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Aug 01 2018

Trans Trouble in Cultural Marxist Utopia

The cultural Marxist media that lobbied so hard to bring down Apartheid even in the absence of a reasonable alternative is unlikely to care about impending white genocide. But bleeding-heart progressives might care about this:

Transgender women in Durban [South Africa] have been raped by men as a form of punishment and ‘correcting’ them. …

Prince Dlamini from the Durban Lesbian and Gay Centre said violence was common within the LGBTI society.

The “I” stands for “intersex.”

As South Africa slips into savagery, this violence will rise. Tolerance for the abnormal is a characteristic of the civilization progressives have been destroying. It didn’t exist in the past, and if Western Civilization dies, it won’t exist in the future.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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