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Jul 30 2020

Trader Joe’s Pulls 180, Defies Woke Mob

For the past few months, corporate America has been 100% on the side of the ultraleft mob, obsequiously promoting Black Lives Matter maniacs and complying immediately with every demand from woke bullies, no matter how unreasonable. Maybe resistance has begun. Recently, Trader Joe’s caved to bullies who proclaimed that ethnic product lines like Trader José commit racism and cultural appropriation. Following feedback from countermoonbats, the company has changed course, disavowing its earlier response.

From its official corporate statement:

A few weeks ago, an online petition was launched calling on us to “remove racist packaging from [our] products.” Following were inaccurate reports that the petition prompted us to take action. We want to be clear: we disagree that any of these labels are racist.

That’s not what they said earlier. I like the new Trader Joe’s better:

We make decisions based on what customers purchase, as well as the feedback we receive from our customers and Crew Members. …

Recently we have heard from many customers reaffirming that these name variations are largely viewed in exactly the way they were intended­—as an attempt to have fun with our product marketing. We continue our ongoing evaluation, and those products that resonate with our customers and sell well will remain on our shelves.

Pushback works. When the mob barked, “Jump!” Trader Joe’s suits asked, “How high?” But then their customer base spoke more loudly.

How wonderful it will be if all corporations go back to trying to please customers, rather than demanding that we like what we are told to like. That would mean commercials that explain why we should buy their products, rather than rubbing political correctness in our faces.

Shove it, Briones.

On tips from Stormfax and Mr. Freemarket. Hat tips: American Thinker, RedState.

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