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Jul 19 2019

Transsexual Tyranny Crushes Immigrant Business

Working hard gets you nowhere when your business has been crushed by transsexual tyranny. The latest example comes from Canada, which is degenerating into a totalitarian dystopia under the rule of demented “human rights tribunals.” These perverted Star Chambers resemble a cross between the Spanish Inquisition and a John Waters movie on acid.

Last fall, we gasped in dismay at this story:

A transgender “woman” began calling spas in British Columbia, asking that they give him a “Manzillian” wax, and then taking careful note of those who refused. He then filed 16 human rights complaints against sixteen women who refused to handle his penis, claiming that he had been discriminated against. …

Identifying himself only as J.Y., the claims of discrimination and bullying are ironic considering what this fellow is doing to actual women. One of the estheticians, a single mom who works out of her home, already paid J.Y. $2,500 to withdraw his complaint so she could simply get on with her life. Two and a half grand, it turns out, is the amount of money that a single mom, seeing her livelihood threatened, has to pay to a man for not touching his genitals.

Looks like J.Y. stands for either Jonathan or Jessica Yaniv. LGBT bullying has paid off well for him; few will be surprised that he is still at it. Via The Post Millennial:

A mother and business owner was forced to end her Brazilian waxing business after being taken to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal for refusing to wax a transgender woman’s male genitalia.

Marcia Da Silva, who is an immigrant from Brazil operated the business out of her home where her small children also live. Da Silva claims she refused to perform the procedure on the claimant, Jessica Yaniv, due to safety concerns raised by her husband and alleged harassment on Yaniv’s part and not because of the claimant’s identity.

Yaniv’s conspicuously fake “identity” is that of a female. But don’t call him a pervert; he likes girls:

Being a “proud lesbian” may explain why he wants to force women to handle his genitals. Liberal ideology, greed, and simple malice are also likely motives.

Yaniv, who was formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv, has taken fifteen other B.C. women to the tribunal for refusing to wax her male genitalia citing discrimination based on gender identity and is seeking financial compensation.

Only in a world reduced to gibbering insanity by moonbattery could you read the words “her male genitalia” and know it is not a typo.

Many of the woman are of East Asian ethnicity and have English as their second language.

Imagine coming from Brazil or East Asia, slogging away at your business, and suddenly some slob waddles in dressed in woman’s clothes and demands that you handle his genitals. Roughly 100 out of 100 would say no. It must be incomprehensible to them that in North America at this point in our decline, that makes them enemies of society. Jonathan Yaniv knows how to pick his victims.

“The people that discriminated against me are forcing their beliefs on society,” said Yaniv, who is representing [himself], while cross-examining [his] own mother who [he] called as a witness to the tribunal.

In contrast, Yaniv’s conviction that his genitalia are female because he says so is not belief, but fact. To dispute this would be transphobic.

What a wonderful time to be a freak and a bully.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

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