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Feb 23 2021

Top Boston Health Technocrat Works From Hawaii

Government work. It’s great if you can get it:

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to grip the city, a senior leader at the Boston Public Health Commission is carrying out her duties remotely from more than 5,000 miles away.

The NBC10 Investigators have learned the commission’s medical director, Dr. Jennifer Lo, relocated with her family to Hawaii in November 2020. …

While millions have adopted remote work routines during the pandemic, six authorities in health and medicine who spoke with NBC10 believe the medical director’s physical absence during a public health emergency could hamper her effectiveness.

Maybe hampering her effectiveness is for the best. It is said to be difficult to find someone with the required qualifications for Lo’s position. These include “special expertise in areas such as health equity.” Health equity is the leftist concept responsible for plans to distribute vaccine based on race instead of vulnerability and even to give priority to convicts.

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