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Feb 28 2020

Transsexual Maniac Attacks With Samurai Sword

The following warning is issued as a public service to moonbats. Do not under any circumstances fail to provide marijuana for your transsexual partner, particularly if he/she/it has access to a samurai sword. You are dealing with a lunatic. Consequences could be dire:

Neil Patrick Wasinski, 28, was charged on Jan. 18 with assault with intent to murder, assault with a dangerous weapon and assaulting or resisting police after being arrested for attacking her [sic] boyfriend Jan. 16 with a 21-inch samurai sword at the Arbor One Apartments in Ypsilanti [Michigan], records show.

Wasinski, or Nalla as she [sic] is known, is listed as a male in court documents but referred to as she in police records.

Authorities opened a confusing can of worms when they started referring to the sexually deranged with “preferred” pronouns rather than the objectively correct ones. As with “Vica Steel,” the guy who demands access to the girls’ student restroom at an elementary school, sexual identities can be fluid, adding to the chaos.

The [victim], who identified himself as Wasinski’s boyfriend of one-and-a-half years, told police he was attacked after he failed to buy marijuana for Wasinski…

The victim suffered multiple stab wounds to his arm and torso near the armpit. He was taken to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in critical condition where doctors discovered one of his lungs had collapsed in the attack, records show.

Wasinski spat on police when arrested. Whatever they pay cops to deal with the likes of Wasinski, it isn’t enough.

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