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Jan 12 2014

Trayvon in Training

WARNING — the video below includes language so foul that in a healthy society, not even adults would have to listen to it, much less the featured toddler:

Our liberal overlords are righteously appalled — not at the people who made the video of course, but at those who called attention to it:

After the boy’s uncle uploaded the clip to Facebook because he found it “funny,” the Omaha Police Officers’ Association posted it on their own website as a public service to the community to, “educate the law abiding public about the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in.” …

Shortly after the issue began to attract wider attention, the ACLU, a community activist group, as well as pundits on CNN all insinuated that the police union was racist simply for drawing attention to the video. …

ACLU of Nebraska Executive Director Becki Brenner said the union’s use of “racially charged language” was “very disconcerting,” adding that posting the video would erode trust amongst Omaha’s ethnic minorities, which make up around a quarter of the population.

However, the union didn’t use any racially charged language whatsoever, unlike the obscene family members in the video.

Everything will always be the fault of the civilized, until moonbats have succeeded in rotting civilization out of existence.

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12 Responses to “Trayvon in Training”

  1. Bryce Talbee says:

    We should send the people who made the video back to Africa, AND the anti-white Jews at the ACLU should go to live in Africa as well.

  2. Donterkavion Latrelle says:

    Sheeit he din do nuffins he bee a victim ov da ebil waycism. Yo where my welfare check at cracka?

  3. jarhead says:

    Most liberals would find this funny! they are all SICK!

  4. ed says:

    mother 17 year old , father 17 year old shot dead in a gang dispute last spring,grandmother in jail on gun related charges 5 weapons found in her house while in charge of child , grandfather in jail on other gun related charges ,bet obamas realy proud of this family ?ed

  5. IslandLifer says:

    Just punish a white kid and an oriental for this and we’ll call it even. What a fucked up world these liberals have created for us. The communist scum have got to go and very soon.

  6. genes says:

    The ACLU should know racism, it being the third most racist organization around. LaRaza and the NAACP being the only two more racist. The KKK comes in fourth. Congressional Black Caucus a mere fifth place.

  7. marcus t. cicero says:

    The only argument that the Fascist ACLU and NAACP have is to call everyone that disagrees with their sick philosophy a RAAAAAACIST…Till the rest of the sane
    Americans just ignore and go about their business, instead of giving the Left attention to their rants,
    we will be under their control…Ignored by all it will go away!!!

  8. Otto Octavius says:

    By saying that it is racist to bring attention to this, they are implying that black folks can’t help themselves; that this kind of behavior is inherent in the race. Now, who’s racist?

  9. Cameraman says:

    Whatchs Talking bout Willis!! He be goot Boy he be talkin to Jeebus!!

  10. Mickey Shea says:

    He wuz a good boy…he wuz a honor stoodent…

  11. Duke says:

    This little guy’s life expectancy in “da hood,” once he gets his little mitts on a 9mm, is probably measured in months – and probably less than 12.

    It’s not a black or white problem, even though we see the black side of it more than we do the white, it’s a spiritual problem. Once a society starts turning its back on the Holy Spirit the only direction to go is the easiest direction – down.

    I don’t live in an inner city area, but I’ve seen it. The blacks may be leading the way (thanks to race hustling jackasses like Sharpton & Jackson), but in my “hood” the white kids are just as ready to follow their mom’s and pop’s examples into relationships outside of a marriage, destroying the nuclear family and treating life as though it’s theirs to throw away. They’ve found out that there is no immediate penalty for disrespecting parents and grandparents (known hereabouts as “rents”); They live by their own rules and often make them up as they go.

    The youth of our nation, both black and white, have abandoned ethics and morals. The next generation will grow up in a world in which most of us commenting on Moonbattery could not survive with any degree of sanity. God help us. [Regards to Phil Robertson]

  12. […] kids on the language skills for a future career as a Trayvon thug. Liberal Dystopia. Hat Tip Moonbattery who notes the following: WARNING — the video below includes language so foul that in a […]

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