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Mar 21 2019

Travel a Portland Multi-Use Path

Bike paths are a priority in cities run by moonbats. Other characteristics of cities run by moonbats include widespread vagrancy and general social decay. Consequently, bike paths don’t always resemble a road through the Mister Rogers neighborhood. For example, a multi-use path in Portland is usable only by riffraff. From KGW8:

Bicyclists are frustrated over the mess that appears to be out of control along the I-205 multi-use path.

Many said the path is harder and harder to use because of all the trash and homeless tents spread out on it. Some said they do not feel safe going through there anymore.

Consequently, cyclists have been refusing to use the path.

When a KGW crew was on the path Monday, they witnessed several people using drugs and yelling profanities. Our crew did not feel very safe either.

Good thing we don’t have to take the path ourselves to see how bad it is. We can just take a video tour:

On a tip from Steve T.

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