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Sep 27 2018

Train Service Begins to Die in South Africa

In South Africa, it is like watching the last lights go out as the darkness encroaches and civilization closes up shop. Train service to the entire KwaZulu-Natal province has been suspended indefinitely.

According to Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa spokesperson Zama Nomnganga,

“Yes, we have done so due to the series of incidents where our drivers have been intimidated, assaulted and trains hijacked. The Friday incident was out of hand and we had to put our foot down and took a firm decision as leadership to protect our staff and also the commuters that are innocent.”

Regarding the Friday incident,

Angry train commuters allegedly set alight four cars and damaged a ticket office and motor train coach in Umlazi’s J section, south of Durban, on Friday morning.

Over a thousand commuters rioted because late trains made them angry, as if it were reasonable to expect trains to run on time in a rainbow utopia governed by the African National Congress.

Speaking of the ANC, the United National Transport Union…

…alleged that its president Wyndham Evans wrote to President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday, September 17 to intervene and received no response.

Maybe hand-picked successor Ramaphosa was to busy posing with the bronze idol of Nelson Mandela that was just unveiled at the United Nations, where Ramaphosa barked that “the UN is the most powerful instrument we possess.”

The most powerful instrument to do what? To make the very last of those lights go out, so that there will be equality.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

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