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Nov 19 2019

Transgenderism Is Destroying Young Lives

The liberal media establishment aggressively backs the transsexual agenda. Social engineers have succeeded in making transgenderism a fad among the young and confused. As Tyler O’Neil notes, this is destroying lives.

One example is 19-year-old Nathaniel, who quickly came to regret having his genitalia replaced with faux female appurtenances:

“Now that I’m all healed from the surgeries, I regret them,” he wrote to [Walt] Heyer. “The result of the bottom surgery looks like a Frankenstein hack job at best, and that got me thinking critically about myself. I had turned myself into a plastic-surgery facsimile of a woman, but I knew I still wasn’t one. I became (and to an extent, still feel) deeply depressed.”

Walt Heyer is a “de-transitioner” who has set up a support network for those who regret having maimed themselves in misguided attempts to become members of the opposite sex.

Nathaniel recalled how the other boys bullied him in elementary school because he was sensitive and preferred playing girl games. When he was older, he discovered internet pornography, heard about transgenderism, and became convinced “that’s what I was.” He started seeing a doctor a week after turning fifteen.

“From then on, I slowly detached from everything until I was just staying home, playing video games, and going on the internet all day. I stopped reading, drawing, riding my bicycle. I surrounded myself in an echo chamber that supported and validated my poor decisions, because the others were also, unfortunately, stuck in that pit, too,” the boy wrote.

The liberal establishment (unconscionably including the medical establishment) has gone out of its way to create this echo chamber. It sucks in vulnerable adolescents like quicksand. There are now reportedly 1.13 million American teenagers who “identify as transgender.”

A month after he turned 18, he underwent the grotesque surgery. He suffered complications from the “Frankenstein hack job,” and had to have a second surgery a few months later.

Nathaniel will spend the rest of his life regretting his mistake. His chance at a normal life was a casualty of the Culture War.

Relentless promotion of homosexuality resulted in federally mandated gay marriage, a mighty blow against Christianity, sexual morality, and the traditional family. Think what the transgender agenda might accomplish! But to cook utopian omelets, you have to break a few eggs.

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