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Oct 19 2019

Today Is National Period Day

If you have a cocktail today, make it a Bloody Mary. Raise it in a toast to National Period Day, celebrated so as to bring attention to “period poverty.”

Via Breitbart:

Activists behind National Period Day say that “period poverty” is an issue plaguing the country. They assess that “1 in 4 women struggle to afford period products due to a lack of income.” They also believe “period stigma” is making menstruation a “taboo topic,” despite the emergence of the Women’s March movement, which resulted in Ashley Judd’s infamous “Nasty Woman” speech in the nation’s capital in 2017.

Here’s what Ashley Judd chooses to discuss when she has a large audience:

“I am nasty like my bloodstains on my bed sheets. We do not actually choose if and when we had our periods. We do not like throwing away our favorite pairs of underpants.”

In Ashley’s case, I’m picturing a pair printed all over with Minnie Mouse faces.

Her tirade on menstruation was presented as evidence that women are oppressed. Maybe Ashley will seize on today’s occasion to further delve into the details of her personal hygiene.

Activists are pushing rallies across all 50 states in hopes of “demanding real change to making period products more accessible for all and ending the #TamponTax.”

Finally, moonbats have discovered a tax they don’t like. It’s because men don’t have to pay it.

“If faces were bleeding, someone would do something,” the PERIOD Movement tweeted alongside a video of people — including men — with bloody noses.

Democrats literally believe that the federal government can prevent the climate from fluctuating. Putting an end to women having periods should require only a moderate tax increase by comparison.

The Menstrual Movement coalition has produced a manifesto, which states the following (all caps in original):


This implies that it is one person’s “right” to force another person to pay for it. Apparently, making tampons tax-free is only a step toward making them free, period (no pun intended).

The hijab in the video below adds a nice intersectional touch, allowing them to celebrate feminism and Islam at the same time (they must agree that Islam is right about women):

On a tip from Greg O.

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