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May 22 2016

Transsexual Push Leads to Coerced Speech

The Newspeak dictionary isn’t just a suggestion. It is backed up by force of law in the moonbat dystopia of New York City:

The Gotham mayor’s Commission on Human Rights says entities that fail to address customers by their preferred gender pronouns and titles are in violation of the law and could be subject to penalties of up to $250,000.

The commission issued a “legal enforcement guidance” for the New York City Human Rights Law, which now “requires employers and converted entities to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun and title (e.g., Ms./Mrs.) regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual’s identification.”

The guidance, issued in December as part of a broader interpretation of the human rights law, notes that some people prefer pronouns that don’t have masculine or feminine forms, including “they/them/theirs or ze/hir.” The former are plurals being drafted for use in the singular, while the latter are among several alternative pronoun systems developed by academics and/or LGBT communities.

What do you have to do to avoid being crushed by a financially ruinous fine?

The guide says businesses can avoid penalties “by creating a policy of asking everyone what their preferred gender pronoun is so that no individual is singled out for such questions and by updating their system to allow all individuals to self-identify their names and genders. They should not limit the options for identification to male and female only.”

Our liberal rulers are insane.

Eugene Volokh comments on the implications:

So people can basically force us — on pain of massive legal liability — to say what they want us to say, whether or not we want to endorse the political message associated with that term, and whether or not we think it’s a lie.

We have to use “ze,” a made-up word that carries an obvious political connotation (endorsement of the “non-binary” view of gender). We have to call people “him” and “her” even if we believe that people’s genders are determined by their biological sex and not by their self-perceptions — perceptions that, by the way, can rapidly change, for those who are “gender-fluid” — and that using terms tied to self-perception is basically a lie.

This lunatic tyranny does not apply only to business owners:

What’s more, according to the City, “refusal to use a transgender employee’s preferred name, pronoun, or title may constitute unlawful gender-based harassment.” The label “harassment” is important here because harassment law requires employers and businesses to prevent harassment by co-workers and patrons and not just by themselves or their own employees; this is particularly well established for harassment by co-workers, but it has also been accepted for harassment by fellow patrons. So an employer or business that learns that its employees or patrons are “refus[ing] to use a transgender employee’s preferred” pronoun or title would have to threaten to fire or eject such people unless they comply with the City’s demands.

The madness could get complicated…

But of course “ze” and “Ms./Mrs.” are just examples. We have to use the person’s “preferred … pronoun and title,” whatever those preferences might be. Some people could say they prefer “glugga” just as well as saying “ze”; the whole point is that people are supposed to be free to define their own gender, and their own pronouns and titles. Seems improbable that some people would come up with new terms like that? Well, 10 or 20 years ago it would have seemed pretty improbable that today New Yorkers would be required to call some people “ze.” Check out this list, which already includes “zie,” “sie” (not the German version), “ey,” “ve,” “tey,” “e,” “(f)ae,” “per” and “xe.” Why wouldn’t some creative folks decide they want to add still more?

It won’t remain limited to the NYC lunatic asylum for long:

The New York officials are arguing that this is just what the New York gender identity discrimination ban requires, and indeed it is part of the standard ideology expressed by many transgender rights activists; the same logic would be easily applicable by jurisdictions that have gender identity discrimination bans, or will have such bans; the federal government is taking the view that existing federal bans on sex discrimination also in effect ban gender identity discrimination, and the New York analysis would equally apply to that view; and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has already taken the view that it is illegal under federal law to persistently call employees by pronouns that correspond to their anatomical sex but not their gender identity, though it has not yet had occasion to opine about “ze.”

Forcing people to say they regard men as women is the exact corollary of Winston Smith being coerced to believe that 2 + 2 = 5 in George Orwell’s 1984. The government’s motivation is identical.

This is totalitarianism by any reasonable definition. We should have started resisting the militant LGBT agenda long ago. Politicized degeneracy is being used as a weapon against not only our liberty but our very sanity.

transgender symbol
The new swastika.

