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Dec 29 2018

Transsexual Successfully Sues Women’s Football League

Women cannot play organized football. They might like to, but militant transsexuals — whether for financial considerations or twisted ideological motives — will not permit it.

From Minnesota:

A Dakota County jury found the Independent Women’s Football League and the Minnesota Vixen discriminated against Christina Ginther … a transgender woman.

That is, they ruled in favor of a male bully who demanded to play a rough sport in a women’s league.

Ginther was awarded $10,000 for emotional distress and $10,000 in punitive damages.

The transsexual agenda has created a racket the Mafia would admire. Nice women’s sports league you got there. A shame if something were to happen to it — like it be rendered farcical by a male player plowing through all the girls, leaving half of them writhing on the field with injuries. You can pay me now, or I can drag you into one of our insane liberal-dominated courts, which will cost you even more.

One option the IWFL does not have is letting these freaks play as women. The MMA made that obvious by letting a guy named Fallon Fox fight with females. Real woman Tamikka Brents could explain for those who don’t understand; he broke her eye socket and gave her a concussion.

If you smell something horrid, it may be the smoldering of synapses as Cultural Marxist intersectionality advocates try to reconcile feminism with the transsexual agenda.

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