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Mar 25 2020

Toilet Paper Hoarding Threatens Sewage System

The Wuhan virus provided no sane reason to hoard toilet paper. Thank panic buyers if you run out. Thank them again if your toilet backs up into your house:

As people continue to hoard toilet paper and other goods, the Murfreesboro Water Resource Center in Tennessee is having to work harder than ever. They’re dealing with blockages created by people using paper towels or wipes in lieu of toilet paper.

You think the Wuhan virus is a health crisis? Wait until we no longer have toilets.

Darren Gore is Director of Murfreesboro’s Water Resource Department. He reminds the public that the only paper welcome in the toilet is toilet paper. Just because you can get it to go down does not mean you have not helped cause a major problem.

He says [paper towel, wipes, cloths, etc] end up clogging pumps…

“If that pump station fails, then the sewer starts to back up just like it would in maybe your home if you have a clog, and that sewer comes out of manholes and may actually back up into people’s homes, which is a direct impact to public health,” Gore said.

At least there is the poet justice that if the sewage system goes down, hoarders will be in the same boat they put the rest of us, with no place to flush their precious TP.

Fortunately, the hoarding craze may be winding down, as people run out of places to store stuff that they don’t need but other people do.

On a tip from Liberty Daily.

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