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39 Responses to “Transsexual Push Leads to Coerced Speech”

  1. Spiny Norman says:

    Nineteen-Eighty-Four was intended as a dire warning, but once again, the loony Left sees it as an instruction manual.

  2. Ed. G. Mann says:

    It’s here at Moonbat Central. Be a anti-Trump or be attacked.

  3. Tom says:

    Which presidential candidate do you suppose would multiply such stupidity to the nth degree and not just in NY, but nationwide, and which do you suppose would put the kibosh on the proliferation of such nonsense?

    Hmmm…tough one, huh? But as long as your “principles” are preserved and you can “hold your head high”, it’s OK for Hillary to spread such BS across the entire nation, right?….
    Go ahead, stay home and nurse your sore feewings…

  4. Kevin R. says:

    You’ve got to wonder, what craziness is coming next?

  5. Gunbunny56 says:

    There is a term for these people… Its called mentally defective

  6. physicsnut says:

    // this is what the NY Times is REALLY all about – gay man runs army
    // next they will want NAMBLA to run the Navy

  7. physicsnut says:

    why are you even asking –
    it is too far gone already

  8. physicsnut says:

    // emily pothast again – ugh – from this morning’s commie alternet rag
    // the artsyfartsy types are easily BRAINWASHED

  9. 762x51 says:

    Shorter word, target. If you prefer to go with two words though, how about tango down?

  10. Mr. Freemarket says:

    If by “attacked” you mean “made fun of” or “ridiculed” you might be right. Moonbattery embraces satire. And we tend to ridicule those who, in our opinion, make poor choices.

    FWIW, I’ve been called any number of names for not supporting Trump. So it kind of works both ways.

  11. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Disagreeing with someone and arguing viewpoints, questioning why someone votes or doesn’t vote that way isn’t attacking. Foul invective, personal insult, coarse and demeaning language meant to diminish rather than have a debate on a point is an attack. Usually when that happens the other party has lost the argument and is unwilling to cede that point.

    Instead, they prefer ad hominem retorts.

  12. Silence Dogood says:

    This clearly violates the states of the 8th amendment in the part about unreasonable fines and punishment. I’m surprised nobody has sued them yet using that argument.

  13. George Lortz says:

    I have my own preferred terms for those who choose to go against the grain— asshole and shithead. They’re either one or the other.

  14. Saxon Warrior says:

    The truth about the gay agenda

  15. NIdahoCatholic says:

    Said it before, will say it again. “Ze asshole is not ze pussy!”

  16. 762x51 says:

    He’s talking about me Free. Old Ed and I have a standing dislike for each other. He started something he can’t finish and now he’s all butt hurt because of it.

    Old Ed is a despicable excuse for a human being, pretending he was “Libertarian” but really a Trumpanzee of the mouth foaming variety. The tRumpkins were the ones who came to MB with the fascism, the “support our guy or else” mentality. You saw it with your own eyes and know I’m not making it up.. Now they want to cry about those of us who will stand up against them. I will not comply with that intimidation and I let them know in no uncertain terms that they started this war, now they have to fight it. They gave up any claim to respect when they began their intimidation tactic. The bed is made, time for them to lie in it.

    I’m not here to make nice with old frauds who whine about treated poorly when they are the ones who started it, I’m here to prosecute a war with extreme prejudice against an enemy who seeks to enslave us.

    This is just another Alinsky tactic, by a guy who is all Alinsky, all the time. Alinsky Rule #4.“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. You and I are supposed to be civil, old Ed and the other Winged monkeys want to hold you to that while they can do anything they want. It is akin to what the Hajji’s do when they say, you can’t attack our Mosques, so we don’. Guess where they store all the military hardware, high value fighters, plans, etc? un-huh. I learned long ago, you cannot win a war by playing by the enemies ROE.

  17. 762x51 says:

    You wanted a war bitch, now you got one. boohoo, poor little Eddie. Tell me again how you the “Libertarian” want your cult leader to rule by fiat, just like Obama, LOL. You are such a fraud. Too bad you are such a coward, maybe we could settle this.

