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Mar 24 2020

Toilet Seat Licker Claims He Has Coronavirus

Turns out I was right. It is not healthy to lick public toilet seats during a pandemic.

Via Summit News:

A YouTuber who licked a public toilet seat to “raise awareness” of coronavirus now claims he has tested positive for coronavirus. …

Shawn Mendes posted a video to Twitter where he licks a brown substance, believed to be foundation, from the toilet seat before saying, “coronavirus challenge.”

The day after posting the video, Mendes announced he had tested positive for coronavirus.

Previous accomplishments by Mendes including recording himself eating from a tub of ice cream at a store and then putting it back in the freezer.

No extreme of economically suicidal societal lockdown can fix stupidity. Nor is chloroquine likely to relieve the symptoms of the unnamed disease spread by social media that compels some people to do anything whatsoever for attention.

On a tip from Frances J.

One Response to “Toilet Seat Licker Claims He Has Coronavirus”

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