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Jan 24 2020

Tom Steyer Pushes Reparations

Tom Steyer is a billionaire. Yet it is other people’s money that he wants to give away. Actually, the idea is not so much to give it away as to buy something with it. He wants to buy liberal virtue, by proving how much he worships blacks. This will be accomplished through “reparations.”

Via Yahoo News:

Billionaire and presidential candidate Tom Steyer reiterated his support Wednesday for reparations for African-Americans suffering from the legacy of slavery.

How many centuries must we feel guilty about things that happened long before any of us were born? For as long as leftists can exploit the topic to manipulate neurotic fools and greedy parasites.

Barks Steyer:

“I don’t think we can be the country that we want to be until we acknowledge the past and move to accept the mistakes this country made that are dramatic and obvious, and then repair the damage.”

Democrats don’t just acknowledge the past; they live there. Or rather, they live in a fictionalized version of the past, authored by Howard Zinn, in which America’s core population is always wrong.

Repairing the damage is the last thing they want to do. Inflaming racial tension by forcing one group to hand over hard-earned money to a more favored group cannot help but exacerbate the racial tension that Democrats exploit.

A Fox News poll released in early January showed Steyer in second place behind former Vice President Joe Biden in South Carolina, a state with a large African-American population.

It’s easier to vote for thieves than to steal the money yourself. Elizabeth Warren is the only other candidate still in the race who has endorsed reparations, and even she has hedged on it.

Steyer presents himself primarily as an environmental extremist. But his environmental concerns exclude his fellow white people, whom he eagerly marginalizes.

“I’m saying climate is my No. 1 priority. I’m also saying our climate plan is called a justice-based climate plan. And it starts in the communities, like say, Denmark, S.C., or Flint, Mich., where people can’t drink the water. We know who lives there: African-Americans.”

The problem with the water in Flint was not due to white people changing the climate. It was caused by the malfeasance of incompetent local authorities, who tend to be of politically preferred pigmentation. But demagogues can still exploit the issue if they keep the details vague.

Any debt owed was paid with the blood of the 620,000 who died in the Civil War. Given the cities built but then rendered unlivable and the $trillions flushed down the War on Poverty, if anyone owes reparations, it is the other way around.

On a tip from Lyle.

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