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Mar 11 2019

Transgender of Color Maces Random Whites

In contrast to the vast quantity of hate hoaxes featuring persons of politically preferred identity allegedly oppressed by faceless representatives of America’s core population, hate crimes against that core population usually get only local media coverage. When a transgender of color is reported to have maced nearly a dozen white people while shouting racial denunciations, you can be reasonably sure that it really happened:

A transgender woman [i.e., a man who dresses like a woman] with dozens of prior arrests is in custody for a two-day, two-borough binge of pepper-spray ambushes on 11 unsuspecting strangers, allegedly fueled by anti-white bias, cops said Sunday.

Thomas Heard — whom a police source said identifies as a woman, and neighbors said sometimes goes by “Tasha” — kicked off [his] latest alleged attack by approaching a couple outside [his] Bronx apartment building Saturday and demanding to know the woman’s race, cops said.

“Are you white?” Heard, who is black, allegedly barked at the 23-year-old woman, before kicking her and threatening her with a sharp object, and dousing her 30-year-old boyfriend with pepper spray, cops said.

Another of his victims was a 56-year-old woman whose shins he kicked on East 187th Street.

“Crazy f–king white b—h!” Heard allegedly yelled at the female victim as she chased her down the street. “I hate you!”

The media’s obsessive carping on race must have had the intended effect on Heard.

Throughout the Friday rampage, police said Heard repeatedly made anti-white remarks — an allegation that came as no surprise to [his] Belmont neighbors.

“She [sic] hated white people,” said one man, who said he didn’t believe Heard is a racist but rather took a downward spiral once [he] started seeing a new boyfriend within the past year. “She [sic] would stand on that corner and scream it.”

It’s a relief to hear that Heard isn’t a racist, even though he is known for ranting to himself out loud that whites are “privileged” and “motherf***ers.”

Heard has 65 prior arrests for crimes that include assaulting a police officer, grand larceny, and fraud. You might wonder why someone who had been arrested 65 times is running around loose. Then again, you might wonder why a man who thinks he is a woman named Tasha is running around loose.

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