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Feb 26 2018

Transsexual Wrestler Is Undefeated

As progressives love to remind us, you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. One of the eggs they are willing to break on behalf of the transsexual agenda is women’s sports:

For the second year in a row, a transgender wrestler has won the Texas girls’ Class 6A 110-pound division.

Mack Beggs, an 18-year-old senior from Euless Trinity High School near Dallas, entered the tournament in Cypress outside Houston with an undefeated record. He [sic] beat Chelsea Sanchez — whom he [sic] beat for the title in 2017 — in the final match Saturday.

Beggs really is a girl; you can tell because her name is Mack and journalists refer to her with male pronouns. However, she is “transitioning” — i.e., undergoing freakification — by taking testosterone. She has also been taking steroids.

Normally, performance-enhancing drugs are frowned upon in sports. But transsexuals are special, because they are “marginalized.”

Beggs has an undefeated record. Some opponents forfeit in advance rather than risk injury.

Horny boys might get the idea of identifying as girls so they can wrestle real girls. That won’t fly in Texas, where you have to compete as the sex you really are — or the sex you would be if you had not undergone chemomutation. That’s why Beggs competes as a girl.

On tips from Sean C, Bodhisattva, and TheChaoticStorm.

18 Responses to “Transsexual Wrestler Is Undefeated”

  1. richard says:

    There is a female category, a male category so why not a tranny category? Let them compete against their own “sex”.

  2. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Or how about, if Mack wants to be a dude, let Mack compete with the boys?

  3. Ralph Carbone says:

    If Beggs has a medical condition that requires taking testosterone and steroids then he should be banned from participation, just like any other boy or girl.

  4. MAS says:

    I can’t even summon the interest to wade through the language and sort out the he/she she/he quotient. What with some calling actual boys girls and vice versa…

  5. im4truth4all says:

    Two Einstein quotes:

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidly, and I’m not sure about the universe.”

    “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits.”

  6. BPatMann says:

    Well, that’s one way to get around doping rules.

  7. BPatMann says:

    She calls herself a boy, but did she get a winky sewn on?

  8. BPatMann says:

    Since it’s women’s wrestling, should it be in mud or Jello?

  9. Watchman59 says:

    I know it’s a mental defect, not a physical one, but if “transgenderism” has anything to do with biology the ones going “all the way” in their “transitioning” are at least removing themselves from the gene pool.

  10. ms. in Tx says:

    This happened in Texas ??!!
    What’s happening to this state ?
    The UIL doesn’t have rules against this kind of thing ?
    Also, this being Texas, I can’t believe we don’t have girls tough enough to beat this guy.
    On the other hand, he beat a Ms. Sanchez, so I guess trans is more important than racial minority status nowadays.

  11. Chronos Z. Wonderpig says:

    & then there is this:
    First transgender recruit joins U.S. military, Pentagon confirms

  12. Cindy Sprankle says:

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  13. 127guy says:

    This is a way for the Russians to get back in the Olympics!

  14. gary says:

    the operation is called an add-a-dick-to-me

  15. gary says:

    or lack thereof

  16. zsleepwalker says:

    That’s so screwed up I had to read it twice to figure it out!

  17. James McEnanly says:

    In amatuer wrestling, such as in the Olympics, anyone with as much artificial testosterone and steroids in their systems as this person has would be disqualified from the competition and very likely banned for life. Any girl who steps onto the mat with Mack is basically going up against Bain from the Batman comics.

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