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Feb 25 2019

Transgender Athletes Take Top Two Places

Get used to it. There will be a lot more of this if the grotesque transsexual agenda continues to prevail. The top two finishers in the female 55-meter dash at the Connecticut indoor track and field championships are both transgender athletes — that is, boys competing as girls.

Andraya Yearwood hears the comments, usually from adults and usually not to [his] face.

[He] shouldn’t be running, they say, not against girls.

That’s because, despite the media’s obsequious use of incorrect pronouns, this 17-year-old junior at Cromwell High School in New Haven, Connecticut is not a she but a he who is “transitioning to female” — as if that were any more possible than transitioning into a porpoise.

[He] recently finished second in the 55-meter dash at the state open indoor track championships. The winner, Terry Miller of Bloomfield High, is also transgender and set a girls state indoor record of 6.95 seconds. Yearwood finished in 7.01 seconds and the third-place competitor, who is not transgender, finished in 7.23 seconds.

The third-place competitor actually won the race. But her name isn’t even given. She doesn’t matter. Only the agenda matters.

The records boys and men set in female sports will likely never be broken by actual females, rendering female sports records meaningless.

Miller and Yearwood also topped the 100-meter state championships last year, and Miller won the 300 this season.

Seventeen states allow boys to compete as girls in high school sports without any restrictions. Before long, the last remaining states that hold out will get the treatment North Carolina received after it passed a law preventing men from using women’s bathrooms — boycotts by the NBA, New York State, et cetera.

Young Mr Yearwood excuses his cheating by arguing that girls who really are girls might have advantages over him.

“One sprinter could have parents who spend so much money on personal training for their child, which in turn, would cause that child to run faster.”

Yes, but when equity is achieved, rich parents will not be able to buy faster legs for their daughters. Then again, when equity is achieved, everyone will finish first in every race, so this whole issue will be moot.

In the meantime, real girls get displaced thanks to social engineering designed to promote the decay of society and of sanity in general.

In Connecticut, the bizarre and grossly unfair policy of letting boys compete as girls is dictated by law:

The Connecticut Association of Schools-Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which governs high school sports in Connecticut, says its policy follows a state anti-discrimination law that says students must be treated in school by the gender with which they identify.

Transgender athletes don’t even need to deform themselves with hormones or submit to surgical mutilation.

It isn’t only girls high school track that is dying on the altar of the transsexual agenda. Effected sports include handball, football, weightlifting, wrestling, mixed martial arts, and basketball.

There is no shortage of feminists out there. Why don’t more of them stand up for women’s sports, while there still is such a thing?

On a tip from Varla.

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