  18. Tom says:

    Read the comment from the dimwitted macho man below and tell me that referring to someone WHO DISAGREES WITH YOU as: “despicable excuse for a human being…mouth foaming…fascism…fraud…winged monkey…” is merely “making fun of” them, or perhaps a little gentle mockery.

    Read the part about how he’s ready to GO TO WAR and “prosecute with extreme prejudice” i.e. assassinate those who disagree with him…how ed “started something he can’t finish”…

    Yep, just good harmless joshin’ right? These are your fellow Trumpophobes with this eliminationist rhetoric, not Trump supporters…Hell, trump WON, remember?

  19. Tom says:

    Again with the call to a duel??
    How the hell are you proposing to “settle this” with Ed or me?
    You keep yakkin about how we’re a bunch of cowards…what do you propose as a way to “settle this”, tough guy, since you obviously are seeking confrontation with your empty bluster and evidence-of-your-poor-upbringing use of tiresomely repetitive obscenities…
    We await your ANGRY reply…

  20. Kevin R. says:

    That’s for sure.

  21. 762x51 says:

    Once again, dumbass, there is no “call to duel” in anything I have posted. Your fantasy world just keeps intruding into your diseased mentality.

    Eddie isn’t the ally you are looking for to defend you in this fight. Though with your, the enemy of my enemy is my friend simplistic world view, I wouldn’t be surprised to see you two get cozy.

    Since we are complaining about style, let’s talk about the tiresomely repetitively “diatribe” you Trumpanzees inflict on everyone else here, evidence of your Marxist up-bringing. It is nauseating.

    I’ve already explained to you how we settle this, dimwit. Remember a game of You Bet your Life? I’m willing to die for what I believe in, are you? The only way to stop me is to kill me. We have already been through this and you were too afraid, remember?

    You two use plenty of lube, last time you got blisters from rubbing wieners.

  22. 762x51 says:

    And you stay home and nurse those sores you got the bath house.

  23. rex freeway says:

    This Gender identity bull shit should bethe one that breaks the camels back. Easily the most ignorant liberal thought to come along. When you can change your sex at a moments notice you will never be able to get it right. Seriously, fu@k this. I’m going to purposely ruin anyone’s day that tries to pull it on me.

  24. Michelledpark2 says:

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  25. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve been called Cruz-bot. And it is true that I have referred to Trumpists as Branch Trumpidians, since their behavior seems to mimic those of cultists who are immune to logic and reason. Trump himself stated that, due to the cult-like devotion of his supporters, he could likely shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any votes.

    Maybe I should just call them “Trump-Apologists” since they are willing to overlook virtually any inconsistency in his statements. Some even state that if Trump simply builds a wall, that will satisfy their expectations of him.

    And many of these same folks in 2012 declared that they would never again vote for another RINO….yet here we are…..again…..

  26. Mr. Freemarket says:

    In 2008 and 2012, many of us swore that we wouldn’t support another RINO. Many “conservatives” seem to have short-term memory loss.

    The simple fact is that it is the responsibility for Trump and his supporters to unite the party (if they want to win). Romney lost because he never appealed to the conservative base, and many simply sat out the 2012 election. And that is when Romney did nothing to overtly offend conservatives.

    Today, the Trump apologists don’t make any attempt to mend fences. They don’t bother to explain how Trump went from a Cruz donor to calling him Lying Ted.

    And I specifically warned Trump supporters that Trump would have a difficult time winning against Hillary because of losing the conservative base. But I was reassured that the masses would rush in to support Trump.

    So live with your decisions, Trump supporters. The GOP has another RINO as it’s candidate. Happy now?

  27. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I’d like to find common ground with Trump supporters. It is hard to imagine anyone being a worse president than Hillary Clinton (although Bernie Sanders would like to try).

