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Oct 18 2019

Top Five Climate Shockers Since 2017

Maybe the planet does not have a fever after all. A video at SuspiciousObservers counts down the top five climate shockers since 2017:

5. Princeton admits that climate models underestimate the cooling effect of the daily cloud cycle.

4. NASA confirms that these climate models cannot be expected to be accurate.

3. Yale admits that arctic current could cool the climate.

2. Harvard reveals that low-quality data has been used for ocean temperatures.

1. Even the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change may be starting to realize that heat comes from the sun, not from the failure to impose globalist wealth redistribution schemes.

They make a good point at the end. Nobody likes pollution. But it has nothing to do with the climate. The two should not be conflated.

On a tip from ScrewyPuppy.

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