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Sep 03 2018

Titania McGrath: Satire in the Age of Poe’s Law

According to Poe’s Law, “it is difficult to distinguish extremism from satire of extremism on the Internet unless the author clearly indicates his/her intent.” Visit the Titania McGrath Twitter page and see how long it takes before you are sure it is not on the level.

This one almost gives it away:

A good point snarkily expressed, right? Except that fans of Linda Sarsour may truly believe that Islam is empowering for the women it enslaves. Since Islam opposes Western Civilization, everything about it must be good.

Titania proclaims that newborns should be given numbers rather than names until they have determined their own “gender identity,” that women are as physically strong as men, that men fear menstruation because women are “blood-sisters of the sacred moon witch,” and that “EVERYTHING is offensive” because this is “a heteronormative patriarchy.” None of this is too crazy to be taught in a college classroom.

I made it to this post before I was 100% sure that the account is for laughs (SORRY ABOUT THE LANGUAGE):

Titania claims that she punked the New York Times itself. If true, that would be the ultimate accomplishment for a moonbat impersonator.

On a tip from seaoh.

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