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Dec 05 2019

Transsexuality as a Brain Network Disorder

Scientific studies often confirm what was already obvious. For example, Stephen Gliske of the Department of Neurology, University of Michigan finds that people who try to pass themselves off as members of the opposite sex have abnormal brain activity. Via eNeuro:

We hypothesize that in individuals with gender dysphoria, the aspects of chronic distress, gender atypical behavior, and incongruence between perception of gender identity and external primary sex characteristics are all directly related to functional differences in associated brain networks. … We find that the brain networks that give individuals their ownership of body parts, that influence gender typical behavior, and that are involved in chronic distress are different in individuals with and without gender dysphoria, leading to a new theory—that gender dysphoria is a sensory perception condition, an alteration in sense of gender influenced by the reflexive behavioral responses associated with each of these networks.

We see here that transsexualism is closely related to another horrific mental illness, body identity disorder, which likewise causes people to want their own body parts amputated.

This theory may lead to therapies which directly address the underlying biology rather than just the subjective symptoms. Such therapies may also be more effective at reducing comorbid conditions (e.g., depression or suicide), given the possibility of a common, underlying biological cause.

The last thing the liberal establishment wants is a cure for transsexuals, who have been heavily exploited recently to advance Cultural Marxist objectives. In the service of warped ideology, children are often subjected to unconscionable chemical treatments to force them into becoming transsexuals.

Newsweek strongly prefers the progressive approach to mental illness: proclaim sickness to be health and imply that anyone who tries to cure it is a bigot. To prop up the politically correct view, it presents Simona Giordano, “an expert in gender identity and Reader in Bioethics at The University of Manchester Law School.”

Giordano denounces the proposed approach to treatment as equivalent to “medical conversion.” (Conversion therapy to help troubled teens overcome unwanted perverted impulses is actually illegal in liberal-ruled California among other states.) She barks that “science that singles out gender minorities as subjects of study might inadvertently suggest that there is an underlying medical problem.”

What medical problem? Wanting to cut off your genitals and masquerade as a member of the opposite sex is healthy and normal now.

Giordano highlighted that various international organizations, such as UNESCO, and the Council of Europe, have called de-pathologization of gender diversity. Last year, the World Health Organisation renamed gender identity disorder as gender incongruence to “reflect the international consensus that gender diversity is not a disorder or illness,” she said.

Likewise, the American Psychiatric Association revised its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual to reflect that according to liberal social engineers, it is now normal to engage in perverse and exceedingly unhealthy homosexual behavior. Pedophilia has begun to undergo similar “depathologizing” (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here).

On one side, you have science, tradition, and sanity. On the other, you have the depraved ideologues of academia, the United Nations, and the “mainstream” media. Choose wisely.

On a tip from Stormfax. Hat tip: Big League Politics.

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