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Jul 06 2017

Tiki Bar Closed for Committing Cultural Appropriation

We have already seen people run out of business by the thought police for culturally appropriating Mexican food. Now even permitting influences from other states in the Union is forbidden:

A Hawaii-themed restaurant owner in Oregon was forced to close down following accusations of cultural appropriation.

Cloud Davidson opened The Hapuna Kahuna Tiki Bar & Kitchen on June 22. He was forced to shut it down just weeks later.

The thought criminal issued the standard groveling apology:

“I unintentionally made a mistake and I’m very sorry,” Davidson told The Corvallis Gazette-Times on Friday. …

“I’m very sympathetic to the issues that were brought up to me. And I’m not for a moment going to tell a person of color that they’re wrong for how they feel,” he said.

Of course not. Such insolence would constitute blasphemy.

The business owner claims he opened the restaurant because he spent much time in Hawaii in his youth visited family who lived there. “A lot of this has to do with family. That was a big part of my childhood.”

According him, however, locals of Polynesian ancestry and the Oregon State University Asian and Pacific Cultural Center criticized his newly-opened venue, pointing out how he used a Hawaiian name, displayed traditional iconography in a cartoonish way, and handed out Hawaiian leis to customers.

The bigoted scoundrel.

Cultural appropriation will no longer be tolerated.

On a tip from Jester and Dragon’s Lair.

25 Responses to “Tiki Bar Closed for Committing Cultural Appropriation”

  1. JackisBack says:

    Need a global war to kill off some of these emotional communists of color.

  2. William Morrissey says:

    This story smells funny. How can he be “forced” to close unless he was denied a business license, had a liquor license revoked, had a sufficiently virulent boycott and blockade imposed by SJWs etc?

    I’d guess, as he owns other theme joints, he just decided this wasn’t worth the trouble (i.e. profit) of saying “Lighten up, folks.” I understand, but this is about as easy a case to make a stand as there could be. The attacks on him are indefensibly stupid.

    I know I’m preaching to the choir, but the absurdity of all these “appropriation” complaints would imply we’ll need some sort of blood test to make sure all our cooks, servers and owners have sufficient heritage to be involved in ethnic restaurants. The rub for these crybabies: what if a Caucasian chef claims the right to cook Polynesian because he is trans-racial, always having felt a kinship with the Polynesian peoples?

  3. The LIEberal Media ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    Just btw.. George Loonie is moving back to his LA mansion because the one in Englandistan was deemed too unsafe for his kids by his security detail.

    Uh huh!

  4. Kevin R. says:

    Don’t even think about opening an Irish-Mexican restaurant there.

  5. Agrippa says:

    Hey, Cloud! I’d suggest you move to where I live (but have no desire to see any even potential Moonbats reside here) — let me just say move to the Southeast and re-open your restaurant — if the food and ambiance are good, and the prices reasonable, you’ll become a millionaire in short order. Any Libtard idiot (like all those in the Peoples’ Soviet Republic of Oregon – ooops, that name is undoubtedly “appropriated” from an Indian tribe! Or, I should say, a Native American clan. So, be careful!), would be shouted down or “roughly handled,” shall we say, by those of us enjoying your cuisine — basically, they would be told to FO and get the f out!

  6. Chronos Z. Wonderpig says:

    so could Barry Hussein open a Hawaiian place???

  7. ICEvictim says:

    the Eternal Grievance Committee in action once again. I am so overdosed in these butt biscuits of all stripes!

  8. Eddie_Valiant says:

    He would only serve camel milk.

  9. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Let’s chip in and buy this. Then, drive it to all the moonbat enclaves

  10. roccolore says:

    And it happens to also be in Oregon.

  11. George Lortz says:

    When are the black women who have straightened hair, going to be forced to let it be naturally nappy, by white women who have been ‘culturally appropriated’ ?

  12. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    Not unless you can prove you had an ancestor in the “San Patricio Brigade”

  13. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    In 30 years we went from depicting the horrors of Communists in other nations, to embracing them for our own population:

  14. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Winston had to confess too:

  15. Mike_W20 says:

    If he’d called it Alloha Snackbar Halal Rama-dama-ding-dong(death to infidels) مطبخ

    there’d be no problem.

  16. Mike_W20 says:

    And camel pee, for medicinal purposes.

  17. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Which raises another important p;oint or two.

    McDonalds….do they even serve Scottish food? And Wendy’s…Did Dave Thomas even have his daughter’s permission to use her name.

    And then there is Arctic Circle. None are actually located within the Arctic Circle. No do they serve clubbed baby seals.

  18. Pork_Soda says:

    Ok… shutting down a Tiki bar is just f×cking wrong. They are freaking awesome and a fun oasis amongst all the other pretentious and cold watering holes.

  19. Pork_Soda says:

    Aw hellz yes!!!!

  20. Margaretweastman says:

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  21. 127guy says:


  22. Dr Why says:

    Sniveling coward.

  23. KHarn says:

    Oregon is on the PACIFIC coast, so it should be OK. He should sue THEM for infringing on his “Pacific heritage”.

  24. physicsnut says:


    // see ! Alternet wants you to eat insects. Other people do it !

    // and MotherJones too — HEMP AND CRICKETS = YUMMY !!

  25. Ziggy89 says:

    Is “transgenderism” a form of “gender misappropriation”??

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