    I think the best thing for Obama to realize is how someone who acts like a dictator end up after pillaging, destroying the fabric of a country. The person elected in 2012 may just allow investigations into some of their shady stuff and I do not think they are going to like it.

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