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Jan 14 2020

Transgender Activist Attacks Reporter

Jonathan Yaniv, aka Jessica Yaniv, has a knack for getting public attention. One way to do this is to physically assault reporters:

Reporting for The Rebel, Keean Bexte just wanted to know if Yaniv was pleading guilty to weapons possession violations.

Yaniv is an extremely perverted person, best known for proclaiming to be a woman and demanding that real women handle his genitalia at Brazilian waxing businesses. He continues his legal campaign to force people to pretend he is a woman, despite a setback in court.

Thanks to Yaniv, the transgender movement may experience a setback in the court of public opinion. Ricky Gervais took on Hollyweird at the Golden Globes. Now he is standing up to militant transgenderism by treating Yaniv to the ridicule he so richly deserves. Via LifeSite News:

Gervais [responded] to one trans activist who insisted that those who didn’t want to service all customers should simply stay out of the waxing business entirely.

“Exactly,” Gervais sniped back on Twitter, “And if you don’t want to butter my b**** and put them between two slices of bread, don’t work in a sandwich shop.” …

Gervais has also trolled Yaniv personally, tweeting a close-up photo of Yaniv’s face with the caption: “I was going to dress up as something weird and creepy for my Halloween party, but I’m bucking the trend this year and I’m going as brave female activist Jessica Yaniv. This also means I don’t have to wax my big old hairy b****.”

Yaniv has proclaimed that he will not allow Gervais to perform in Vancouver.

On tips from Frances J and ABC of the ANC.

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