    Now, your final statement “Hell, trump WON, remember?” is the operative statement. Yes, Trump won. He’s essentially the lone survivor of the contest to become the GOP candidate. Yet in very few contests did he win a majority of GOP voters. The republican voters in Washington just gave Ted Cruz 40 of 41 convention delegates. That should be a cautionary message to Trump supporters. Yes, Trump won, but he and his supporters would do well to reach out to their (former) opponents and work hard to find common ground (or at least as much as can be found).

    There is no indication that Trump supporters expect their candidate to live up to any particular set of expectations. They even make statements like “if he builds a wall, that will be enough.” Well, no; even if he builds a wall, it will be far from enough.

    I expect him to appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court and elsewhere. I expect him to follow though with his commitment to repeal ObamaCare. I expect him to follow through on his commitment to work to dismantle the regulatory state.

    Saying “well, he’ll be a lot better than any of the establishment GOPers” just doesn’t cut it for me.

    So you want to move forward, or just want to keep picking at the scabs, wondering how bad the scar is going to be?

  28. Tom says:

    Ooooh..A Cruz-bot…I bet that stung, didn’t it?
    Compare Cruz-bot with the filth that spews from the mouths of you Trump-haters (fascist fucktard, piece of shit, chicken shit, douche bag, asshole, psychotic, perverted) and let me know which you think is worse.

  29. Ed. G. Mann says:

    The moment this clown started with the foul language, directed invective was the moment he lost any argument. Now he’s nothing more that what one would expect to find living in a trailer park nursing a world size grudge, that being Cruz lost and he cannot accept the fact America rejected Cruz’s message.

  30. Ed. G. Mann says:

    See my answer to Tom.

  31. 762x51 says:

    Once again you demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the problem. Cruz message was the Constitution, if America has rejected the Constitution, then slavery is only a stones throw away. The opposite of slavery is war, therefore war is also only a stones throw away because many of us will not live under your boot any more than we will live under the boot of Hillary Clinton.

    What you stupidly perceive as a “grudge” is American’s having had enough of the fascism, enough of the government enslavement, enough of the rules, regulations, taxes, fees, licenses, permits, indoctrination and intimidation. Enough means we have reached a hard line beyond which we will not go. It was bound to come to this eventually and now we are here.

    I don’t care whether you have an “R” or a “D” or “LGBTQRSZ” next to your name. I will not comply with your hopes, dream, wants, needs, desires, rules, regulations or laws any longer. By your fascistic approach to the whole tRump candidacy, you have proven that there can be no conversation, no discussion between us. You will not stop your Progressive dreams of enslavement and I will not bow to your demands, that leaves only war. There is no longer any middle ground, you Progressives have taken it all.

    As long as I am alive, I will fight you and all like you, not for “glory” or “fame” or any other lame excuse an Alinskyite like you may try to ascribe to it, but because I will not allow my children to live under a totalitarian Progressive dictatorship. So you will get no peace from me, no quarter and no surrender.

  32. 762x51 says:

    See my answer to your answer to Progtard Tom.

  33. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Cruz still lost with his message. That’s the bottom line. So you reached the hard line beyond which you will not go. Fine. you do that.

    We’re looking at you in the rear view mirror.

  34. […] insanity has reached the point that we are compelled to regard people as whatever they currently choose to identify as. Maybe some good can come of it. […]

  35. […] insanity has reached the point that we are compelled to regard people as whatever they currently choose to identify as. Maybe some good can come of it. […]

  36. […] more than waste your tax dollar on this sick lunacy. They ram it down your throat — at gunpoint. As noted earlier, those who fail to pander to perverts’ surreal sexual identities will be fined up to […]

  37. […] more than waste your tax dollar on this sick lunacy. They ram it down your throat — at gunpoint. As noted earlier, those who fail to pander to perverts’ surreal sexual identities will be fined up to $ […]

  38. Dude says:

    This is hilarious. If I am ever asked what gender I identify with and my personal pronoun preference I will say pangender and I prefer to be addressed as pan rather than sir or ma’am.

    “Yes pan!”. Lol

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